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"positive and inclusive experience for everybody"

A topic by Brandon JS Lea created Mar 11, 2020 Views: 358 Replies: 6
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In the rules it states the jam should be a "positive and inclusive experience for everybody". Doesn't this kind of fly in the face of what horrors about? Frankly, I'm sure there are plenty of horror experiences people would much rather be excluded from. And really, anything remotely scary is going to be unpositive and noninclusive. 

Following this:

"we reserve the right to request modification or removal of really nasty stuff :) "

Again, what? Is this saying we're not allowed to make our horror games too scary encase someone gets uncomfortable or scared? Isn't that the point of a horror game? 

Does this mean that people can work hard on a game, only to get it removed from the jam because it's too effective? Surely removing someones work like that is the exact opposite of "an inclusive experience for everybody". 

This jam seems cool thematically, but how is anyone meant to work hard on something with the fear that'll be deemed not appropriate? 


It's 2020 and these statements are kind of necessary everywhere. In my experience with the scream jams, I haven't seen the hosts remove anything other than spam submissions. No game has been too scary or dark (and there has been some REALLY dark stuff).

Your characters are allowed to be bigots and racist and sexist and violent and terrifying and inhumane etc. Your game's existence should not be. I think what the hosts (for the Scream jams) are saying is your game should not be morally reprehensible nor encourage and idealize such behavior.

For the record I'm not a host, just a scream jammer with my own interpretations.


I get your point, but in what way are these things really necessary? I guess in the sense there's a social obligation behind it, but such a rule here just feels forced an inappropriate. Out of place at best and a burden at worst. 

I just don't think such a statement should be there out of obligation even when it makes no sense. If somethings being included purely out of such obligations, all I can think is grow a little back bone. 

At the least, these rules could do with being more precise on whats allowed. "and there has been some REALLY dark stuff", do you have any examples of what kinds of things you mean? ( I don't need you to find links or anything, I'm just curious what kind of content this includes).


These statements are necessary because there are some people that are 'too nasty' and there are some dark corners (not 'horror' corners) of itch. Lots of other jams are very strict about the content allowed, these are not. And I know you said no links but I got some. It's all about the content warning.

Cockneck from Screamworld came to mind immediately. This one you really should just play. Affection And ScreamCity was like, nothing but darkness

And as the hosts said, I suggest you join the discord to chat. We're super nice.


Frankly, because there is way, way, way too much homophobic and transphobic horror in the world already, itch is a place with a lot of LGBTQ+ makers and players, and there is literally no reason to put up with creators who are clearly using their platform to make other people feel unwelcome for existing. (The same goes for racism and people it targets, xenophobia, etc.)


These statements have been in each game jam's description since SCREAM CITY and we've seen no content deleted for being too "nasty". It's a vague term because it's hard to cover everything in a rule. If you approach a topic with tact and CW you shouldn't run into any issues unless you decide to make a Nazi game or a game that glorifies sexual assault. The best way to avoid your game being removed is to talk about your game concept in the community (Discord especially) and get opinions.

Stating that the jam itself should be a "positive and inclusive experience for everybody" is absolutely necessary to set the tone for conduct in the community, whether on Discord or here. As hankworx noted, the statement pertains to the jam but not necessarily to games made with it. For example, many games contain jumpscares, and the experience of being jumpscared may not be a positive one for everyone. But one should CW their submissions accordingly so others can exclude themselves as they see fit.

 All in all, please don't worry about being restricted in what you can make. The only issues are if you don't CW (we would ask you to CW with appropriate terms, not remove) or when you tackle sensitive topics in an insensitive way (talk to people in the Discord about our game if you're worried about that). We don't want to remove anyone's game, these are just important contingencies to have in place.

Jam Host

Thanks for your question, interesting discussion.

This phrasing is about signalling the kind of environment and culture we want to promote with the jam. Submissions do not really ever get taken down and we reach out and talk to creators if we feel the themes of their game are likely to cross a line that would be drawn with moderating in any community. We love gory and shocking horror games, and we want to make sure as many people can join in as possible.