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I like the board on the left (idk if it was there before), in the beginning I wasn't able to tell that it's there since there's no tutorial in-game that tells me what each thing does, so some things aren't clear to me, but I still cant tell when the game finishes, I feel like it takes too long to finish the "first day" maybe keep day 1 as a few bodies only, then slowly make it more bodies to inspect per day.

I also liked that you added a new type of patient, which is women lol (idk if it was there before). It adds more variety to the game visually, but gameplay wise there's no difference between each patient. I feel like you can expand upon the game more by giving the player more tools to work with (slowly introducing them each few days to these tools so they're not overwhelmed). I also think the movement is a bit too slow, I found the most boring part being walking around, while the animations of the doctor and the other guy cool, they take too long. (maybe have them run instead of walk).

That's the feedback I had to give, hope this helps! :D

Sounds good I'll get to it soon, a little busy right now haha

I really appreciate the kind words! Hope you had fun playing :D

Great submission! I found it very fun trying to figure out every puzzle's solution, it had a really nice learning curve and every level completion felt really satisfying! The level design is super well done, the graphics are nice and the sound track is very catchy, well done!

Thank you so much! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and found it unique, thanks for playing!

Good luck my friend! :D

Thanks for playing, I appreciate your feedback! My team will take it into account for future updates :D

Sounds good my friend, good luck with that! :D

Very creative idea, the graphics are BEAUTIFUL and the SFX are really well done, had fun playing! I wonder if there's a win state because I dealt with about 7 bodies until I just gave up since it seemed like there was no clear goal? (for example 10 body checks per day). It wasn't quite clear to me what I should do if their last wish was to be buried? I pressed return the body for that. Same thing happened for when they were alive, was I supposed to press call the doctor?

Either way, great submission, I believe you should expand upon this game more!

Wonderful game, the effort your team put into this is insane! I love the graphics, the idea is really great you really interpreted this theme well and executed your ideas amazingly. Hats off to this team :D

I wish there were more difficult levels after the first haha

First try B-)

I'm glad you enjoyed it, we actually added the tutorial last second and tried to fit as much helpful info without overwhelming the player haha, Our team would love to make an interactive tutorial that can teach you everything about the game (and what each tower does).

Also idk if it helps but each tower's logo shows what it does haha, glad you got to play and test them all out either way. Hope to see you too!

Good luck with that my friend!

This is was my endscreen btw LOL, and no I didn't have any issues with the web version (I'm using Brave) I just found it kinda annoying that I couldn't tell where the vanishing enemy will spawn (or the boss) because sometimes they'd spawn on my body and insta kill me OR they spawn behind me when I expected them to spawn on my last location.

I didn't expect to see a game with voice acting in this game jam haha, what a sick game! Beautiful graphics, great puzzle elements, it was super hard to find out which objects help with solving the puzzle. Having to use mirrors to solve the puzzle is SUPER creative. I wasn't expecting an escape simulator game from this jam, hats off to you my friend.

Also, I love the twist at the end haha, does that mean there's gonna be more levels? I can't wait to see what you come up with. You earned a follow!

Really fun game! I really love the art style, the sound effects remind me of the Atari which is so nostalgic honestly and the music is really good. I love the gameplay, very fun and confusing (in a good way) puzzles. Great entry!

What a cute looking game, very fun puzzles. Unfortunately, not too many levels were offered, I was having fun but nothing could've prepared me to the fact that there's only 4 (I think) levels (this won't effect the rating I'll give). I'm only disappointed because of how fun it is lol. Great game overall, love the graphics, the music is nice. I see a lot of potential for this game which is why I'll be giving it a high score.

I would say sometimes it's hard to see where the birds are, maybe an outline shader that passes through the fire could help? Everything was too bright and the main focus (You and the enemy) were really dark, I believe the opposite would make gameplay feel better. Also, add more lvls please.

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Great submission, great idea, I really dig the graphics. This game would be 10x more fun if you actually knew where you're placing the mirror, the UI doesn't quite show where it's gonna place (it's offset to the top left I guess), most of the time I was playing I had to guess where the mirror will go, which made it a bit less fun that I would've expected but I understand the potential of this game if this bug is fixed (it could be because I played on the web build idk). I gave up on lvl 10 though lol.

Nice game!

Very fun game! I love the way you interpreted the theme, there's many different enemy types which is were really well designed, I found a bug for you though lol. In the last level, you can skip past all the enemies and immediately run to the boss room (Which I did obviously why wouldn't I). Anyway, I killed the boss and the 2 minigunners. But, the door was bugged out because I didn't kill the previous enemies so I technically won but not really.

Great submission, had a lot of fun playing your game.

I see, thanks for the help. I tried the game again,  and I managed to finish it this time so I'll rate it.

The game has nice graphics, the idea is very interesting, you stuck to the theme perfectly with both the mirroring and smoke, the gun behaves how you'd expect it to so that's nice (Good job). I wish there was more to it though, I feel like if your gun can kill the smiling enemy it would be more forgiving as I found myself getting followed by 3 lol

I'd suggest making the first level shorter (as a tutorial), then make more levels that are more difficult if you wanna expand on the game. Either way, great submission!

We had the same idea with reflecting light from the sun haha, fun platformer, really glad there's a respawn system. The graphics and music is nice, (The graphics are actually insane). I really love the shadow. If I have some feedback to give I would say the movement has to get improved a little bit,  there's no way to control your character if you jump. Some aerial control would be nice. Other than that, GREAT submission! :D

For some reason, I can't shoot my weapon even after holding LMB. I won't vote on this yet, please reply if there's a fix to this so I can actually play your game and rate it! :D

Thanks for the feedback! Do you have any suggestions for us to improve upon this issue? I'd love to hear about it.

