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Cyan Slime Slides Up in SizeView game page

Help this blobby friend grow!
Submitted by Colin Amos — 7 minutes, 36 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Was it Slime related?#94.4004.400
Was it fun?#162.8002.800

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I just adore the wobbly wavelike effect given off by the slime, amazing stuff. How did you achieve that? 

The momentum was a little hard to get a hang of but I made it to the cute end. Nice work!



I can give you an in-depth explanation if you'd like, but the simple version is this: the slime is made up of points on a circle that are connected to every other point with multiple Spring Joint 2D. This is the physics framework for the slime. The slime's visible form is drawn by using each of these points as points on a Bezier spline (for which I used an asset store plugin to create) to get the outline, then generating a mesh to fill in the shape with color.

The movement and momentum stuff is definitely an area for improvement, I agree. Part of the reason the slime loses its momentum when it grows is because of how I did the slime generation that I described above. There's almost certainly a way to improve it.

Thanks again for the playing and feedback. :)

Submitted (2 edits)

Hello, the game was quite enjoyable and I loved the blob physics and would love to know how you did it. The slime was pretty hard to control, sometimes jumping really high and other times just a tiny bit. At a point I was stuck in a hole for maybe a minute or so. Is there something I was missing. I also really love the ending where the slime becomes humongous compared to how large it used to be. 

I played your game in a little montage I made of entries. You can check it out here or on my YouTube channel. 


Thanks for checking it out. :) The key to jumping high is to use the springy force of recovering from a jump or fall to give an extra boost to your jump. In other words, the best time to jump is shortly after you hit the floor. So, you kind of have to jump repeatedly to build up your bounciness. If I were to return to this game, I would probably try to add some sort of feedback to help guide the player into understanding this mechanic/principal, since it seems like a lot of players didn't get it.


Had a little trouble getting past the first hurdle but after that this was an enjoyable experience.  Slime has a cute face and the limited palette worked really well.


İ think thing that you did wrong was Blob Physics this is a game jam and something like that really consumer time good luck on others entries


i really agree this happened to me ass well for game in a week or something everything good until the last second :( Good luck on your other game jams.


It's playable now so if you want to give it another shot you can.


you should add the old version because you might get disqualified( updating after the timeline)

(you can add them both and say this is the game jam version)


It's playable now so if you want to give it another shot you can.