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Thanks for the feedback :) I think if we had the time, we would have been balancing the damage and health numbers for days! haha We are glad you enjoyed!

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Thanks for the honest feedback! I did feel at one point that we could at least make the hallways wider and scale up the room size. It's good for us to keep it in mind going forward. I think with the theme that we wanted to stay away from the more common "rewind as a mechanic" and try something different. It's too bad that it didn't catch you the same way. Again, thanks for the feedback and good luck! :)

Unfortunately when I died the game threw an exception(playing the web gl version) and I couldn't proceed until I reloaded the page. The character and art style were good and I enjoyed the music a lot though! Nice job! :) 

Thanks for taking a look at the game! And we appreciate the feedback, especially with the music. It's not our strong suit so its good to hear that we can improve! Thanks for the offer and we'll be sure to check out your work! :)

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Fun game with great music! I will admit it took me a little bit to figure out how to use the rewind mechanic but it did save my runs more than once when it did haha Keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback! :) It's very appreciated :D

Wow that's really nice of you to say! :D I appreciate it very much!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to check it out :)

A very fun and adorable game! Perhaps the shooting rate could be a bit faster though. Keep up the good work!

Very cool mechanic. I would love to have more to play honestly!  The sounds and style of the game was very pleasing to play through. I do agree with some other comments that the bar could change faster but all in all, a very great idea and well executed :)

Nice game! I enjoyed the rewind mechanic a lot. Was very smooth and the graphic for it is awesome. Keep up the great work! :)

Sure I'll check it out now :)

Really good take on the theme :) music and graphics are nice. I'd say that it would feel better if the text speed was higher. Keep up the great work! :)

Good game. I liked the puzzles a lot! Animations would have made it look more polished but its great work for your first Jam :) Keep it up!

Loved the teamwork needed in the game. Cute characters and noises. Keep up the good work! :)

Great game for a week for sure! Some cool mechanics in there as well, not just the rewinding. And the audio rocks!

Really good game. A really nice interpretation of the theme. My fiancèe was in tears after playing it so you nailed the atmosphere! Keep up the good work! :)

Very very cool concept! It can be quite challenging to go through the obstacles as time speeds and slows! Definitely needs a bit of polish in the graphics department, but it has awesome potential. Good job! 

I had a BALL playing this game. Big smile the entire time! Felt great, looks great. Very good work!!

Nice game! Very unique take on the theme. Controls felt nice and I'm a sucker for driving games haha keep up the good work!

Very cool game. Really great mechanic for the theme and the art was amazing for the tone you set. Had a blast playing. Great work! :)

Nice game. Love the art style and the upgrading concept :)

Very nice! I liked the feel of the game and the puzzles were fun to figure out :) Graphics are awesome

Extremely cute game! Loved the sound effects :)

Really enjoyed playing this! Found myself going back doing levels again and again for a better time :D The only thing I'd like to mention is the music is a little inconsistent. Great job though! Really fun :)

Great attempt for a first game :) keep it up!

Very charming game with fun puzzles! I did get stuck on the level terrain on the last level and had to reset it. Overall I had a blast playing it.