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Thanks so much, TyeDye! I didn’t realize when I made this tool how helpful it would be to so many people. I love seeing about all the games folx have made using it.

was hoping to see if this would run on my pocketChip, but it’s not in the bbs/splore. Is there a url I could dl the cartridge from?

(Btw, you mobile UI has issues, the discord link is triggering underneath the control overlay)

Thanks! Glad people are still playing this one: it's still my biggest Bitsy.

Yes, sorry. You weren't doing anything wrong. Borksy was out of date with Bitsy. It should be working now, but if you need more immediate help in the future, I recommend joining the Bitsy discord and asking for help there.

Password required?

Oh hey. Music is added using the Bitsymuse hack. Check out my hacking tool Borksy, and maybe join the Bitsy Discord if you need help w it!

suggestion: if you're already generating this with a script, why not generate animation frames for tiles instead of new rooms? Then a room could just be a looping animation!


‘Dr. Butt, D.D.S’ is the dream name, really.

This is so polished!!! (I think I got to a 6th day where I could not harvest anything so I could not go to bed? Unless I missed what to do on the 6th day.)


Whoa that's even trickier! It looks totally seamless, I didn't even think of that possibility.

Really nice trick toggling the multi-sprite avatar hack to switch up the gameplay! I still need to make a game that does that.

this is a good game

I really like how this game works. Very well done 'interface.'

this is very impressive stuff!

dang this raises some bars here

Fyi, for some reason the mobile touch controls seem to be broken for me? I’ll have to try this on my laptop later.

Nice: Spooky af!

It's actually not hacks. Vanilla Bitsy allows for this, but you have to manually edit the game-data. There's a Bitsy FAQ that some folx put together that covers it.

yeah, there is a lot of running back and forth along those mazes. Live and learn.

🤗 thanks! And thanks for coming back and beating it!

You could make a sprite that saves a random number to a variable. Or more likely, you could include that same dialog that generates the number in the middle of whatever dialog where it's required.

As far as 16x16 sprites would go, it's not possible for the player avatar to be more than a single 8x8 sprite without hacks. (There is a hack for that.) Some people have created vanilla Bitsy games that create an illusion of a larger avatar using exits, but that has limits. You can of course have a game with an 8x8 avatar but with larger, multisprite characters that they interact with.

(oh hey, love your art!)

Without hacks, you’ll need to use the ‘shuffle’ list function. Not elegant, but it works. You’ll have to write a `{variable = X}` for each possible value, and repeat that whole list wherever you you need another similar random number. If that gets unwieldy, you’re probably better off using the ‘arbitrary JavaScript’ hack and writing your own RNG function. Definitely an easy script to find/write if you go that route.

I really love how you handled the dialog portraits. Super charming!

god i love this castle tileset even more this time.


Thanks! I'm hoping to turn the screen shake into a hack I can share.

so many hacks

Thanks for the kind words and the feature!

I think the best practice for accomplishing this without hacks is two steps:

  1. Hidden item before exit that performs the logic to see which ending text the player should be shown. This item stores the ending text to a variable.
  2. Ending displays appropriate ending text using 'say'

I wrote a tutorial which covers this and variables in general:


Hey,  just in case anyone is poking around this thread in the future for answers about variables,  wrote a tutorial covering all this:

Hey, sorry to bump an old thread, just posting here to help anyone who goes looking for help in the future.

The correct syntax would be:

{say g}

I believe when you are adding curly brackets around the variable name, you're just unnecessarily adding a nested code block for Bitsy to process. Probably doesn't hurt anything, but will save you time writing less characters.

I wrote up a tutorial about Bitsy Variables that should cover most basics like this:

Yeah, manually placing each dirt item did get a little tedious. I did use a few hacks, although the bulk of what's being done is just Bitsy. I used the directional avatar, end from dialog, and dynamic background hacks.

Wow, thanks!

I really, really like this. Cool concept, really nice work with the multiple-frame animation and tileset.

I can't hammer down exactly when this bug started in my project, but it looking back through different versions, it looks like some time after I deleted the initial room the editor starts you with, I no longer am able to add exits properly.

I can add one more exit, but any further exits I try to add the editor instead acts as if I have selected my most recent exit, regardless of what tile/room I clicked.

Also the 'place new exit' / 'click space in room to add exit' seems to stop toggling properly.

There was an exit in that initial room at one point. Is data from that exit not being cleanly deleted?