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My Let's Play of this game!

A topic by nanaki254 created Apr 12, 2017 Views: 301 Replies: 3
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It has potential! I like experimental sandbox area, and the little town (though I hope more stuff would be added to each in the future). I wonder if more locations are planned in the future, since it would be cool to see different types of settings. There was one bug though - I couldn't really die. My health would go down and when it went to 0, it went to the negatives. Can't wait to see more of this game!


Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah a lot is planned to be added in the coming months.

Just wondering is there anything to do with the cylinder cells right now?


You can place the zombies that are in storage in them. They then accumulate research points for that particular type of zombie. Which should unlock info about each zombie type and maybe even bonuses and upgrades, but for now they are not yet available.