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Caveware Digital

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Oh that's weird. Could you perhaps email a screenshot or two to so we can have a closer look? Thank you.

Haha how did you do this? Thank you though!

Hi! This should be fixed now, please let us know if it isn't!

My god, a lot of the videos reminded me of Marble Hornets? Overall this was incredible, a great piece of work.

Brilliant concept and execution! I seriously had no clue that I had to interact until my second playthrough but enjoyed it both times. Very good stuff.

It's here now!

Hi all!

We're quickly approaching Scream Season! Now is a great time to introduce yourself, tell us what you think you'll make and what your interests are!

If you would like to join our Discord community, here is the link: (Note: Just like itself, our Discord channel is 13+)

Also funkeh of Caveware Digital will be making a game. So two games from the creators.

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