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Find the Cheese - A 2D Platforming Challenge

A topic by Colin Amos created Jun 12, 2017 Views: 127 Replies: 2
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"Find the Cheese is a 2D platforming game that is part exploration and part time trial. To complete each level, you must collect all the cheese pieces hidden throughout the non-linear maze and make it back to the exit as quickly as possible. Master the mechanics and layouts to become the most agile mouse you can be!"

I made this game in acceptance of "The Gauntlet" from episode 006 of the Game Design Zen podcast. Three months of work to put my first truly finished game out to the world. It's not the kind of game I dream of making, but I've learned a lot over the course of the process and I'm glad I made it.

I would appreciate any feedback regarding either the game itself or the marketing/presentation around it (such as the style of the page, the gameplay video, etc.).


Congratulations on getting your first project finished. Your page looks good.

Thank you!