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Please answer this short questionnaire on Raise The Dead:

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---VERSION 0.0.15--- -Created enemy spawners, some enemies only respawn after 12 mins(12 hours in game time) -Fixed crop spawners -Enemy kill count shown -Many fixes and improvements

---VERSION 0.0.14--- -Freeplay and Toybox modes are now different game types -Basic Tutorial Mode -Research 10 of any item to make it available in the shop -Correct images show in research data -Fixed bug with picking up items -Day count is now shown -Blaster Gun now uses energy

---VERSION 0.0.13--- -Wild crops can regrow after 12 mins (50% chance) -Ores can respawn after 12 mins (50% chance) -Colliders added to Emerald Island -New effect when zombie captured in cell -Cell has new effects -Fixes and improvements -Research data now counts and shows each potion use on each zombie

---VERSION 0.0.12b--- -Fixed few bugs with the synthesizer -Implemented item storage

---VERSION 0.0.12a--- -Bugfixes

---VERSION 0.0.12--- -Can pick up potions after they are thrown -Market model added -Can place extractors on any cell -Color wheel in pause menu to change lab colors

---VERSION 0.0.11a--- -Small fixes and changes -Extractor added (only works on basic zombies for now)

---VERSION 0.0.11--- -New UI Changes -Lots of small fixes and improvements -Basic implementation of upgrades -Unified UI hub (access by pressing 'Tab') -Potion effects have sounds -In game radio/playlist added

---VERSION 0.0.10a--- -New Recipes and items -Bugfixes

---VERSION 0.0.10--- -Color wheel added in photostudio -Bugfixes -Many small fixes and improvements

---VERSION 0.0.9---

-Updated UI


---VERSION 0.0.8---

-Fixes to enemy ragdolls


---VERSION 0.0.7---
-Better enemy ragdolls

-Fixes to harvester

-Updated GUI -Improved lab manager feature(access by pressing 'o'). You can now place buildings

---VERSION 0.0.6---

-New lab manager feature added(access by pressing 'o'), this is the basis of a system for upgrading and customizing your lab

-New enemy type: Swampman

-Some music added

---VERSION 0.0.5a---

-Bugfix to crops and not being able to sometimes change levels

-New characters added to PhotoStudio

---VERSION 0.0.5---
-UI images for items added

-Zombies now persist in research pods through scene changes

-Farming system improved -More mining components added -New level added(cave)(still incomplete but can be explored)

-New PhotoStudio feature added -Fixes

---VERSION 0.0.4---

-Social media links added

-New crops added and they can be planted

-Base mining components added


---VERSION 0.0.3---

-New Potions --Haste --Slow

-Zombies are saved in cells if you change scenes

-Limited number of zombies can be saved in cells

-Limited number of inventory items -Minor fixes and improvements

Hey. Cures aren't implemented as of yet, so they won't work right now. You can still synthesize the other types of potions if you can gather all the ingredients tho. :)

Thanks! Will keep it in mind!

Storage is definitely planned. :)

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Hey sorry about your experience. A refund will be sent to you shortly.

Edit: You have been refunded. Thank you for your patience.

Awesome, glad you enjoyed it. Yeah zombies can only breed if they are the same type. Thinking about allowing mixed breeds, but it's not confirmed or anything.

Hey there.

Slime Rancher is definitely an inspiration. But I'm sure it will come clear in future updates that Raise The Dead is a unique experience.

Hope you enjoy it :)

Press 'Escape' again.

Hey. developer here. I really enjoyed seeing that and it helped me identify some bugs and issues even though I didn't understand the language. So thanks so much :)

You can place the zombies that are in storage in them. They then accumulate research points for that particular type of zombie. Which should unlock info about each zombie type and maybe even bonuses and upgrades, but for now they are not yet available.

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah a lot is planned to be added in the coming months.

Yeah, the gameplay is definitely sandbox-like. It's kinda open world, very similar to Slime Rancher ( ), as that was a big inspiration.

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  • What are the controls?

Left click: Use current tool

Right click: Shoot out selected potion or items
Mouse wheel: Change selected item

Number keys switches tool:
1: Shock gun
2: Teleporter (use to capture dead zombies, they are then put into storage and you can get them out with the Dispenser)
3: Scanner
4: Blaster

E: Pick up items, pick up dead zombies, interact with buildings
Q: Drop zombies
I: Open Inventory
B: Open Research data
Escape: Open controls menu, press again to close

  • How often will this be updated?
    • Raise The Dead updates will come anywhere between weekly to about monthly.

Please post any suggestions here.


Hey, thanks for the suggestions! Many of what you mentioned is already planned, only thing that differs is that you mention you being an evil scientist lol. In this game it planned to be that you are the scientist that finds a cure for the zombie outbreak, but I guess having the ability to turn humans into zombies seems like a great idea too.

Yes it is 32-bit. Not going to Steam anytime soon, but in future. Thanks for the support!

Raise The Dead

Please join the discord if interested

GIF of game:

Thanks for showing interest, however the Alpha is no longer available.

You can show support by voting for us on Steam Greenlight:


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Would appreciate if you guys could check it out and let me know what you think. :)

Please post any any new features or improvements you would like to see.

Thank you.

Please report any bugs you may have encountered.

Thank you.

Thank you for those who supported me by purchasing ASMR Universe. The version hosted on is no longer up to date, so I am giving Steam keys to everyone who purchased. Enjoy.

I know many people would find this kind of thing weird. But for those who don't and are interested in ASMR and audio meditation this might actually be really great. Please check it out and support.

All criticism is obviously welcome. I am glad that games these days can transcend the norms and there can be very specially themed games even if their communities might be small.

So ASMR community this is for you!