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Thank you so much for the feedback, i take notes.
I kind of agree, its not that hard, its just unnecessarily tedious.

Awesome game, the cheese part wasn´t very clear to me, but i still enjoyed everything. Great game.

Great design and I absolutely love the look of the clouds, sounds were a bit annoying though

Loved the idea! Level design is great and usually jam games don't feel as good as this one.

Oh ok, F12 usually its the same as right click and "Inspect element", but i didnt try it on every navigator, thanks for the feedback, i will change it on the clues page.

Thanks for playing! Dont worry, you are not the only one using hints, i think i made the questions too hard ahaha
Could you provide more details about why puzzle 8 didnt work please? Like which navigator you are using or where it didnt work

In case anyone gets stuck: Clue page
(Some puzzles may be too ambiguous)

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The second is the one that scares me the most, because i feel like if you know, you know, but if dont, you can easily get stuck, but i couldn´t think of any better clue, so i will write a "cheatsheet" on the game page, thanks for the feedback!
Web page with clues on each puzzle:

You can go to your game page, and in the upper right corner it should say something like this:

If you click on the submission button, you can go to the submission page and it should be OK.

I really really loved this game, for me, you just won the jam.
The only thing i could say is pls add more content and some issues i had:
- I left a dead chicken on the floor next to the bench, so when i tried to grab it, i opened the shop instead
- The dialog bubbles of the costumers wouldnt let me see the different work stations

I liked the artstyle and the concept, but the best strategy ended up being waiting on the upper left corner until every farmer gets tricked there, and then exiting.

I really really loved the game, nice music and cool concept, even though i think it would be funnier if the objective was to avoid the meteors and collect ufos, because if you dont touch meteors, they will accumulate on screen, making it progressively harder, but if you dont touch ufos, they just dissapear, i think that would give more importance to jumping.

Very nice visuals and cool music, too challenging in my opinion, but not necessarily a problem.

It was so hard to understand, and when i though i had it, i ran out of water so quickly hahaha

I really liked the art election but the gameplay felt too rough and the level design could be much better, also i think the final boss should have more feedback about when is the player hitting him and when is he attacking.

Visually great, but i didnt quite get the objective of the game

I really liked the game, chill music, nice art and cool mechanic, the tp worked kinda weirdly sometimes, but perfectly playable, good job.

ahahah i know, every hen i generated was so ugly, that i just though no one would notice

Great game, some levels were so hard, but in the right way.

I really liked it, if i had to give some feedback, there was a level where i could farm time by picking up the clock and dying a bunch of times and the laser level felt a bit unfair, but overall i really enjoyed playing.

okay, tysm

I had the bug where the monster cant move, i think it happens if you go back to the woods before the roar animation ends

Im so so curious of how you made the art, could you explain the process pls?

I found a bug where sometimes instead of grabbing the weapon, you gran other object, so accidentally i grabbed a bookshelf in the teacher level, and the whole room in the chef level, hilarious, i just fell into the void

Great game, i found a bug where you can move diagonally spending 2 moves and the enemies only move once, except for that, clean experience

I LOVE the graphics , however I cant finish the first level because the box moves extremely slow, maybe it has something to do with the frames per second or probably the resolution (i play in 2560x1440, 2k screen), im still voting your game based on the videos, great work.

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Really good game, i had trouble keeping track of my cursor and knowing where i was aiming, but other than that, i really liked it.
(Edit: i just realised that down here it says i uploaded a project named "aaaaaaaaa", but actually my game is Superhero Movie)

Beautiful game and such a good experience, i wish controls were a little deeper/more complex, but still enjoyed it all.

As others said, the camera control is the main enemy, but nice visuals and gameplay.

To be honest, i dont even understand how to play, but i love the atmosphere.

Would appreciate a fullscreen option, as i have a 2560p screen and 1920p is just a floating window that covers around 66% of the screen, and that kinda ruins the immersion.

Awesome visuals and sound, but blurry armors make it look awful, you should set the filter off in every sprite and it would look perfect. Didn´t quite understand the gameplay but still managed to face the eternal samurai and he defeated me. Nice game.

Nice game, really cool setting and mechanics, seems like a ton of work even though it has a few bugs like fast roll and such.
Also, would you mind checking my game out if you have time?

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I love the visuals, but the rolling time of the dice seems too long, i would love to just go fast between worlds and enjoy it, nice game.

Also, would you mind checking my game out if you have time?

Good looking and feeling, i really liked the game.

I had the bug of the camera going too far, but still enjoyed the game, thanks.

Nice game, it would be much better with music or SFX, but still pretty funny.

Really funny, it scalated quickly from red blocks to giant thirsty monsters. Nice game.

The dice mechanic is so good, maybe some polish and it would be such a cool game.

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OMG, sooo good, i loved the atmosphere. I would love to see the boss fight in a later version, cool game and amazing vibes.

Also, would you mind checking my game out if you have time?

I really loved the art style, but i think the gameplay needs more feedback. Cool game though.