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oh god, I can imagine. Thanks for playing it regardless! :)

Godot! Yes, yes and yes.

Although the trails suffer from the Engine.time_scale a little in slow mo.

Looking at your game now I can actually see it being Godot. Very nice :)

Sorry about the last level, my friend was sadistic when making that. Glad you enjoyed it anyways.

That was great! Not playing Mario Odyssey, I quickly googled it to familiarise myself.

Controls were smooth, animation was great and the SFX were very fitting. Also I loved the GBA colour scheme.

Fantastic job, well done :) I really enjoyed it!

That was brilliant, hands down my favourite entry to date.

Spot on a clone of Beat Sabre. Controls felt right, music was amasing and visuals were amazing.

Hats off to you, you've done a fantastic job!

Top notch game jam entry, really enjoyed this one.

The only thing I can think of is that the gun clipping when you're trying to shoot down off an edge was a bit awkward. But that was easily ignore when I realised I shouldn't do it :)

Great sounds, music and control feelings. Really enjoyed playing this one, the levels them selves were well put together.

Well done! :)

The was infuriatingly good!

Not sure if the bullet could do with some more work, or have levels work around it more. But other than that I was happy to keep dying to try again.

The mechanic it self is genius, I did love it. And the walk jumping was a nice touch, to make getting to a bullet even harder.

Well done, great entry to the jam!

Very hard to grasp the depth perception. I couldn't tell when I was going to hit a golden ball or a obstacle. I'm not sure what's with the purple patches at the beginning, perhaps a texture couldn't be loaded in properly?

Overall it could do with some more work. The background was nice though.

A fun entry! The platforming side of it was a little tricky at parts, such as jumping while croushing (Didn't realise my fingers were to flexible!). I know could use bothe WASD and arrow keys, but it's too early to attempt multi tasking like that :)

It'd be nice in the future there were check points, if there were any I didn't play far enough to get to them.

Overall a fun entry, I hope you have fun creating this. And learnt what can and can't be done within a 48 hour jam.

Well done!

Creative entry.

I can't imagine re-creating bomber man is easy, but you did a good job regardless :) Power-ups were fun to use, though I believe I got the heart regen constantly spawning on the same spot so I could keep running back to it to top myself up.

Perhaps for movement you consider setting it to what ever size your tiles are, that way it'll make it easier for players to move around. Rather than trying to clip around a corner to get away from a bomb.

Well done, good job :)

Well, you can tell a lot of effort went into the cinemachine part of your game, which fair enough, but also a shame for the rest of the entry.

So what you manged to create with the cinemachine was impressive and great to look at. The controls were smooth and easy to use for the fighter, though I wish there was sharper bank turning.

I know from experience how much I want a beautful game jam entry, but fell short with actual game play. Still the effort was not wasted, in the future you can use what you leared from cinemachine to incorporate into gameplay, because cinemachine can really do wonders for a game if used right!

Well done though, I hope you enjoyed the experience :)

Whey, another fellow Godot developer!

I enjoyed this, never would of thought of a 2D KSP. I liked how you tackled the hanger for building, you can do some creative builds with it. Sadly my first attempt was a long rocket, which instantly toppled over, ah well!

Good job, keep at it :)

Simple and enjoyable.

Needs a bit more work with controls and game mechanics. Well done, none the less!

Good to hear. I'm always cautious with giving critique during a game jam, despite the fact nothing will be perfect for an entry. I know, and probably so do you, that itch does support in browser playing, so it could be worth seeing whether your submissions in the future can be done by that with your desired engine.

This was really charming and fun to play.

I don't really have any complaints about this one, you made everything obvious to whether you can climb it with the use of the stamina bolts. Music was fitting and little jumping sounds were nice.

Well done, this was put together nicely! :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed what you could play :)

Yeah that's a strange one. If it's the Google Drive version, I did play that from start to end with no issue, but when I booted it up another day I got that same bug, as some others had experienced. Which is sad, and annoying. So that's one of the first things I need to address when I can re-upload it.

Thank you!

The game came along way during development, but I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Yeah I didn't expect the last 2 levels to be so hard, you can thank my level designer for that. Sadistic he is!

