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thanks for the kind words! I really, really loved  OTTFHS!! So so pretty and mysterious.

Hm I suspected that would be the case! Sounds easy enough! I need to make a throwaway sprite and give it a list of variables, and touch it with my avatar whenever I want a random number, correct?

The only other thing I would like in bitsy is the ability to have a larger avatar. Even 16x16 would be an improvement. Have you, without hacks, found a way to make it true? Like, sprites following the avatar or something.

Thank you for the explanation <3

You could make a sprite that saves a random number to a variable. Or more likely, you could include that same dialog that generates the number in the middle of whatever dialog where it's required.

As far as 16x16 sprites would go, it's not possible for the player avatar to be more than a single 8x8 sprite without hacks. (There is a hack for that.) Some people have created vanilla Bitsy games that create an illusion of a larger avatar using exits, but that has limits. You can of course have a game with an 8x8 avatar but with larger, multisprite characters that they interact with.


you're amazing, thank you!!!! If you ever want a collab, I'm kinda good with 1-bit graphics. So long as they're larger than 8x8 ^-^'