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Really cool theme for this game! I really liked the alien sci-fi vibe the visuals and audio had. I think the jumping could have used some coyote-time or jump-buffering to feel more responsive, but overall I really enjoyed the game!

I love the visuals, story, and the music! The story sections are very cinematic and gorgeous, and the puzzle sections are unique and engaging. The little robot is very adorable as well. This is one of my favorite entries in this jam for sure!

The premise of being a ghost that has to round up dead people is awesome and unique! I was pretty surprised by how quick the ghost moved and how quickly your health decayed, but I think once I got the gist of how to play it felt alright. Nice work.

This game is really cute, and I liked the simple story a lot. The music was really enjoyable too!

The mechanics that the robot has are pretty fun. It feels tense when you believe that it is chasing after you! The way you used lighting to highlight objects of importance was really neat. It didn't make much sense in the story for the key items to suddenly appear around the map after you interacted with the monitors, but I can get why it's that way from a gameplay perspective. The game is a lot of fun!

The visuals are alright. My biggest issue with them was that there was a lot of z-fighting on the walls and the game didn't have any v-sync options, so there was a lot of distracting screen-tearing while I played.

The atmosphere could use some work. I think more ambient audio would have helped a lot, and maybe a vignette effect appearing would make the monsters more imposing. Speaking of which, I never got caught by the monsters since they moved pretty slowly and you can just walk right past them. A lot of the tension and fear dissipates as a result. All that aside, I appreciate you not using jump scares, since they're kind of a cheap and easy way to make a game scary.

All that isn't to say I disliked the game, though. I loved the story! The "twist" near the end when you realize you're on a plane and you had to collect the oxygen mask to put on the bust had a huge emotional impact, and leaves a lot to be interpreted. The cool colors of the corridors contrasting with the red eyes and lighting of the monsters is really neat. I think the pictures on the walls helped with navigating the maze, but I think there could have been more of them.

The camera tracking is a little slow at times which makes the pacing of the platforming much slower. Besides that, I really liked the visuals and the audio! The game was also pretty fun, which makes it a bit of a shame that it's so short.

It took a bit to get a grasp on the controls, and the first person camera is a little disorienting, but I enjoyed the game a lot! I think the challenge being in the controls is an interesting idea that can be a hit or miss depending on who's playing, but I liked it a fair bit.

Thanks for playing! You earn 500 points for every second, which is why you have more points than you thought you did. I think that probably could have been better conveyed, but I'm unsure of how.

This game has a really amazing presentation. The things I loved the most was the palette swapping and the animations. The enemy variety is really nice and each one feels distinct. All of the levels were a joy to play and punching everything from the TV to the enemies was satisfying!

This game is very challenging, but that makes it very satisfying to beat! I have a huge appreciation for the expressiveness of the boss as well as the variety of moves that they have. It was also a nice surprise to find that powerups can appear after the boss attacks. I think I'm gonna recommend this game to my friends because it's a good challenge and very rewarding to finish!

The first thing I did while figuring out the controls was clip through the wall and find an obstacle course outside the house. It's was a nice surprise, but seeing as there's no collectables it probably wasn't intended.

I liked the game's concept a lot. I think controlling a fly and collecting items around a building is a unique and fun idea. The graphics are good. I especially like the furniture and stuff around the room!

I really liked the visuals, and the game is short and sweet. I really liked the music choices and the end cutscene was pretty wholesome. Great work!

This game has some awkward controls, and the use of alert to display a message to the player is a little strange. I think the idea behind the game is very interesting nonetheless!

The way the truck controls puts a smile on my face! The whole game from the way it plays to its flat-color visuals is very charming and funny despite the fact that the somewhat sad story of the city being deserted. I enjoyed this one a lot!

This game has an absolutely adorable presentation. The animations and colors are very cute and playful. Customers stopped showing up after the first day for me, but I can see a lot of potential in the gameplay! This game is surprisingly polished and delightful to play.

I really like the smooth visuals in this game! It took me a moment to understand the core mechanic, but once I did I enjoyed it a lot!

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This game gives me the same kind of lonely vibes as the Metroid series, due in part to the graphics you used as well as the story. I had a bit of trouble figuring out that the statues with their arms up were switches to open the doors. Maybe stereo sound or some visual indicator leading towards the door might have cleared it up. Or you could have made both the doors and the statues the same color. I eventually did figure them out, so it's no biggie. I did enjoy this game a fair bit, though!

That screen wipe transition is really smooth! On the second level, I kept bumping into the spikes on the sides of the platforms from above, which really confused me since I thought I wasn't touching any of the spikes on the top. The night levels are really neat, and the use of silhouettes in that last level is really nice!

This is really awesome! The aesthetic and feel is really novel to me, and it's just super cool. The flashlight and fog-of-war-like effect it has is really neat as well. Too bad there isn't really much to do at the moment of posting this comment.

