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Heeeeey! Cheers to that! And no worries for taking so long, I've been quite busy myself, heh.

Hey! I've been playing around a bit with this and your previous particle projects you've released. I just need to say how really dang interesting they are!

Of course, my first question is if it's possible to turn this into a full game? Again, the idea is really interesting and I like this a lot! Other than that, can you please implement a way to save levels? It would be nice to just turn the browser off and when you return the levels are there for you to be played or further edited.

Thanks, and cheers to the lovely particles!

This game here: I think it's kinda an underrated gem.

I really like your take on the theme, your mechanics, power-ups, and the sound design (the music's good and the sound effects gave me a little chuckle, in a good way I mean, heh).

Still, I'd love to see this game get some polish! A tutorial/Controls screen in-game would be appreciated, and having the enemies spawn furhter away in the beginning would make it easier to learn the game and get used to the controls and mechanics. Over time as the game progresses the enemies can spawn closer and closer.

Still, make no mistake, this game is great and I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for making it, and hope you keep it up.

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Hmm... Fair point! Thanks for bringing it up.

Also, calling it a cord is perfect! Lel, that's the word I've been looking for and way better than what I ended up calling it in the gamefiles: CableEnd.

Interesting game... I like the theme and your main mechanic, I found myself holding my finger up against the screen to find exactly where I'd jump, hehe.

You have a good game, but I would like to see some more meat on it's bones. More mechanics, more interesting timings, moving platforms for example? Or something even grander and/or weirder.

Still, for what it is, and how short a week really is. I still think you've made an overall good game and a good job! Hope you keep it up!

Really great game, I loved it a lot! The theme and it's mechanics were implemented beautifully with some strong level design, and I feel you made the most out of the time and mechanics you had!  Especially with color-switching between blocks you're currently in and blocks above you, or vice versa in level 5. Excellent made!

Aw, thanks a lot! Im sure Shar, who composed this game, will also appreciate what you said! Thank you again!

Nice idea for a game, could use some more time, polish and/or expansion, but for what it is, it's pretty good! Like a demo for something even greater!

Ah, I see. No worries about the less time and no worries for english being a second language! I think you're actually pretty good at it!

Really clever level design and mechanics! If possible I would like the camera a tad bit more zoomed out, there were multiple leaps of faith I had to take when playing, not knowing where I'd land.

I also think there were not enough spikes and I was sad to find the cake is a lie, other than that, great game!

Absolutely lovely game with great level design and aesthetic! Bravo!

Nice game! Really clever to have friendly fire for the enemies and I liked the dash abillity a lot, overall the player felt good to control and shoot! Nicely done!

Ah,  well this was funny! I love the different ways you took this game, with the varied levels and mechanics. Slide puzzles are the bane of my existence. Overall, nice game!  

Ahhh, this so genius in so many ways I don't know where to start.

The controls, genius, simple to understand, tricky to master. Mechanics, clear as day what they are. Level Design, pretty great! Graphics/Geometricness, beautiful. Absolutely astounding work, Cheers!

Took a little while but I eventually managed to beat it! Hehe! Very nice game, the player felt good to control and the level design was great as well!

Though as Jacob below stated, T is a bit inconveinent. Takes a while to get used to the controls. Otherwise, great game!

Fun little game! I'm not very good at speedrunning but I'm happy with my time in Level 6: 7.42 secs!

Heh, that ending made my day! The humor and story in general is really funny, and I liked the comic book style of telling it!

It would be really cool if the gameplay could be expanded upon! What if the "hack" button switches places sometimes? 

Or when you press the button to block a hack, and then switch to hack a social platform, the progress you've made on blocking the hack ticks down, so you have to switch back to block the hack again, but then the progress on your social platform hack starts ticking down instead!

I think there's a lot of potential here if you want to expand on this! Good game!

Hehe, I like myself a good lightswitch.

Lovely take on the theme, genius mechanic with the lights turning on/off when you jump, I have however found the light sometimes doesn't switch when you jump. Is that part of the challenge with the game or is it a problem on my end? I am using chrome so that could be the issue.

Either way, the game is great, I like it!

A simple idea yes, nothing wrong with that if it has some pretty dang good execution!

