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ASMR Universe

A game for creating custom ASMR soundscapes · By ColossalWreck

You can now claim ASMR Universe on Steam Sticky

A topic by ColossalWreck created Jul 16, 2016 Views: 287 Replies: 2
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Thank you for those who supported me by purchasing ASMR Universe. The version hosted on is no longer up to date, so I am giving Steam keys to everyone who purchased. Enjoy.

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Just bought here, 3.60$ with taxes. Then realized it's 1$ on steam. Therefore the Linux version I downloaded doesn't work. I know I have a steam key (I saw this details a bit late) but i don't intend to install anything from steam. Regarding all these problems I'm not interested anymore and asking for a refund, how to proceed ? 

Developer (1 edit)

Hey sorry about your experience. A refund will be sent to you shortly.

Edit: You have been refunded. Thank you for your patience.