The cutscenes are very adorable and funny! I also really loved the main character and slapping objects with their massive hand. This was a lot of fun to play! I really loved the tiny detail of a pizza being in the room once you've finished the game.

Not to sound too weird, but the dark undertones of having to avoid specifically pedestrians is pretty amusing for the game's premise. My only critique is that I think you could have had a tiny tutorial or maybe a button prompt to help people (like me) realize how to control the car. Besides that, I think the story is very silly and the game is neato!

The use of emojis in texting is a really creative and fun way to follow the limitation! I also really liked the story you told. I played through a few times thinking that the messages might change for each playthrough, but they don't, which is fine! The game is short and sweet, much like the story.

The story for this game is a little topical. I'm not sure how well it would hold up in the future. The premise of having to go to the store while staying as briefly as possible is really neat, though, and I think it builds really well on the theme. There's some needed complexity, since there seems to only be eight tomatoes to pick up and that's it, but I think this is very much the start of a neat experience!

The bright colors and simple shapes give off a really playful obstacle course vibe, which I really dig. The slow-motion mechanic is really fun, as well! It would have been really cool to have more levels, or maybe procedurally generated levels-- but I'm not sure how difficult that would be in Unreal Engine. I think one level makes the game a little too short.

Oddly enough, the game tried opening SteamVR and tried displaying through my headset. I'm not sure if that's a problem on my end.

Overall, I really like the gameplay and the visuals. Nice work!

I really like how the game looks. The hospital/building interior has some very nice visuals! You two followed the limitation fairly well. The pure silence as I explored the hospital made it feel eerie-- I'm not sure if that was intended.

Unfortunately, whenever I use the door at the end of the hallway inside the building, the game closes. I'd really like to see some more of the game if there is anything past that door!

This idea is really cool. Totally not what I would think of when I hear "rush," but that's what makes it unique! It took me a moment to realize that what was going on, but you included a tutorial which helped a lot. After playing, I realized that the timer really added to the feeling of having to rush to look for the object.

This was really nice!

I really liked the humor/premise that this game is based around! I especially loved how you made use of grawlixes in the intro to fit the limitations.

The gameplay is simple but effective. My only nitpick is that the trash cans in front of buildings can be hard to see, especially since they're sliding across the screen. Maybe if they were a much brighter color they'd be easier to see. Overall, I find this game to be really charming and fun!

Thanks for playing my entry! Glad you enjoyed it.

Endless mode is enabled after you finish the game, which is any point after you reach the gun and the "My name is David Abbernel" line again. The line after "I got charged with murder" is simply something like "and I'm sorry", which just closes the game. The "AI" intentionally maxes out at this point so you will fail. You didn't miss out on much! If you've reached this point you should have unlocked the endless mode, which is automatically opened when you relaunch the game. The Endless mode should display a loading screen unless the words.txt file is small enough to be loaded near-instantly. (You can also substitute the contents of words.txt with your own dictionary if you wish, which can reduce load times.)

As for the difficulty scaling, it definitely is a hit-or-miss. If you check the source-code and understand GML, you can see that the difficulty scaling is literally just three variables-- the most important of which is used to determine how long the "AI" waits (in frames) to type the next letter. I really implemented the difficulty scaling with the intent of creating a difficulty curve as the story went, and then after that I worked to also make it so the intro sequence can effect what difficulty you start with using the system already in place. In hindsight, I should have probably thought to make the difficulty scaling first and then figure out the difficulty curving. I also could've put some more checkpoints along the way. It's something for me to keep in mind next time!

If you're interested, the here is the source code. And as you've already noticed, there is a full play-through on my YouTube channel as well.

Once again, thank you for playing my game and giving me your feedback!

I really this game. It's challenging and the story is pretty engaging. There were a few times where it kind of bugged and I would bump into a huge of people, but otherwise the controls and the levels were properly challenging. I think my biggest nitpick might be the music, which seems to play only in my left speaker. Great game, though!

I really enjoyed this game. I like top-down shooters, so this is pretty fun! I think some kind of grace period or level preview would've been nice so you won't get killed instantly.

I love humor in this one! I can't believe John would be so rude and so dedicated to preventing me from having my waifus that he set  FIRE TRAPS  in order to stop me.

I really liked this game, and I thought the combination/maths mechanic was really cool-- but a little under used. It didn't come up often enough for it feel like an organic solution to problems in the game, but otherwise was super interesting fun to play.

This was incredibly engaging, but it kept softlocking on me after I failed on the screen with the scorpions. Fun game though!

Oh my gosh those visual effects!! I love how dark the environment is and how cleverly you used particles.

This is such an awesome idea! It's hard to play alone but I think it'd be a good time with a friend.

I'm sorry to hear that. I'll be looking into what might've caused the performance drops when I can. Hopefully the checkpoint towards the end made the issue a little more bearable. Thank you for playing and enjoying my game, nonetheless!