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Thanks for playing it, managed to watch the VOD this morning and it was the first time seeing someone else going through the levels, always something to learn. I guess I made the embedded WebGL window a bit smaller at around 700x400, but there was a fullscreen button that upscaled it to whatever resolution you had, I'll try modifying the starting size see if anything breaks.

edit: Yeah, unfortunately if I resize the embedded window on the game page the game doesn't also resize so I guess I exported it fixed at that resolution with only a fullscreen option :(

First of all sorry for the midair drift to the right, that was a bug after I implemented the moving platforms and didn't come across it until after submission deadline, will have to rewrite the platform script and also add some collision detection for quality of life changes such as sticking to the platform or not falling through the map if you're under a platform.

I calculated platforms' and the player's rotation by using an angle from their position to the middle of the level, then I locked their initial x and y rotation values and only updated the z axis one. So everywhere they are on the level they are rotating to be with their top towards the middle point. And gravity was pretty easy since it's calculated only on x and y axis and has a fixed starting value (in my case I left it default at x 0 y -9.81), and you multiply that vector with the player rotation that I explained before :)

Thank you for your kind words, and the drifting is definitely a bug, will try to fix it, sorry :( 

"What shooting!?"

Yeah, didn't know about that. Funny though, everything is a big troll controlwise in the game. Which one was the shoot button?

Thank you for your kind words, glad you like it!

Not a big fan of clicker games but finished this one since I wanted to see what happens at the end, usually this genre doesn't have one. I think the console window was really well done, so good that made the pixel art out of place, sorry Ricardo :( Background choice was a bit weird since I actually spend a couple of seconds at the start thinking "Do I really have to click my mouse on a child's naked back!?", maybe just the Tachyon placement was off. Nice take on the theme and honestly I didn't expect someone to do a clicker game, good job! 

Oh I see, I used a random speed for all 4 of them and your game probably randomed something  that wasn't climbable. Thanks for taking your time to let me know, I'll redesign that area <3

Thank you for your compliments! Glad you liked it.

Thank you for the kind words, we're glad you enjoyed it and finish it!

Thanks for playing it and the kind words. Any specific part where you got stuck so I can adjust it in the future?

The towers work, but I didn't know they work until very late cause I kept giving them energy and nothing happened, that's why I said some progress bar/counter would have been nice.

Amazing art, but the coding really drags it down because I had very high expectations not that is bad. The box interaction doesn't work properly to make a time based puzzle, really frustrating. An in game tutorial would have been nice since you now have to read a full page before playing and people don't have any visual reference to what you are describing here. Once again love the art, that's what got me here, hope to see more!

Unfortunately what you uploaded isn't playable, sorry to hear about your issue. Always backup! Look into using Unity's Collaborate that you can use so easily and keep different versions of your game.

I like how you interpreted the theme and your idea, but I didn't really enjoyed the gameplay loop, pressing left + right is not that fun :( would have love to see it developed more, interacting with the adventurers, or some upgrade system. I also bugged the game and got stuck cause I pressed enter to many times.

I think the second level is bugged, didn't manage to get the cube on the otherside, like the idea of two timelines/two different levels, good job on that! Also there is a visual glitch don't know if it's intended the screen shakes and gets weird colors and textures strech, hope to see a more polished version of this.

The best way to learn is to make your own games so you are doing great. Try to keep the games small in the beginning but pick some ideas that you enjoy since you're gonna play your game a lot to test it. These jams are great to learn since they push you to finish games and be creative.

Yeah, I think that happens cause the platforms rotate under you when you jump so they're never consistent like a true 2D platformer. Did anything else feel off like the air drag or lateral velocity of the jumps? Maybe it can be improved.

Thanks for the kind words, hope you made the last jump and enjoyed your travel through the empty void even though the music was playing in reverse and you couldn't even enjoy that. Sorry for the bug :(

Such a shame the movement in buggy for me, I can only jump from time to time although I'm spamming W. Some feedback would be to improve the lighting since the shadow under the player is not looking that good and you have a level with text on the wall that I cannot see cause everything is dark except around the player.

Unfortunately you have to archive the whole game folder and upload the .zip file here not just the .exe. Hope you don't demotivate cause people won't play your first game, try making a new project here on and link it in the description.

