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oh hell yeah! Desmond thanks so much for reviewing my broken-ass game <3 I made it in 2019 during a 3-day game jam, so it's all sorts of buggy. But I'm so incredibly lucky that people like it enough to give me feedback on it. You're absolutely right, the waaah is broken, it was pretty much tailored to my microphone and that alone. Lots of people said the same. On my system the bar filled up really fast. 
"Pon" on the other hand is super responsive because it fires the *millisecond* the game detects a noise louder than the background noise. (You can even play it by clapping, and some people have). 

The missing target, inability to shoot, etc, are all legit bugs that I didn't have time to solve in the 3 days it took to make this silly thing.
Lastly, yeah, I will make it a proper game at some point. When I have enough cash to just not worry about rent, and sit my ass down and do it. I have a pretty big design document, where you get some surprising moments. Like a special weapon that fires like a gattling gun the more you shout waaa into the mic, and a mode where saying waah charges your gun and silence releases a big laser. Or a segment where saying pon switches your car-spaceship between two positions, so you can avoid incoming traffic. 

The general principle I'm basing the game on is one-button games. Like, if something can be done by pressing, or holding, or releasing one button, it can be done using those voice commands. And by the way, they aren't voice commands at all, the game just checks for noise over a threshold. 

That's why you can't reload before your bullets run out. The game doesn't know if you're saying pon or waah, because speech recognition takes a super long time to kick-in. The easiest and most immediate way to handle it was silence = 0 and noise = 1.

I appreciate so much that you took the time to play and review it. I promise your comments are heard and already incorporated in my game design doc.

Thanks so so much,