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Thanks, yeah the top bar represents how panicked you are, but I feel like I should have had it gone down instead of fill up. Like how other games do sanity bars.

Thanks! It took a lot of balancing of meteor size, speed, and quantity. Yeah you're right, some of them are a little too quick to dodge. 

Thanks! I tried putting a more serious audio track behind it but this isn't that type of game haha. I had a lot of fun making it, and I'm glad you like it too :)

Thanks! Yeah I was planning on making an eating animation, but was running out of time so I went with a pulsating scaling of the character, but it's not that apparent to the player.

I liked the tension the cubes chasing you provided and the zooming camera it added some exciting game feel to the gam e :)

I get what you're going for for out of control but I would have liked some more help as to what was click-able or a little more time to read the manual. I just kept crashing and didn't feel like I could make any progress in learning how to play.

Love it!

This is a WebGL build of the critically acclaimed "Don't Panic Dino" You can download, play, and rate the GMTK game jam submission here:

Here is a link to a WebGL Build, it's exactly the same as the Windows Executable:

Here is a link to a WebGL build of the game, it's exactly the same as the Windows Executable:

Thanks! I thought about making the feeding be instant but I wanted just waiting for him to run around out of control and eventually calming down to be a viable option as well

This game was fun to play, I enjoyed playing the first mini game the most. I always kept a TNT spaceship on the screen to help block bullets. That said I think the second mini game I feel fits the theme of the jam better. The controls keep switching on you. It's a bit disorienting but is done is a nice way. Part of the challenge is figuring out how to control your ship.

Cool artwork! I read the descriptions of the different characters, but I was a little unclear as to what I was supposed to do

Thanks! I feel like it's an accurate depiction of how 2020 is going haha

Cute. I liked how I could choose between lifting the rabbit up, or pushing the enemies away using the same mechanic!

I really liked the idea, I had fun balancing where to put the explosions to make the ball go where I wanted but most of the time it went all over the place haha. I think a little more juice would make this game feel amazing. You should take a look at More Mountain's MMFeedback plugin off the asset store :)

Cool concept!

Fun idea. Existance is pain! Especially in 2020


Thanks! I tried to optimize the most of my time by using as much premade stuff as I could :)

Cute game! It took me a while to battle moving the jar around with those damn sprite haha

Fun game! Very silly :)

Thanks! I tried to keep things really simple. I paired down my original idea a lot. I was going to have a caveman riding the dino, and to get the meat you'd kill rabbit that were also roaming around, but I got rid of them to keep it to the core game play.

Thanks, I repurposed a lot of assets off the asset store, and thingiverse in order to make this game done in the timeframe. The character was originally meant to be 3d printed so I had to remove the printer supports, UV, texture, rig, and animate it. I tried to do some altering of the assets to make them all blend nicely together. 

Thanks! Glad you liked it!!!

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Really cool game! I got a little hung up when I got to the level where the two aliens came together, but I figured it out that I had to press tab to switch who was expelling the control. Great mechanic!


I didn't really get why I was moving the blocks and fixing everything. I got the updating bar to full for a while and then didn't know what to do. The game looks nice, I just wish there was a little more to it.

Lots of fun! I kept dying when I got to the water monsters that shoot, but It was fun to frantically move boxes to keep my raft afloat.

Thanks Meanwhile Games! The windows build and the Mac build are identical, I just was cutting it too close to the deadline to test it on windows so I only submitted the mac build. This is my 2nd game jam ever, next time I'll try to publish to WebGL, that seems to be the easiest for people to play

For sure, I focused too much on the visuals and didn't give enough time to balance the game. I started to implement a skip button for the timer after you have killed all the enemies but couldn't get it working in time for submission.

Thanks again for playing!

Cool game! I had to really think for some of the puzzles, and was proud of myself for beating par on several levels. It reminded me of playing yahoo pool back in the late 90's / early 2000's

Really hard to control, but I kind of feel like that's what you were trying to do

Here is a windows build:

I wasn't sure if I was moving or not, and I didn't know what the goal was. I tried running into the white squares but nothing seemed to happen. I wish there was a little more instruction at the beginning to let me know what I was supposed to do.

Best game I've played so far in this Game Jam! Spot on with the theme, and lots of juice!

Super cool!

Super cool! Very well done!

Cool idea, I felt like a detective, also after doing this game jam i felt hung over as well so I can relate. I found it difficult to piece together some bits of information, but I bet some tweaking of the UI and creating a more visual way to put together pieces of the puzzle would help it a lot.