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Interesting concept, I good overall platforming design but also a lot of backtracking in some circumstances.

Thanks so much!  I spent like 3 whole days just working on the ding dang animation system.  I'm really glad you took notice of it!

Cool game!  Took a bit to get the hang of it but after a few tries I got up to 6 packages!  Really well done intro too.  I haven't seen a jam game with full voice acting for both the intro and gameplay before.

Neat game!  I liked the idea of enemies both being a danger while also being a resource.  Makes you have to go back and forth between running away from enemies and going towards them.  I didn't know what to do once the portal opened up and I got to the place with all the gems.

Really tough game!  It really feels eerie with that unmelodic instrument going off in the background.  Well done!  The sfx were a bit too loud on my ears though haha.  It was a good jumpscare at first but after that it was just so much noise with all the bats coming after me.

This game had a wonderful retro aesthetic!  I really enjoyed how your minigames tied to a larger game loop.  I was always hesitant to roll a die for fear that I would be sent somewhere where I would loose sanity.  In my playthrough I ended up not using any of the optional dice but I also may have gotten lucky.

The sheer amount of minigames you were able to pack into this is impressive!  Well done adding so much variety.  It felt like playing a more sinister Mario party.  

I did have some issue with the menus in that the help tab should be toggleable rather than on a timer, sometimes I was midway through reading something and the menu would disappear on me and also it would have been nice to have access to the help menu when at a crossroads cause that's when I wanted to know what I was gonna land on the most haha.

Nice game!  I like the idea of having boons tied with downsides.  Makes builds feel more varied.  I also like how the game ramps up slowly so you get a chance to play for a while even if you roll some nasty curses to begin with.

Neat game!  I like the boon with curse levelup system!  Makes for diverse builds that have to be made on the fly.

This is a super cute little game!  I love the pixel art and all the characters.  Fun how each curse is unique to the items too!

What a cute and fun game!

Oh wow thanks for playing my game so thoroughly!  Yeah the ghostball was my way of trying to make the game more accessible.  Without it, fulfilling all of the conditions can be a hassle.

Thanks!  Yeah I really wanted it to be a balancing act where you were rewarded for being slightly greedy and try to push the limits of balancing money and curses.  Glad you explored the mechanics!

Thanks for playing!

Neat game!  I like the concept of having curses which you can then inflict on enemies, makes it so really nasty curses can be beneficial as well as harmful for an interesting tradeoff.  Also great job making a tutorial!  Lots of games in the jam would benefit from having those in the game (including mine) haha.

Thanks for the kind words!  Yeah I also really like peggle like games!  Very fun and straight to the point.

Thanks for playing!  Also yeah nothing feels better than having the ball hit something just right and get the exact combination of gold you wanted!

Really cool and tightly designed system!  At first I thought it was kinda redundant how there were 2 buttons that both punched but then I got a powerup and it all made sense.  Lovely retro artstyle that leaves me thinking of Punchout because of the boxing theme and art.  Well done!

Well done!  Honestly got more and more compelling as I went through.  Very cool design!

Great entry!  A genuine point and click mystery adventure game wow!  Good job with creating a complex story with very simple and easy to understand game mechanics.  I really appreciate how much art was done for this game as well, felt like the town really had a ton of places to explore.

Love the art style and music.  Also really like that this game lets you change the font size!  First game I've seen that does that, well done!  This game reminds me of flash games I would play when I was a kid, gives me point and click adventure vibes.

What a cute fun little game!  It reminds me of a bunch of flash games I played when I was younger.

Neat game!  I like the idea of having a unique gimmick for each level!  Only issue I had was a few of the traps I had to brute force my way through running into spikes and just respawning till I found their location by smashing my face into em haha.  

On the plus side this game has one of the most beautiful skyboxes I've seen!  Well done with the stars and graphics very cool aesthetic!

Neat game!  Cool idea with different gimmicks for each level!

Nice idea!  Definitely gives me flappy bird vibes.  I also like the idea for the ability to become slimmer with the spacebar to fit through tight spaces but there also wasn't a limit on that so I just held it forever haha.  Would have appreciated an infinite shoot option as my finger started getting tired from constantly clicking.  

Also good job with the procedural generation on the cave systems!  Its always cool to have games that are different when you open them up again.

Neat little infinite scroller!  I like the gimmick with the menu causing the cursor to fall haha.  I thought I accidentally scrolled down at first.

Oh yeah no worries this game really could use a proper tutorial that isn't shoehorned into the description haha.  In the future I'm hoping to take a page out of yall's books and try for pictogram tutorials.  That was a super elegant design!

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Yeah I think there are probably advanced ways I could predict the line with math given that I know the exact location and velocity of the ball and wind doesn't exist but for the purposes of the Jam I just went with the ghost ball haha.  Mostly cause I didn't know how raytracing works (This is my first game in Godot outside of a quick tutorial)  Thanks for the advice on drawing a line with Line2D I'll definitely keep that in mind for future projects!

Thanks for playing and leaving a review!

ah yeah that's intentional, the way this game works the fire dynamically moves itself up when treasure is completely removed.  If you don't have treasure to destroy you can get more from the shop, but beware the treasure is cursed haha.  You win the game by buying your freedom from the shop for 100 money.

Also I'll try out raycasts in the future!  I'm rather new to Godot so I kinda just went with what I knew for the guide.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Really original and fun game!  I loved the curse mechanics and the fact that time could be sped up or slowed down so easily.  Also I liked the fact that each solider had a name with stats!  

Neat idea with really cute soldiers.  I like how they all had unique names and stats!

Amazing entry!  Appreciate the rebindable controls and opening cutscene.  Lots of polish on this entry overall, great graphics and I love the idea of cursed treasure that augments your gameplay in such a clear and impactful way.  The level felt so easy on the way down but the addition of those gold blocks and the boss make it so much more tense!  Also the procedural generation is so well done!  

Really nicely made procedural generation!  Seriously one of the more refined types of generation I've seen all Jam.  Well done!

Really cool and original idea!  I especially like the style you came up with, and I love the graphics.  Very simple to understand but harder than it looks to master.

Cool game!  I really like the themeing!

Great job!  I really like the narrative approach you took this game in.  One of the most complete stories I've seen this Jam.  Also cool to see a game with voice acting in it!

Wow that was a totally different experience than what I was expecting from a game jam game!  Great job with the atmosphere and level design.

Nice games!  You have quite the grab bag of variety here.  

Cool game!  You have a lot of variety here with a runner, a boss fight, and a typing game.  

Thanks for taking a look!  Yeah I'll have to try and get a tutorial in the game next time.  I actually wrote lots of bits of the tutorial after the jam ended haha.  This is my first time trying Godot out so I have a lot to add for my next entry.  Sound and Tutorials are definitely up there.  I might actually try and take a page out of your game.  The textless pictograms for tutorials were really nice and intuitive.

Thanks!  Yeah I thought it would be something easy I could complete within the timeframe of the Jam.  This was true but just barely haha.  Peggle has a few moving parts I hadn't anticipated that threw me for a loop.