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Thank you so much! We're so happy that you like the game!

It's funny because we had a similar revelation when writing the Sci-Fi guide (though we wouldn't use the word perfect to describe our game haha). We thught we'd add some new variations of mechanics but found we didn't really have anything we felt we needed to change, so the book ended up being a lot more lore and flavour twists instead!

We have seen some really cool stuff come out of people writing their own stories and locations

We don't have any Guidance per-sey but there is a Locus module in Roll20 already! You should be able to select it from the dropdown of which game the campaign is for.

You'll have to add the card deck yourself (it's not part of Roll20 modules) but it has character sheets, item cards and automates the dice rolls. Unfortunately the Director will have to have their monsters in another format though as the limitations of Roll20's setup mean we couldn't include them.

Hope that helps and thanks for asking!

Draws are a failure. They work the same as if they drew a Knife and then Drew a Spade.
Thanks for the question! We hope you have loads of fun with the game!

Hi, thanks for the question.

It's very dependant on how many Players you have and how long you want to play to be honest. For a sort of average group of 4-5 players and around 40-60 minutes 5 rounds seems to be the amount we've found in playtests!

Hi yes, absolutely It should work! You will likely have to draw cards for her and discard any cutlery from the communal pool for her but other than that there sholdn't be any issues!

Thank you! We're so glad you like it!

Yes, thanks for clarifying, I think we misunderstood a little bit what the specifics of the question were.

The token ceiling does apply to every dice so you might need a lot of help towards the end but it does work as you said yes.

Thanks for reaching out, we're not entirely sure as we've never done it ourselves, but this article from itch itself is hopefully still correct!

Thanks for the feedback, all good points we'll take into consideration if we do a second edition!
We're glad you had fun with it regardless!

And to clarify, the intention is that yes, towards the end stuff becomes impossible without burning your last few tokens meaning you'll have to drop some of your loot on the way out.

Hi folks, just wanted to drop in a couple of things for those making stuff for the Jam.

We'd request that you put the following sentence into your work somewhere, and we've also attached the Locus logo in case you wish to use it!

"The Locus Rules System was created by CobblePath Games Ltd. The use of  the Locus Rules System to develop derivative works is covered by the conditions of the Locus Open License. Locus can be found on"

Hi there!

I've not had the chance to try it out at this scale myself yet, and I am not aware of anyone who has, but I did design the rules with scaleability in mind (and the last page includes some rules twists about how you can accommodate some larger player numbers) So I don't know how smoothly it'll run, but the rules should definitely still function at least!

Okie dokie, that should be done! Thanks for reaching out and let us know if there's any problems with it! Thanks!

Good shout, I hadn't realised I hadn't sorted one out. I'll export and upload that tomorrow for you!

Oh.. I thought we had oops!! Thanks for highlighting that haha

If you're interested in seeing how the game works in play I thoroughly recommend checking out this podcast! It's is so in tune with how we envisioned the game and is tons of fun!

Unfortunately we haven't made a solo version of it no, currently it really needs 2 players at least. 

In fact we're just about to add one right now! Thought we should let you know since you asked!

We add a copy whenever the game gets a 5 star review, so at the moment there aren't any more, but there will (hopefully) be more in the future!
I'll put a reminder out to folks that that's how it works on Twitter too fingers crossed!

A really evocative game backed up by some very deft use of mechanical systems as metaphor.
More than anything though the writing is excellent and really makes this particular game shine!
Absolutely recommend!