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Good luck, man!

Just finished all levels (I guess). It was fun. Classic game. The only thing is sometimes "can swing" variable reloads too slow. Good Job!

Played your game. The idea is nice. But it can be improved... My advice: add some pop up numbers when some bar gets points. So it's visually more understandable

Its brand new super fun and simple 2D endless runner! Go check check RockuRunDevu . It's link... Click it!

Yeah teleport is a problem... Sometimes it teleports you out walls the only solution at this moment is press P and it will teleport you to the start point of level. And the levels aren't randomly generated) thank you for your review

You are welcome

thank you for informing. I fixed it

just uploaded version for Linux. Hope this works

hello. Thank you for reporting. It's my fault. Gonna update in 30 mins

thank you. Yeah. It has problems with some skills (especially with hypno one) but we'll make it through) glad u checked

You know. You can check out my game. Cuz it's fun. Yes. I know the game is perfection. Check out my mixta... Game. Go go go. Thanks. Lol... Genius of marketing

Nice game.. Problem I found:When I go close to wall enemies cant attack

why enemies dont spawn automatically why player has to spawn them

the controls are too hard for me... or maybe i play it wrong way (cuz I knoe only english) 

The idea is nice... but the controls hard... u should make it WASD. And less slippery... And the way charcter accelerates is crazy

u should have added some sound effects... well... its flappy fish.. and when u left click too much u can fly over obstacles

that was fun. First 5 levels are easy if u guess how bullets fly.. but then game says "u shall not pass!" And one shots)

cute game. But some time when u click jump right on edge of the platform... it doesnt work. If u use unity check this up at 1:21

ahah. Making graphics on paper. That was cute idea. They looked nice. But you should've added some sounds. And I collected all the cheese. And nothing happened

It was fun

Well. The game is about driving around. lol. So I think u should make camera some other way. Its connected to car. When I jump of the cliff it feels strange. The input feels a bit slippery(?). And there is only small peace of road,,, And why dont u guys Add invisible walls.. So someone like me won't jump off and have to restart

Well its some mmorpg. Not my type. the only thing is u should add sound effects. and change a bit music maybe

Heh. Well. Funny quest.  Add some sounds

alright. Wish u good luck

Well... It was just some fun mechanic. But the realization,,, The balls fly in the very strange direction. Its hard to dodge. And I just felt through ground

Oh . Ok. Wish you good luck

Some simple "tutorial"

Didn't get how to do it. She catched me and carried

I like the visuals and music. But the controls are dificult

I umderstand that its some kind of a novel... But aren't we supposed to have choices. Its just a novel. Not game. Or maybe I play it wrong way. Add some plot twists / choices

The game is pretty hard... Dont get how enemies work

Am I doing something wrong?

I'm glad you found a way to fix it. Will check it for sure a bit later

man! Right you are! It really sounds logic. Cuz one day he (main character) has to get control on that skillz

Looks like another mobile hit game is just on the way) love it

Man! It's so difficult... AAAAAAA! but I liked it

you know its fun. But at some moment your hand gets tired . You should make gun automatic at least starting from 2 or 3 level....I cant feel my hand! 

It was fun, But when u try to  jump while slightly colliding with blue platfroms it goes a bit crazy... Mirror's edge 3)