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HTML5 games are great for removing the download-unzip-run barrier but it's a challenge to save game state/user ID as they run in an iframe pointing to a different domain than Safari already blocks third party cookies and website data, and Chrome has plans to do the same. If HTML5 games are to be more than 5-minute prototypes/demos, I think some way of saving state is essential.

I can think of 2 ways:

  • Serve the iframe from an subdomain - this should allow cookies with a user ID or putting game state in local storage, though I'm not sure about the security consequences, e.g. games accessing session cookies.
  • Attach a signed auth token as a query parameter to the iframe URL so the game can identify the user anonymously and can save to its own backend.

Are there any other ways?

There's also methane, ammonia and sodium chloride-based "conditions for life" but unfortunately I never got to actually doing life simulation.

Causality was even featured on recently but still it seems underrated/underappreciated and it's hard to see why. I found the game mechanic very interesting and I especially love the subtle audio design.

Based on some very interesting ideas with great minimalist visuals and amazing audio! Much respect to the makers for their creativity.

Looks very interesting, love the visuals and audio. But I hope there will be a better mechanism to perform actions than choosing from a menu, for example keyboard shortcuts. Looking forward to the full game!

I was working on a game page for some time and to test it from different browsers I set the visibility to Restricted with a password. It turns out this means the project is published even though it's not publicly visible, so by the time I set the project as Public, it appeared as though it had been published weeks ago.

Suggestion: Communicate this better or don't count Restricted as published.