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I'm happy to find a game like this :)

I'm a bit late to the party, but I just played this game, and I had a good time. :) Very nice atmosphere, and interesting theme/gimmick.

Very cute :)

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Nice, wholesome, good :)

I like this a lot. It's a nice mix of logical and lateral thinking for a puzzle game. The handrawn animation was quite nice. The way the decisions and events progressed over time reminded me of Eyezmaze's GROW games. Considering it's probably been almost a decade since I last played those, that was a pretty cool flashback of nostalgia to have. Good job all around, I hope to see more :)

Thank you!


I can give you an in-depth explanation if you'd like, but the simple version is this: the slime is made up of points on a circle that are connected to every other point with multiple Spring Joint 2D. This is the physics framework for the slime. The slime's visible form is drawn by using each of these points as points on a Bezier spline (for which I used an asset store plugin to create) to get the outline, then generating a mesh to fill in the shape with color.

The movement and momentum stuff is definitely an area for improvement, I agree. Part of the reason the slime loses its momentum when it grows is because of how I did the slime generation that I described above. There's almost certainly a way to improve it.

Thanks again for the playing and feedback. :)

Really clever! A few technical problems, I think: I couldn't get the slime to climb on the blue wall and every so often a jump just wouldn't happen when I pressed the jump button (Input in FixedUpdate, maybe?). I was unable to progress beyond 40%. Control issues aside, this is a great idea and pretty nice execution!

Thanks for checking it out. :) The key to jumping high is to use the springy force of recovering from a jump or fall to give an extra boost to your jump. In other words, the best time to jump is shortly after you hit the floor. So, you kind of have to jump repeatedly to build up your bounciness. If I were to return to this game, I would probably try to add some sort of feedback to help guide the player into understanding this mechanic/principal, since it seems like a lot of players didn't get it.

Thanks for the feedback! I would definitely try to find a way to make the increases in size more fluid (no pun intended) if I were ever to return to this.

It's playable now so if you want to give it another shot you can.

It's playable now so if you want to give it another shot you can.

Now that's a juicy game! Great asset and polish quality on this.

This is a really neat idea! Nice twist on the classic gameplay.


Strange, charming, and surprisingly polished (those sound effects). Nice <3

Thank you!

I'm fine with there not being a mandatory theme.  Sometimes you gotta come up with your own! (And there's always free theme generators on the web.)

Good point!


Hi, I'm Colin.

I'll be following Unity's Roll-a-Ball tutorial to get my feet wet with 3D game development. I've been making 2D games for a year or two now, and I'm excited to try out the additional dimension, as well as the Unity engine which I have only begun to learn recently. Though I'll be blatantly following a beginner project tutorial, I hope that I will have enough to time to add at least a little personal touch and spice to the final product.

Cheers and good luck to everyone!

Thank you!

"Find the Cheese is a 2D platforming game that is part exploration and part time trial. To complete each level, you must collect all the cheese pieces hidden throughout the non-linear maze and make it back to the exit as quickly as possible. Master the mechanics and layouts to become the most agile mouse you can be!"

I made this game in acceptance of "The Gauntlet" from episode 006 of the Game Design Zen podcast. Three months of work to put my first truly finished game out to the world. It's not the kind of game I dream of making, but I've learned a lot over the course of the process and I'm glad I made it.

I would appreciate any feedback regarding either the game itself or the marketing/presentation around it (such as the style of the page, the gameplay video, etc.).

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback!

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I was playing through the Itch app on a Windows 10 PC, though I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and now when I click the "Install" button, it just says:

"No compatible downloads were found for 'Birdsketball', so it wasn't installed. Maybe it's not compatible with your platform or with the itch app yet!"

Edit1: Oh, it looks like you recently made the game for sale. I had only the free download before, so maybe that screwed things up.

Edit2: I bought the game on Steam, and it looks like my save data was kept (all the opponenets were still unlocked), but so was the no-sound issue.

Great game!

One bug(?) I've encountered is that, after playing for a while, the game just stopped producing audio for me. I pretty much only played the campaign, and halfway through my first attempt at the final opponent, the music ceased to loop. After even more time, there became no sound effects at all. Restarting the game has done nothing to fix this. Checked my volume mixer and it's not muted or anything; there's just nothing coming through.

I am interested in trying to make a level for your game. It looks like you're using GameMaker: Studio, is that correct?