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I just won a game as Carnival Carry with like half a dozen The Claws by the end. Claw is the law!

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Hmm, there’s Something about this pumpkin… Double-sided OneShot Pumpkin: (I probably should have put this somewhere less grassy…)

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Ok thanks, I managed to beat the game now that I can open the microwave. Good game, though I noticed that it lags when you spawn too many ants.

Also, funny little bug: the cursor commands (1 and R) still work in the title screen, when it asks for your name, and the ending cg.

Hey, uh, I’m kinda confused with the microwave puzzle. I found a four-digit code, but it doesn’t work with the microwave and I don’t see anywhere else I could use a number code?

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“Megalovania is named after megalomania, which is… the name of the boss theme for Live A Live” - Me.


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Metroidvania is a game genre, it has nothing to do with Megalovania the song. Metroidvanias are defined by their explorable world and their upgrades that let you explore more of said world. The name comes from the two genre-defining games, Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (btw Megalovania is named after megalomania, which is an obsession with power and also the name of the boss theme for Live A Live. As I said, no relation to metroidvanias). For a more modern example of a metroidvania, I’d recommend looking at Hollow Knight.

I hate those slimes… Basically no attack and basically all the defense results in absolutely nothing happening. Screw slimes.

I managed to get so many points in one play, that I skipped an entire level! Temple can be a funny card lol.

insert blame here

I was number 433 too, must just be a set amount. I guess it makes sense, the story wouldn’t make much sense for, like, person number 5 if it used the real number.

Absolutely despicable

Oh thanks, I tried that but gave up pretty quickly after not seeing anything.

I tried to eat the lasagna and the game just faded to black and did nothing. Presumably, something was supposed to happen afterwards, but thankfully I could still pause and reset/quit so I wasn’t stuck.

There’s a small hole in the back of the structure with the bug in it that you can fit the duck in.

The theme is that there is no theme, it was a joke

Although metroidvanias are typically platformers, genre isn’t what defines a metroidvania so much as the non-linear progression and upgrades. Also shooter platformers do exist like, say, Metroid.

I can’t play it, apparently my Windows computer has nothing for .rar files

The second boss could use some foreshadowing on their attacks, because getting randomly hit by a giant laser beam isn’t fun. Also, I really don’t think this game uses “one the edge” - it has no more risk than your average game (it’s better than not using boss though, since “on the edge” was an “optional” theme).

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That was certainly quite the experience. I noticed that there was a light system - quite the detail for a jam game. Unfortunately, I did have a couple of issues:

The game wouldn’t start up immediately, though fortunately it was just a matter of time (though this did happen both in Chrome and in Edge. Perhaps it’s a problem with windows?).

I got stuck in the woods, and didn’t realize that the solution was to interact with thin air (I figured the icon was meant to be some sort of radar) - maybe you could’ve had the player pick up a book or something to help trigger that memory?

Also I managed to get negative time during the second area’s boss fight, and I don’t think you can take damage there (thank god, bullets everywhere + low visibility is just a nightmare, and since the timer didn’t change upon leaving the maze I don’t think there was a checkpoint. I like the idea of a boss with a timer, but not the idea of redoing a maze).

I’m not sure I’d call this shadow mario lookalike a boss, but sure. Still, glad you enjoyed the concept so much! I could’ve added another move to the bosses kit, but aside from obviously taking more work it’d also make it harder for the player to learn the boss. I figured keeping the moveset simple would be better (at least for the jam), especially with the shadow getting added partway through the fight.

I encountered an amusing bug where, in trying to get the peach under a moving platform, I got squashed and clipped through the ground… only to be dragged back up! This didn’t affect my score at all, just found it funny.

I’ve played, rated, and commented on your game. If you haven’t already played it via the comment, here’s a link to my game:

Nice game! I like the level progression - how each level introduces a new gimmick which ties into the game’s main challenge (maneuvering the levels), without being too overwhelming (the existence of the non-boss levels definitely helps). However, the game didn’t seem to come with a way to exit it… I had to hit the Windows button and access the task bar to leave the game. Would definitely be a major problem for those less tech-savvy.

