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Cat in a Cult

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Amazing graphics cool story my favorite pico-8 game yet

i was going really fast between rooms i went to shop from there another and it strated to multiply characters

i kinda found a bug i had 7 characters on my screen i don't know how i did it though

you should add the old version because you might get disqualified( updating after the timeline)

(you can add them both and say this is the game jam version)

i really agree this happened to me ass well for game in a week or something everything good until the last second :( Good luck on your other game jams.

i did not get the gameplay i don't know if i'm dumb but don't get me wrong i understand that i have to put corresponding colored slimes to wreck down barricades but i spamed all the buttons and it did anyway. BTW the graphics are really nice.

Thank you.

Why only for windows  :(

Really nice game . Only bug that i can find i don't know if this is a feature if hold down to moving buttons ,near a wall you get stuck on that wall.

Really nice ,only suggestions that i can have is that you  could have took that 2 days before deadline to polish your game such as starting screen exc.


Thank You.

Thanks After some waves holding down c and running to health packs won't work you have to hide behind walls, i designed it that way so it will be easy in first levels so people don't get frustrated . I never wan't this to be one of the games that wan't to make you angry to play more.

and for lagging i can create no particle version for chromebook if you want :D so it will lag  less.

Thank you very much. Thanks for this jam i learned a lot about the engine that i used .


1-) Enemies are slower but traces they leave are deadly

2-)Higher penalty for standing still(5 times more but same penalty for shooting you cant hold c and win anymore)

3-)Removed less shooting per second(made the game no fun)

4-)Bullets are now more spread

5-)Lowered reward points for killing an enemy

(1 edit)

Thanks for the features i added more penalty and less shooting (half the amount) its much better now thanks

(I didn't updated the game yet)

Thanks for visiting my Game Your comments will mean a lot to me leave them below.

No i didn't do that post because i was angry or something i like being criticize it helps me become better .This was just my thought on the comment :D.

i'ts a matter of perspective really, and it doesen't have to play like it. I like it a lot because if i put turn based movement here it will feel slow and unresponsive 

Normally in my mind when i created the game idea checker pieces would jump and chess pieces dash in ther normal route such as knight would charge L shape 

But i'm still working on them.

Updated: Fixed the bug where would the game crash

Added: I added a character selection screen with three characters

What? LOL!