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Really good game. It has a lot of content for a jam game. My only complaint is that there is no pause button but other than that it was rather enjoyable.

Picture of my beautiful kingdom seconds before annihilation

Thanks for playing :). Didn't have much time to polish the game because of school an other activities. Just played yours. Enjoyed it a lot :)

Really cool game, got the psycopath ending (not sure how to feel about it). Maybe the music is a bit too loud in comparision to the narrator

The concept was good but the game got quite boring after a while and the music did not loop

Cool concept for the game. The only drawback is that the are only two or three quests but i understand the this is a game jam and so it understandable :)

Really liked the graphics and the general idea. The only bad part was the music, it felt very repetitive this is mine :) you can play it in your browser :)

here's my game :)

Rather unique i have to say :)

My bad. Thanks :)

It is indeed

Btw did you reach Lv6? there are more references there...

here :)

here's mine ;)

Surprised someone actually got that reference :) :)

Enjoyed it quite a lot. Good work :)

Nice game

Good concept!

here :)

Cool game. I will only point out that the fox felt quite slow but other than that fantastic game Enjoy :)

Thanks for playing man. Glad you liked it :)

Anda, anda, no dije nada. Voy a ver si puedo llegar al boss

No sabia que habia un contador de llaves. Ahora lo vuelvo a intentar

Hope you like it :)

You are welcome :)

Bonito juego pero por alguna razon la segunda puerta no se abria :u

Quite an interesting interpretation :) :)

You are welcome :)

That was an unexpected twist

There were some annoying bugs but really cool game overall :)

Really cool concept!

Really cool concept!