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Nice take on the theme but unfortunately after I discovered that I wasn't punished when the enemies reach the finish like in a normal tower defense I just let them pass through, speed up 10x and farmed the coins. Also I didn't think your 2nd and 3rd tower work cause I kept lighting the platforms but nothing happen, maybe a visual count of my energy and how much the next upgrade costs would have been helpful. Didn't beat the game a 2nd time since I just assumed you just shifted the camera view to look 2D, hope I didn't miss anything.

edit: almost forgot, amazing audio design, well done

Nice idea, I think there is a lot of room for improvement on the UI design since it's basically a tycoon like game where you expand your VHS business and buy rewinders/upgrades etc. and that weights a lot for the users since they're going to be pressing the buttons all the time. I would have like not to have collision with the other tapes, sometimes they would hit my rewinders and remove the tape and also I see no reason for the opening of cases to be in the game since I pressed spacebar on all of them without anything bad happening so I would always open them. So either cut the feature or punish the player for doing that all the time, maybe they get dusted and rewind slower the longer you had them open. Well done on submitting your game and hope you learned a lot during the jam!

Well done of the 3D models and gameplay. I think I reached level 12, but there is not that much variety in your levels. Also the tutorial plays again if you die during it so I had to wait for the text again after I already read it. I think you can improve the graphics even more with some better lighting and also please add a crosshair for aiming.

Nice work on the eye's art and pretty impressive level design, difficulty was growing gradually and mechanics were introduced along the way, good job. Would have liked a more consistent movement cause the player got stuck sometimes in the grass and the orange walls were working that well if I collided  with an enemy, speaking of the fact that the eyes block the player movement and they are so huge makes it a bit frustrating but gave me a good reason to kill them :D

Nice play on the theme, but unfortunately the game is lacking quite a bit in terms of gameplay. I got really annoyed that I couldn't see my power/time rewinded and didn't know what to aim for the next time. Also I think I held space for 1 minute and the nutcracker didn't even reached the finish.

Hey finished your game and I thought it was inspired by Brackey's "Make your first 3d Game" and avoided everything thinking it had collision and I would fly off the platform. Nice 3d models, especially the cassette player and liked how the levels changed and that the cubes had different patterns. Would have liked to make the camera follow the player from behind since it's pretty hard to see right now what's going on at the edges and maybe make a jump for the character as well if you want to develop it any further. Good job!

The downloadable file is only available on Mac so update your game page to reflect that, you also checked the Windows and Linux boxes :(

Thank you for your feedback and glad you enjoyed the art and music. Hopefully I'll manage to rise the gameplay to their level after the jam!

Hey, some suggestions, I think the most important one is to have a crosshair that I can aim with, really hard to know were my mouse is and I only used the other bullets as a guide. Secondly a sound that tells you when you are out of bullets or an animation since you don't have any indication of when that happens unless you are actively watching the bullet count in the bottom right. I also don't really feel the game mechanic that you chose, it would have been more enjoyable for me at least to press right click and make the enemies go back, or if you go this way, rewind the player with his health back since right now the enemies are way to difficult even though you get some health packs on the way.

Hope to see your game developed even more and congrats!

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Oh wow sorry to hear, I guess everyone is on the same level now, let's see who gets a higher score :D

edit: I think your game was top 3 in Fun for me and I played 100 games :D that super movement actually was amusing

Thanks for the kind words, I also replied to your game with some feedback! Take care.

Works now and I played it. Unfortunately the boxes that you can use to grab spawn out of the screen sometimes so you are stuck at the bottom, also I think that the camera should follow the player so you can see what is ahead of you and you can aim. Maybe do like a rising lava/spikes instead of taking off a life cause player exited the camera's view. Glad you got it working and good luck!

Hey, managed to finish the game since it only had one level I guess, only restart showed up. Didn't really know what to say about the gameplay since it's so short, I just waited for the enemy to be under the box and I dropped it on its head. Nice music and would have use less bright light and also a mouse sensitivity slider but since it's not a shooter it's playable without it.

I think this game has good mechanics for the Scratch limitations. Would have liked a instant respawn if I fell down, and a limit of ice cubes like you used for the rewinds. Good job!

I downloaded your game but what should I open it with?

Hey be sure to check the "Make this file playable in browser" in your edit game page. It's a WebGL build but you made it available for download

Congratulations on submitting your game and having worked a bit in scratch I know it wasn't easy to implement everything. I don't know what the other commenter is talking about, scene transitions worked perfectly for me and story was alright. Would like to see the controls shown cause I didn't use the arrows keys first and maybe better sound effects. Good job overall!

Sorry to hear that it doesn't work, hopefully you can fix it. Happened to me cause I switch to a new Unity version. Let me know if you reupload it as a different project and I'll gladly play it.

Yeah, movement seems off cause you probably didn't include Time.deltaTime in your code. But overall is not that bad as you think it is, saw your comments on the game page. Keep working on it, you can make it the way you envision it!

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Amazing art but you left the developer console on and it shows up when the level is finished. Good puzzle but wow the graphics!

edit: managed to finish it and get to the credits scene which was awesome, hope you get a promotion for next jam and get the Hideo Kojima role as well.