Good game, liked the controls and how the spaceship moves, lovely graphics, bravo!

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Pretty fun game! I think the animation for going through doors could be faster/cut in half, and the difficulty curve was a bit too nice/flat, but overall I had a good time and the artstyle was absolutely gorgeous, nicely made game!

Really well made, polished, and I love the concept!

I know it has been said before, but it is a bit hard. And I haven't gotten completely used to the physics of the game. But make no mistake, this game is great!

Finally played this! Hehe, life's been a bit busy,

I really like the concept, and being chained to an enemy that's out to kill you is really unique! I do wish this concept would've been explained a bit better on the itch page or in-game as I was a bit confused.

Besides that, I would only want to see this expanded upon and refined, again, I think the concept is very promising. Cheers!

Well said. 

Thank you for playing and taking the time to comment.

UPDATE: I found the issue! Will make sure to upload a patched version for the game once the jam is over with this fix, along with fixes to some other problems.

Thanks again for bringing up this bug!


Don't worry about the wait, it's good to see you here either way! Thanks for playing and glad you liked it!

Ah, so this how marriage is like. Good to know.

In all seriousness, this was solid. I like your take on the theme and the level design is really clever! Honestly, I don't see things that are wrong or need to be fixed with this game, just a solid base with a lot of potential for expansion.

Hey, thanks a lot for playing and for the review! All of the things said here have been noted down.

During development, I did purposefully make it hard for enemies to shoot themselves as I thought it would make the game too easy. However, I now see that was a bad descision and the game would be more strategic and improved overall with more friendly fire.

A life bar or some other hp indicator, yeah that's a "whoops" on me. It was planned, but I made some poor descisions that cut off time to make it.

Finally, I'll play around with the balance of projectile speed and player speed.

Once again, thank you very much for playing and the review. I'd love to upload a new version of the game once the jam is over if I can, cheers!

This is so incredibly lovely! And the fact you had time for such beautiful art and cutscenes is just, amazing!

Overall, fun game!

Ohhhh, interesting. Thanks for the tip!

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This was amazing, absolutely genius concept for a game and it looks great as well.

The gameplay itself I find a bit stale, but the dialouge and topics keeps me playing anyway, and it's a wonderful time! Fantastic work!

It starts off so well, making neat patterns, getting tons of points.

And then it goes so wrong as you get literally all the tiles you don't want! Ahhhhh I love it, this game is genius and beautiful!

(Finished with a score of 136)

Oh god this is beautiful.

For me, it took a little while to fully grasp the mechanics, my goal, etc. But this is otherwise a good time and I love the postcard look!

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Well well well, this is underrated.

Yes, the physics can be a bit weird at times. Like the 2-3 metal/screws in level "Magnet 3" that always goes up through the floor when I press the magnet button. Or the magnet going haywire when it goes through a wall or floor due to the chain.

But the concept? The level design? The models? The music? Now that, that's good. You all did a wonderful job and with some polish, I think this game could be absolutely lovely!

That's really weird... The spawnpoint for the bullets is in front of the player and you're the first to report this bug.

Thank you for bringing this up, it's weird alright and shouldn't be able to happen to begin with. But I'll look into it.

Wait what? Oh dear! That sounds like a really bad bug alright, could you please describe in more detail of how that happened, what did you do?

Fantastic game and great polish, even though it took me more than 240 seconds to beat it, heh.

Level 7, is a... Beast, to say the least hehehe.

This is in general a very well made and polished game with clever puzzles. But what I love about it is the eerie atmosphere. The way everything looks, the sounds, the wind, it all adds and makes that atmosphere feel alive, yet dead, and has me on edge.

I love it.

Ahhh this is genius, the pulling together is a bit weird and janky at times but the rope physics are otherwise great! But of course, I do wish you had time to make more levels

Not bad, the platforming aspect of the game was very well made and since you jump up a bit when jumping on enemies, you can combo that jump onto another enemy or platform, which just feels great to do!

Aw, the shibas are so cute!

Really good and clever puzzle game, I do wish for a button/key shortcut to make the shiba sit (unless you have to deal with multiple shibas later in the game, sorry, got stuck at level 9).

But overall, very well made!