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Awesome! Thanks for playing and sharing your adventure.

In the past there have been issues with using a Bitsy 3D template with Borksy: Bitsy 3D is significantly bigger in size than Bitsy. A better workflow for Bitsy 3D is Bitsy Saviour

the sort of itch review every designer dreams of…

I'm not sure. AFAIK, there might not be any benefit to using the two together: I think Bitsy Savior can do most things Borksy can, although setting it up may be a little more involved.

Not really. (It might be technically possible but would not be a good/easy experience.) You would want to use Bitsy Savior instead.


- check the couch multiple times until you find a paperclip

- talk to your cat then get her lettuce from the fridge, she will give you string

- put on your prescription sunglasses

- check under the bed, you can use the paperclip and the string to fish your glasses

I believe that at this moment, there are issues with the dialogue-choices hack because of conflicts with the bitsy editor itself. It can still be used, but it takes more effort than most other hacks. Unfortunately, I’m not really able to give detailed assistance with hacks in these comments. I recommend asking in the Bitsy discord: it’s generally active with people who can help.

I don’t think a tutorial for the Gravity hack exists yet. If you join the Bitsy Discord, there are probably some folks in the #bitsy-tools-and-help channel who have used it and can give advice.

I hadn't really considered Borksy being used in collaborative environments or workshops. I totally agree that being able to cleanly/easily extend the editor itself would be an ideal solution in the future. But Borksy will probably remain the primary entry point for hacking Bitsy for some time, so I will take this feedback into consideration.

> it's never really easy to share games created with that method.

I realize this isn't the point of this comment, but can you elaborate on that? Share as in send to others as code examples?

I think this is a good step. Extensions are a feature that I would really look forward to, I know I've expressed this in the past. I also know Sean has does some work creating test coverage for the current version of the scripting language, and I wonder if that may be necessary to keep it in working order as it grows. Might be worth checking with him to see if that could be easily integrated into your existing workflow.

The footsteps are made using items that the avatar collects, revealing the footsteps underneath. Taking advantage of Bitsy's default non-transparency.

me too.

I created this game for this jam, but I somehow I got really confused and thought the deadline was when the jam started? So this was published before the jam started.

extremely endearing

As always, this is great! FYI: I don't think the music works on mobile. If you're using Bitsymuse, there is a way to fix that if you're interested.

The Text-To-Speech hack is very similar to this, but uses browser-built-in TTS software. As for specifically SAM, a hack would have to be written to attach it to the Bitsy dialogue system, but it’s theoretically possible. Creating hacks requires knowledge of JavaScript, but if you want more guidance on how to start looking into that, I suggest you join the Bitsy discord.

Borksy makes all items/sprites transparent by default. You can change this in the hack options. If editing the hack options is unfamiliar to you, or you need more help creating the exact solution you need, someone in the Bitsy discord help channel can probably walk you through it.

Thanks! Hopefully I will be able to make more cute games like this soon!

yes, it's part of the game. 

Sorry you're having this issue; I'm yet not sure how I can solve it on my end. I'm going to keep looking into it. I did google and find a few things you can try, hopefully one of those will work for you!

This is exceptionally well polished!

This is really clever!

🤗I'm always glad to find out how many people have been helped by this tool!

Whoa, spooky. Is the audio procedural?

Thanks so much, TyeDye! I didn’t realize when I made this tool how helpful it would be to so many people. I love seeing about all the games folx have made using it.

was hoping to see if this would run on my pocketChip, but it’s not in the bbs/splore. Is there a url I could dl the cartridge from?

(Btw, you mobile UI has issues, the discord link is triggering underneath the control overlay)

Thanks! Glad people are still playing this one: it's still my biggest Bitsy.

Yes, sorry. You weren't doing anything wrong. Borksy was out of date with Bitsy. It should be working now, but if you need more immediate help in the future, I recommend joining the Bitsy discord and asking for help there.

Password required?

Oh hey. Music is added using the Bitsymuse hack. Check out my hacking tool Borksy, and maybe join the Bitsy Discord if you need help w it!

suggestion: if you're already generating this with a script, why not generate animation frames for tiles instead of new rooms? Then a room could just be a looping animation!

Just got to play this. Slick use of text effects! So many demons, too! 💯👌


‘Dr. Butt, D.D.S’ is the dream name, really.

This is so polished!!! (I think I got to a 6th day where I could not harvest anything so I could not go to bed? Unless I missed what to do on the 6th day.)


Whoa that's even trickier! It looks totally seamless, I didn't even think of that possibility.

Really nice trick toggling the multi-sprite avatar hack to switch up the gameplay! I still need to make a game that does that.