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Haha yea, I just barely got it functional before the jam ended.  Thanks for the feedback!

Interesting game, reminds me of another trading game that I saw a long time ago.  The idea that you have to ration buying passage alongside needing to go to other places to buy items is an interesting challenge.  I also like the way that no two islands are the exact same.  Having a world map that you need to memorize is an interesting concept.

There are a few places that I think could use improvement: 

  • no in game tutorial meant that I had to look at other comments to figure out how to play
  • The collision on the boat is somewhat iffy and I got caught on many of the islands
  • not being able to find out what is illegal on certain islands is troublesome and leads to semi random feeling cargo loss.

Overall a unique concept I have never seen a trading game on a game jam before.  

Interesting take on the theme of passage, I really enjoyed the clever use of the damage and invincibility mechanics.  Damage boosting as a concept isn't really explored outside of speedrunning to the best of my knowledge but the idea of making a puzzle game out of it was quite smart.  Also neat idea to take the idea of passage as the passage from birth through life.

One piece of critique I have is that the music loop is quite repetitive, a longer loop would have been nice.  

The game has an interesting take on the theme considering you said you weren't inspired by it.  I never thought to think of passage as the passage from life to the beyond.  The gameplay is simple but works well enough.  Plays very much like a zen game to just unwind doing simple tasks.

There are a few improvements that could be added:

  • Feedback based on the number of correct (or incorrectly) placed souls could add to the lastability of the game.
  • An in game explanation of how to play would have been nice

Overall a neat interpretation of the theme.  Hope you find success with the Unreal Engine in the future!

First off I wanna start off by saying that this was a much deeper game than I thought when I originally pressed play.  I originally thought that the flying guy that follows the mouse was an npc because it kept falling into spikes and resetting the level.  Once I figured out that the full use of the keyboard  and mouse was required it really was an interesting control scheme to figure out.  I particularly liked how this game seems like it can be played co-op but is still able to be completed in single player.

Second main point I want to touch on is the music.  I saw the a comment on the music before going into the game but was not expecting there to be such a variety of different tracks!  I couldn't even find the time to add sound to my game so it was quite the surprise when the music swapped and then did it again once I progressed further.  Speaking of which.

This game is so long for a game made just over a game jam.  I got to that part where you do that thing with the stuff outside the window (trying not to spoil too much) and thought it would be the end but then it kept on going.  The difficulty got pretty high as well.  Toward the end of the game the platforming was just about as precise as I can take but I managed to pull through.  Props to having a complete conclusion to your game as well.

I have a few things that could have been improved on: 

  • Having a tutorial that is easily accessible at any point in game would have been nice.  I didn't fully grasp the controls until I had died a good 10ish times to my flying guy faceplanting into the spikes before I bothered to move the mouse.
  • I had no idea that you could make a save state until completing the game and looking at your page, I went directly from the game jam page to your submission.

Overall great job!  This was a surprisingly well done game that had depth that I was definitely not expecting on first glance.

Neat game, I enjoyed the idea of combining different items to create different recipes.  I kinda ended up forgetting what specific recipes were during the learning process and had to guess a lot on the fly to figure it out.  Overall a very unique take on the theme.

Sweet game and polished to a mirror shine.  Loved the snappy controls and was especially nice seeing a tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know right off the bat.  Great job all around!