I'm glad you liked it none the less, thanks for playing it :)

Thank you so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you :)

I have now rated and played your game :)

I always forget about the '1D' type of games, which in this case is text adventures.

Great thinking with this one, I was a little surprised when I downloaded a .html file, but there we go :P

I'm going to complain just a little about how long I had to read AND use a calculator to do maths. Maybe it's because I just woke up an hour again and I'm still catching up. I just thought the time sometimes was a bit short for some of the dialouges.

I appriciate you were aiming for a sense of urgency, perhaps simpler maths for this as well? Well done none the less, this was a great entry. I hope you have fun creating this :)

oh yeah, multiplayer is no easy feat. Take your time, no need to rush it :)

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You're welcome, my man. You should be proud of this creation!

Thanks for playing!

Level 12 is challenging, but I do know some people off this site who have done it, plus I wouldn't of released that level if it couldn't be done by myself :P

I hope to expand on this soon, maybe make the dificulty curve a lot smoother, rather than the wall which is level 11.

Fantastic mechanic to chose, I wish I'd thought of it too. But I imagine my execution wouldn't be as nice as this.

The controls felt right and the movement is what I'd expect. Good job, I really loved playing this!

Interesting game, quite hard to handle I found. But the fewer the keys, the better anyway. Espeacially since it's shared keyboard game.

Good job, with some more work this would be a cracking title to play competitively.

I have now played and rated your game :)

Very pretty game! The 'Rush' ability felt a bit iffy to use. When using it, I had no idea what direction I was going to be shot to. I also struggled trying to chain these movements.

I can see this going places with a bit more time, but what you managed to fit in was very nice to play. I hope you two get somewhere with this :) Best of luck!

Very fitting and simple game, espeacially since you chose Morhau as your base mechanic! My partner and I really enjoyed playing this, once we got around the controls.

This could be a great couch co-op, or online multiplayer game if you expanded it more.

Controls felt right, and the music was lovely to listen to.

Well done!

Very atmospheric and spooky, the music really gave you creepy vibes. I honestly kept expecting something to chase me, or appear when the engine turned off.

I'm glad you were allowed to submit this entry, well done guys! Would love to see this go somewhere :)

I have now played and rated your game :)

Nice game attempt, I like you went full Tracer with it all. Character movements, standard ones, could use a little work to be smoothed out.

Level design was nice and straight forward, with the right amount of puzzle element to it.

Well done!

I totally forgot about Quantum Conundrum. But you did capture it well in this game with the element states.

I though the controls were a bit too floaty personally, a tad hard to control. But other than that, very well done :)

I have now played and rated your game :)

Lovely little entry. You got the ender pearl mechanic spot on, just a little hard to aim some times. I kept clicking on my book marks when trying to shoot up. My fault, not the games :P

Music was very charming aswell, good job with your game!

Interesting game, not sure how I felt about the grappling hook. But then again a grappling hook is hard to implement then you think, so hats off to you for trying.

The premise for dimension changing was a nice addition, you could do wonders with that feature in numerous ways.

Good job :)

Lovely game, has a lot of House Flipper vibes which I like. I mean I knew it was a house flipper semi-clone when I saw the map.

Harder than it looks with the charging to keep in mind, but I like how you made speed be affected by the surface the Roomba was on.

The music was lovely and chirpy, very fitting with the art style. And it was just simple, nothing too absurd!

Well done :)

Never played WoT personally, but I did enjoy it. I felt you captured the mechanics perfectly, and the SFX for the gun shots were on point! I couldn't get past level 2, because I suck at keep my front to the enemy!

Well done, great entry.

Infurating, humerous and just way too silly.

Thank you, I never realised I needed the 3D version of 'Getting Over It' in my life.

Simple idea, hard to critecize because it does par with the original game, but I'm not too sure about the slidiness of the hammer when moving. I guess it come down to play testing to what feels right, Imagine it made the game too easy so leaving the slide was your way of improvising the delicate and precise movements you need to 'Yeet' about.

Well done to you, I really enjoyed this :)