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you're amazing, thank you!!!! If you ever want a collab, I'm kinda good with 1-bit graphics. So long as they're larger than 8x8 ^-^'

thanks for the kind words! I really, really loved  OTTFHS!! So so pretty and mysterious.

Hm I suspected that would be the case! Sounds easy enough! I need to make a throwaway sprite and give it a list of variables, and touch it with my avatar whenever I want a random number, correct?

The only other thing I would like in bitsy is the ability to have a larger avatar. Even 16x16 would be an improvement. Have you, without hacks, found a way to make it true? Like, sprites following the avatar or something.

Thank you for the explanation <3

Amazing! Thank you so much! Is there any place where a random number could be created and used as a variable?

You're very welcome. Hmm turn-based RPGs are always hard. I used to follow this person's tutorials, which were very good: and now they've been released as a book. I suppose it's worth a shot?

Thank you so so much! <3 I determined 10 years ago that I would not make cis white male able-bodied characters, not because I don't enjoy playing them occasionally, but because there's a huge supply. So I try to mix things up. Ironically I haven't made a white trans lesbian character yet, despite me being a white trans lesbian, but eh :)

Thanks Yaw! <3

Sure thing! What do you want to know? Some things I take for granted, because I came from Clickteam's programs (Klik and Play, Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion), so their forum is a cool place to learn techniques too.

Also Redfoc teaches some good stuff on youtube.

and I've written some articles on my patreon, including a post mortem for this game

Don't hesitate to ask me on twitter too, @castpixel

Incredible work, you're using the palette in a masterful way. Also tilesets are incredible, and gameplay variety is excellent!!!!

this is absolutely beautiful <3 the ed wood soundbite was a nice touch

I remember this since the first day of dev!! <3 Thank you for adding a gender option! Here's a correction: the barber says to the queen that she's a fashionable King.

Mine too, Vladimir <3

hypnotic! Nice work madve2!