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no problem <3

Thank you for the kind words 🥰

AAA can't wait, downloaded now

thanks Hirou! *you* are really cool <3

thank you so so much <3 it's just a silly thing

maximum2 yabai~~~

maximum2 yabai~~~

bought it. thank you, from Greece!

it's a great game <3

I'm in awe  Paul!  Lovely visuals, and you !!!! made a whole physics engine. I think this is seriously pushing the limits. And so many smart design decisions, like the timer! Thank you!!!

Btw I'd love to see a tutorial for old-school physics engines like this. Arkanoid clones have started using box2D or whatever Unity has, and it's a big step back. These collissions are predictable enough to be enjoyable.

Anyway, I wrote too much. Love love love this entry, and thank you for hosting <3333

thank you for the kind words! Yes, it's true. Because so little space exists for code, Zep made horsey appear in the highest room *and all rooms above it* :) If you explore outside the walls, there's lots of horseys!

너무 감사합니다~! :D

감사합니다! 일주일 만에 만들면 재밌지 않아요...

haha I'm sorry! Also sorry that it didn't do anything much

Oh wow. Thank you so much Vincent! And thank you for your support as well <3

Thank you so much Hugo <3 I enjoy a lot of things, like all people ^-^' I'm just not as skilled at things other than illustration and pixelart :D

oh hell yeah! Desmond thanks so much for reviewing my broken-ass game <3 I made it in 2019 during a 3-day game jam, so it's all sorts of buggy. But I'm so incredibly lucky that people like it enough to give me feedback on it. You're absolutely right, the waaah is broken, it was pretty much tailored to my microphone and that alone. Lots of people said the same. On my system the bar filled up really fast. 
"Pon" on the other hand is super responsive because it fires the *millisecond* the game detects a noise louder than the background noise. (You can even play it by clapping, and some people have). 

The missing target, inability to shoot, etc, are all legit bugs that I didn't have time to solve in the 3 days it took to make this silly thing.
Lastly, yeah, I will make it a proper game at some point. When I have enough cash to just not worry about rent, and sit my ass down and do it. I have a pretty big design document, where you get some surprising moments. Like a special weapon that fires like a gattling gun the more you shout waaa into the mic, and a mode where saying waah charges your gun and silence releases a big laser. Or a segment where saying pon switches your car-spaceship between two positions, so you can avoid incoming traffic. 

The general principle I'm basing the game on is one-button games. Like, if something can be done by pressing, or holding, or releasing one button, it can be done using those voice commands. And by the way, they aren't voice commands at all, the game just checks for noise over a threshold. 

That's why you can't reload before your bullets run out. The game doesn't know if you're saying pon or waah, because speech recognition takes a super long time to kick-in. The easiest and most immediate way to handle it was silence = 0 and noise = 1.

I appreciate so much that you took the time to play and review it. I promise your comments are heard and already incorporated in my game design doc.

Thanks so so much, 

yes, it was made in 3 days

aww thank you <3

you're amazing, thank you!!!! If you ever want a collab, I'm kinda good with 1-bit graphics. So long as they're larger than 8x8 ^-^'

thanks for the kind words! I really, really loved  OTTFHS!! So so pretty and mysterious.

Hm I suspected that would be the case! Sounds easy enough! I need to make a throwaway sprite and give it a list of variables, and touch it with my avatar whenever I want a random number, correct?

The only other thing I would like in bitsy is the ability to have a larger avatar. Even 16x16 would be an improvement. Have you, without hacks, found a way to make it true? Like, sprites following the avatar or something.

Thank you for the explanation <3

Amazing! Thank you so much! Is there any place where a random number could be created and used as a variable?

You're very welcome. Hmm turn-based RPGs are always hard. I used to follow this person's tutorials, which were very good: and now they've been released as a book. I suppose it's worth a shot?

Thank you so so much! <3 I determined 10 years ago that I would not make cis white male able-bodied characters, not because I don't enjoy playing them occasionally, but because there's a huge supply. So I try to mix things up. Ironically I haven't made a white trans lesbian character yet, despite me being a white trans lesbian, but eh :)

Thanks Yaw! <3

Sure thing! What do you want to know? Some things I take for granted, because I came from Clickteam's programs (Klik and Play, Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion), so their forum is a cool place to learn techniques too.

Also Redfoc teaches some good stuff on youtube.

and I've written some articles on my patreon, including a post mortem for this game

Don't hesitate to ask me on twitter too, @castpixel

Incredible work, you're using the palette in a masterful way. Also tilesets are incredible, and gameplay variety is excellent!!!!

this is absolutely beautiful <3 the ed wood soundbite was a nice touch

I remember this since the first day of dev!! <3 Thank you for adding a gender option! Here's a correction: the barber says to the queen that she's a fashionable King.

Mine too, Vladimir <3

hypnotic! Nice work madve2!