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VRJAM16 FAQ Sticky

A topic by Michael Calvert created Apr 16, 2016 Views: 244 Replies: 13
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Host (Edited 3 times)

Where can I get food that's not snacks?

  • There's lots of good food in the area, see Yelp.

What time are open hours?

  • Did you really not read the main page? Go look. lol

I need help or have questions. Where do I ask them?

  • Create topics in the community section, don't be shy. We'll be reviewing the board.

What's the theme?

  • Shapeshift, same as Ludum Dare.

i am new here and no matter how much i searched around , i still cant understand what is the Theme of this jam !?


Same theme as Ludum Dare = Shapeshift

Is there a way for remote participants to global sign GearVR apps, so other people can try them, or do I have to stick to the DK2? :)

not that I know of. Maybe stick with Google Cardboard

Yeah, we've been using the DK2.


Maybe here? https://share.oculus.com/

I would have to submit it to the GearVR store for global sign, which is way out of scope for the jam. I just thought they might make an exception and make the signer public for a limited time like they did with their own mobile VR jam, but apparently not.



Perhaps you can use SideloadVR. http://www.sideloadvr.com/

I know one of the other entrants have submitted their apps to SideloadVR so that anyone can test it. I'll be trying the same.


That works!

Thanks for hosting! Any chance to get a crack with the Vive again sometime this week? Hard to make improvements and test without it - wouldn't mind making the game a little more intuitive and polished. Might have to wait until my own Vive gets here next month! Thanks again


Maybe Friday. Will email the group.

ok thanks