Thank you for playing :D

Nice game! I really liked the medieval style of the game, the sprites are super well done. The shield making you bounce was a SICK feeling, it's very nice how u implemented it in many ways. Really nice music and SFX design too!

The checkpoint mechanic is really a live saver, but in some cases it's quite the opposite. Sometimes I would respawn and I'd get hit immediately before I can even react (by the axes), basically getting spawn killed. If you can add a temporary invulnerability to make it more fair. I also wish there was a way for me to view what the potion does (after I picked it up). If there is a way please let me know lol

Great submission :D

Thanks for playing, I appreciate you giving feedback about the tutorial. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to make the tutorial interactive (the idea was there though). Maybe after the game jam our team can implement a better tutorial.

I'm happy you like the art, our artist worked very hard on them with many reworks haha. I'm really glad you enjoyed the game :D

It was an honor to work with you on this! :D

Good luck everyone!

Blue card is fixed, but flower pot isn't it keeps making me drop it down instead of delivering to the bird.

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I agree with you on the whole "As game developers we accept criticisms that we may feel is unfair". That's very true! But I think in game jams we shouldn't be comparing the games to ones already made, there's many Flappy Bird games where you're the pipe instead, I still didn't compare them to Flappy Bird (which is a game that took ages to make probably), that's why I thought it's unfair, I love criticism and comments that give feedback to my games because they help me update the game further on and become a better developer!

I'm glad you thought our presentation was good though, and you don't really have to ask for my permission haha, I hope the post jam update would change your mind about the game, I have high hopes and many ideas for the game, (Also many bug fixes people mentioned). I'd love to show you what the game will develop to, and I hope you'll enjoy the updated version much more!

I'm glad you gave an honest review because I'd rather have that than have people just give me a score and not tell me why, so I'd rather have people rate my game in the way they want and give feedback so I can improve it later on!

Again thanks for playing, (for the follow and the compliments too)!

You shouldn't be rating creativity compared to already made games outside the jam... I rated games based off other entries, I find it quite unfair that I got such a low score even though there was basically no other games with our concept, but to each their own.

Thanks anyway

Thanks for playing, there actually is music, maybe you had the music turned down, I'd love to ask why you rated so low on creativity? I thought the game was quite original compared to other entries in the jam, and yeah the UI is a bit buggy but it's an easy fix. I couldn't implement skipping day/night because of the time constraint.

Thanks for playing

Really well done! I can tell that there was a great amount of effort put in this game, it's so polished and the gameplay is so fun! I can't wait to play the mobile version of it, my only issue was I thought I could move with WASD but since you'll just release it on mobile it's fine (I should've read the itch).

Here's my final score! :D

Thanks! I changed it recently haha

I definitely will! I have many ideas for this game, thanks for playing!

Amazing game! I remember seeing it on somebody's stream and thinking, wow what a fun looking game, but I wasn't able to try it, I didn't realized you're the one who made it when I was in your stream haha.

Super polished, very well done, cute graphics and animations, really funny voice acting, catchy music!

This is such a great entry and I'd love to see a multiplayer 1v1 version of this, I feel like it'd really be fun to play against my friend while we both compete to see who can get a higher score as we fight for humans to catch LOL!

I'd love to see a dash mechanic that has a cooldown because sometimes I felt a bit too slow while trying to get 4 people at the same time, then they'd let go because I was too slow.

Here's my score, looking forward to see where this game goes. (PS. I totally got 3000 and didn't draw an extra 0)

Thank you for the nice comment and the great suggestion for dead crops! I'll definitely polish up the game more after the jam :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'll hopefully add one after the game jam :D

You can follow my itch to see progress on the game, thank you for playing!

Thanks for the compliments :D

I'm really glad you found it easy to understand, I also tried my best with keeping the itch page clear using pictures and short paragraphs, it's very under appreciated haha.

I can agree with you on the thief part, most people said the same thing about that role, but not the demanding part that's interesting. I wanted the thief role to be a stealth game similar to "Stealth Master" on mobile where you dodge cameras and such.

I'm really happy you liked the game, thank you so much for playing and for the great feedback! :D

100% agree with those changes, like I said for me the enemies were really fast, I couldn't cross the other side of the map without being bombarded by enemies, and the rate of fire is slow so I couldn't get them in time. This would totally fix it though, and I agree with the ammo pickup, I found myself waiting for ammo to spawn. But! You can keep the speed boost random like how it is now, it would be fair to change the way ammo spawn works.

Followed you to see the future updates for the game, when there's a steam release I'll give you a wishlist to boost the algorithm for you on release day :D

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So much content packed in this game, the core mechanic is really well done and clear, many paths to choose from so it's not repetitive. I have to agree with some of the comments saying subtitles would be great, I found myself too distracted by the text in the wall or platforming, then I miss what the narrator said lol. Despite that I'd say that this game is very well done for a 48hrs jam, great job!

Really good game, very polished, I wish the ball always bounced how I would expect it to but it's fine. The levels are all super unique and very fun, difficulty was fine for me, the last levels took a few tries but I ended up getting them all (especially level 6 as you can see by this pic here). Nice submission!

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That's exactly what the role was supposed to be! You nailed it, I wanted to make it a stealth game where you avoid cameras and getting caught, for a big reward if you sabotage. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to implement all of those ideas but I definitely will after the jam!

Thanks for playing :D