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Hello, Would you like checking my game out?

Hi, I'm from Egypt too, Were you able to dodge the 30% tax?

Im from egypt

30% + fees

From 25$ to 14$ that's insane is there a way i can fix this?

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Soul Steal is beat em up game, each character has 5 abilities to use that has cooldown.


- 5 Abilities for each character.

- Solid gameplay mechanics.

- 1v1 or 2v2 or unbalanced.

- Achievements.


Planned features:

- A story which you play a evil character trying to steal souls of other people.

- Last man standing mode.

- More characters.


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Beat Poop  is unique fighting game play with 5 abilities each ability has it's unique option from stealing health to making  clones, and there are passive abilities that trigger by itself.

Game has arcade and play mode.

- Arcade choose to add ally to your team or add enemy, rewards depend if the enemy has more characters than ally, you can play unbalanced like, 5v3 or 5v5 or 1v2.

- Play mode choose a mission to get certain rewards, each mission has different enemies which you can defeat, Tip: if you can't defeat a mission try to change your character.

There are also quests that trigger when you finish a certain event that reward you with ruby.

This demo includes current 4 characters and quests.


WASD for Movement

Numpad: 12345 for attacking or clicking on numbers

Download :

Looking for your feedback please.

Would you like to work with this project If you agree we will change art and sell the game for some bucks.