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Thank you for playing! Agreed, the controls can be challenging at first and having the instructions in the pause screen was a lazy way to deal with it :P I'll figure out a good way to introduce new players to the controls. 

Thanks for playing! ok noted, I'll see what's going on there.

yeah you should be able to just jump or move out of it but maybe it's a bug... I shall look into it

Thanks Simon! Yep I'll be sure to convey the controls in a better way for the full game XD. Ok so the red portion is lava so it damages you if you stand on it. It introduces platforming and increases the difficulty the more you let the planet take damage. I guess I should make that clear too!!!

Ok noted, it might be the laser turret... you have to hold the left mouse button to shoot.
Anyway, thanks for playing! 

hey great job on releasing the game! I like the idea behind the mechanic of having have to stop the mace at the right angle to kill the enemies. It's way more interesting than just shooting bullets toward your mouse. Lots of timing and angling involved. good job!

Thanks :)

this was actually so fun !!

lovely! I would've liked an autoplay function and maybe the colour of the blocks responding to the # of neighbours but other than that awesome and smart like always!

man you have 150 IQ? I envy you..

Thanks for playing :) 

Sounds like an awesome jam!

yep it's getting super busy for me too so gamedev might have to be on hold for a while.

moving is hella stressful - good luck!

Thanks Cam! I shall keep going :D
I hope to see some new stuff from you sometime ;)

It's pretty short - maybe 5-8 min, even less if you are fast!


holy molly my hands were sweating!!! now this is how you make an engaging, scary horror game! Everything from the shrinking vision to the elevating sounds, they worked beautifully to create a chilling experience. thanks I learned a lot!!!

Really innovative concept. Liked the mechanic of moving the towers which is something pretty rare in TD games. good job mashing two game concepts together in an engaging way! 

That was a very creepy but enjoyable experience! The glowy look gives the game a dreamy, spiritual feel which is perfectly suited for what the theme. And the sounds!! they gave me chills and were effective in elevating the atmosphere. great job :)

very creative concept and well executed too! good job :D

Hey thanks for playing even though I didn't have time to put a downloadable version yet!

As a fan of TABS this was really enjoyable. The fact that you can control priority made the game that much better. always kill the bone throwers first! 

All in all, a really fun game - great job!

solid game. It is quite difficult but loved the unique controls and just overall polish of the game.  Good job :D

really engaging game! I didn't find a use for the red icon, was the blue icon supposed to consume red instead of orange? anyway had to try a couple times to get it right. Super fun and polished! Great job :D

hah this was pure bliss - loved it from begging to end. Cute dialogues and juicy juicy vfx and sfx. Great job :D

Since I'm not so good at chess I'm glad the AI does the thinking for me! When you pull off a combo, it's super satisfying. Really really fun and creative game, good job :D

Thanks for the positive words! That is the last room and it is quite hard...

will do! I personally avoid games I have to download because of the hassle but do you prefer them?

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Help a brother/sister out and check out these games that are in need of ratings. There are a lot of great games that just aren't getting the attention they deserve.


nothing creepier than people who don't stop smiling.....


Hey Cam thanks for playing!

I completely agree with your two points!! Those changes would definitely improve the game a ton. I'll get to them once things slow down

Really appreciate your feedback :D 

wow really enjoyed the game! The feedback you get when you shoot is really satisfying. Love that you get a sound warning when the scorpion's getting close to you.

Well done!

Loveee atmospheric games and this one hits the nail on the head. Good job:D

nice loved the creative game play- a it's a unique mechanic I haven't seen before! It is quite hard though...  

Keep it up :D

Awesome game. Chill version of overcooked. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's what but easy enough to figure out over time.  good job :)

yo this is such a dope game! Really enjoyed the visual effects, music and the gameplay!! Keep it up!

I think you could either make the attack radius bigger or damage higher to make it a bit more forgiving. It might be just me but I found it really hard to kill the crabs!!

Anyway had some fun. Good job :)

Hey I really enjoyed this one! The gameplay was clear, and challenging at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes pretty engaging. Good job :)

Awesome voice over. Kind of like Shadow of the Colossus. As others have said, it was a bit disorienting and hard to control which made it frustrating. Having said that, when you are swinging from the monster, it's pretty fun. awesome :)

The graphics are beautiful!!! I wish I knew how to do shaders. The music was also really intense and fitting. I was just being thrown left and right but it was great fun :)