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Really Enjoyed it! Very Interesting Idea.

Really Enjoyed it! Very Interesting Idea. Creepy Atmosphere!

Really Enjoyed it! Very Interesting Idea.

I was having problems running on older devices for this one. Not sure what it was exactly, probably the shader script for the goal (Although, I haven't checked it out yet.) Sorry you couldn't run it.

This is really well done. I found the story very compelling.

Good Rage Game

Me and my wife played. Had a good time dragging her around haha

Very Fun game. Lots of potential for expansion. I wish the guy could push blocks a bit faster though.

Looks awesome! I had a bit of a hard time seeing the cursor sometimes though.

Fun to play and looks amazing!

Hi Jyanz, thank you for that :). I have a video on hitscan weapons but that's it, I'm open to suggestions on what to cover next though :). I saw your comment on youtube as well.

Apologies to anyone downloading the Linux build, the UI is not loading on the menu and thus unplayable to it's only available on Windows.

Really Cool atmosphere!

Good Game. An FPS in a game jam is always good to see. I found some of the hitboxes on the second level enemies to be a little buggy but otherwise everything was fun.

It's Good.

Simply Great.

Do you want a banana?!

Is there a way to tell if the Jewels are real or fake? Maybe I'm dumb lol. I had fun, even if my score was low and the game looks great. Good job.

Great Looking game. Loved the gameplay.

It's a winner for sure.

This is really cool. However I feel like the game could have just one player character with both abilities.

This got me tripping. Good job!

This was really good. Great take on the theme as well. You can spam jump continuously though so not as challenging as advertised >:)

Wow Multiplayer. Game was pretty fun. Good Job.

Good bit of fun, really good work with the theme.

Cool Idea!

This is pretty fun and interesting. I would caution over submitting a web build for a game that needs to capture mouse movement like an fps. Since web builds can't capture the mouse. It's not impossible to play and I was able to get through it but the experience is not great.

Controls were a bit to get used to but cute, fun game overall.

It only requires a bit of tuning. Depends on the person. But to be honest I'm still thinking about the puzzles. Which says a lot about a game made in a week. So don't be discouraged, I Think what you've achieved is really great.

You were seen!!! Great Game. On point with that theme. Very Fun.

Great use of the theme. Well done!

I was a little annoyed that it was in the phone ration since I was trying to play on my computer. I wasn't able to complete the puzzle with the clock but I had a lot of fun otherwise. Game looks great, had a really good feel to it. I was intrigued and spent a lot of time playing. Well done.

Hi, you have marked this as available for linux and mac but there is only a .exe in the zip.

They're everywhere.

this is an exe but it is marked for linux and mac os?

oooh I don't think you uploaded this one right. All I got was a result html file.

Not sure if there was sound. None came through for me (manjaro linux). Overall pretty cool idea, I found my self flying around the room trying to figure out what had change, often failing lol.

It fits the theme well. I really like the art work. But I found the combat to be a bit tedious. Especially after I had failed the first few time haha.

Hey there, this asset is CC0 so you not have to give credit. Thanks for using it 😊.