I really like the core idea - shame that even the “hard” difficulty is really short. Still, I had fun with the game, and it could definitely be expanded upon to make a fun arcade-style game (especially with that music - I’m impressed that you made that yourself, it’s pretty good and works well for this game).

Also I see you went for the diversifier world record. However, I’m not sure this falls under shapely - I think that’s more “everything is literally just a single shape” than “everything is simple enough to work with only one color”

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! I actually took some time before the jam to look for some music that could work, and it seems to have paid off.

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The player looks kinda awkward without a walking animation… I guess they’ve lost one (1) sentience lol. Also, I found something saying there was a secret on the title screen… but I can’t actually find said secret =(.

Edit: Found the secret through good old clicking randomly until you hit something! Also I should mention, love the writing! Shame there wasn’t much of a game…

Nice game, reminds me of those old Game & Watch games (you’d be surprised how many of those I’ve played given my age - ‘tis the power of emulation. And the gameboy collections… which is what I emulated). However, I for the life of me can’t figure out how to get from the second level’s flower to back inside the tree.

Love the game, it’s quite fun! However, I did run into a bug where, during the 2-minute infinite-tasks mode, I completed all my tasks but the game wouldn’t give me more. I tried undoing and redoing a task, but for some reason that only worked the second time??? Kinda weird…

The jam’s rules on credit are as follows: A. You have to credit all work (including CC0 assets, and even your own assets), and B. It must be accessible at the start of the game. I’m not a jam official, but you could try putting credits on the game page, maybe that counts? Regardless, my advice for the future would be to take a careful look at the rules before starting the jam (or really anything) since each jam is likely to have somewhat different rules from the last.

Also if you want to look for yourself I’ll provide a handy link to the rules:

I can’t really think of a good way to put this - the music and sound effects were painful to listen to (for the most part, anyways. Frogger’s noise was alright).

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I have yet to play the actual game, but I took a look at some of the art (specifically the skill icons) and recognized it from another game - it’s probably creative commons (said art was/is being used as beta art in said game) but it still needs to be credited for the jam.

If you’re wondering the game in question was “Storybook Brawl”

Edit: played the game with full party of healers. Got squashed. I don’t think I’ll be playing much of this game given my lack of experience with RTS games, so sadly I can’t give any critique for the game itself (or, uh, vote)

Great game! I managed to defeat all of the enemies before the timer expired, I think it would be nice if the boss immediately spawned if you manage to do that instead of having to wait the rest of the time.

I found an odd bug where if you turn around while there are bullets on screen, they turn with you. For the actual gameplay, I feel like there maybe should be more healing (maybe a guaranteed bandage at each stop, or smaller bandages found in the chase you can get by taking a detour or being good at platformers). Aside from that, nice game!

You cannot attack - maybe there’s something else you can use to deal damage…

Okay, so I played the game, and honestly it’s pretty great! The gameplay works really well. I know one person said that they’d appreciate a mini-map, but to be honest it feels like the “oh no where the heck do I get this coffee!?!” feeling you get from not knowing where stuff is is a core part of the experience (after all this is a stress simulator). One thing that hurt the experience a little is that the menus and text can’t be navigated with the keyboard - kind of awkward if you’re using the arrow keys (I’m sure an elite gamer would laugh, assuming wasd is enabled, but at least for this game I gravitated towards using a different hand for the items and movement)

I managed to softlock the game by talking to the boss at the beginning after already talking to them (either just starting too soon after ending the old convo, or maybe I managed to skip the first line before it appeared?). The text box showed up, and almost immediately disappeared (but not before some of the text showed up - that disappeared too), but despite looking like normal afterwards I was still unable to move. If I had to guess why it happened, I’d say the cutscene ended too fast to reenable movement.

Nice game! Shame you couldn’t make a more complex boss, but even still what you have here is pretty interesting since you have to stay close enough to attack but not too close since you’ll get hurt (also adds to the theme). Those ending lyrics though… I couldn’t really understand what they were saying, but they kinda creeped me out (most likely a me issue but still might be worth editing for accessibility - simple solution is a wordier end screen).

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You can edit the page, so long as that edit doesn’t add an updated version of that game (including links).

Also I believe you can everything on your page (including the game) once the voting period ends.