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This is looking great

Any chance for a mac build?

I got a bit motion sick playing on the Vive.Love the concept but that needs to get fixed.

You've been hunted:

Hunted you:

Hunted your project:

Hunted your game:

Shame I can't see them in 3D, should upload it to Sketchfab.

Soon. Going to clean up and announce this jam soon! =)

Same, they've been busy. They said they'd be looking soon as a group.

VR JAM 2016 community · Created a new topic VRJAM16 Winners
  1. Doom Trump - Vufix iWear Headset
  2. Shift Shape - Nvidia Shield Portable
  3. Cosmic Wanderings - Unity Pro License + $100 in Asset Store Credit
Honorable Mentions
  • Killing with Love
  • Luxor Light Shifter
  • Ghost Hunters
  • There Are Monsters
  • Shadow Morph
I'm waiting to hear back from HTC regarding possible vive winners. Keep in mind, sponsored judge voting was included in the winning picks.
  1. Rated at the Showcase and by sponsored judges.
  2. Cats, lol. That's a beautiful accident.
  3. If you're on a vive or oculus build. It will be arcade style on two machines. If you're on cardboard or gear. Bring your headset.

Maybe Friday. Will email the group.

That works!


Maybe here?

VR JAM 2016 community · Created a new topic Theme Announce!

Theme is "SHAPESHIFT".

The theme for Ludum Dare 35 is Shapeshift. #LDJAM
— Ludum Dare (@ludumdare) April 16, 2016

Same theme as Ludum Dare = Shapeshift

VR JAM 2016 community · Created a new topic VRJAM16 FAQ
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Where can I get food that's not snacks?

  • There's lots of good food in the area, see Yelp.

What time are open hours?

  • Did you really not read the main page? Go look. lol

I need help or have questions. Where do I ask them?

  • Create topics in the community section, don't be shy. We'll be reviewing the board.

What's the theme?

  • Shapeshift, same as Ludum Dare.
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Unity Guides

Google Cardboard:

Samsung Gear VR:

Oculus Rift:

HTC Vive

Unreal Engine Guides

General Stuff

Samsung Gear VR


HTC Vive

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Hi all,

Use this thread to create a team. Here's a good format for a post:

  • Name
  • We're looking for: (optional)
  • What I'd like to do: 3D Modeling, Art, Sound, Coding, etc
  • Skype name


Rad, I think I got in! =)

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Who's going? I'll be there in the afternoon of the 12th to the 18th! I'd love to meet up with you all. BTW I'm a gamedev/artist.

You can tweet me if you're there! We're also hosting a happy hour on Thursday, rsvp here:

Wow, this is awesome! I saw on twitter some of the progression. I'm hoping to get this good this year. =)

Here's my January 1GAM:

An Augmented Reality Dice Game entitled "Potions 101" from the #GGJ16 this past weekend:



In a world built on three dimensional pixels, a hero must design and build a fantasy voxel world and protect it from an unknown evil that may determine the fate of an entire kingdom. Export your tale to Sketchfab using annotations to tell your story and by the power of Greyskull… you might be victorious!

If you're new to this: Voxels are 3-dimensional 'pixels'. You can think of voxel art as '3D pixel art'. There's a bunch of cool prizes, rad judges, and tutorials on how to learn to create voxels with all the popular tools!

More info here.

Travis, where would you recommend to to learn more about procedural generation? I'm interested in it.

Now do all the things in Virtual Reality (VR)

With the release of the new VR button, Sketchfab is now the easiest way to publish and view your game assets in Virtual Reality. Of course Google Cardboard relies on having a mobile device, so there's that to keep in mind. To help you get started, we've created a tutorial on how to create content specifically for VR on Sketchfab.

Get started today and upload your game content:

P.S. We're working on better Oculus support. Expect news on that in the coming months.




One day you'll get back into the swing of it.


haha a game a week is crazy to me. Even a month is hard.

Dem eye brows. heh

This looks great in 3d. Just curious why the wireframe on the textures?