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Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it, and thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate the feedback

I like the concept and the music is great! good job!

Thank you for checking it out!! Your game was great too!

Wow, loved the music and the graphics! Great job!

Wow that got hectic near the end! Great job!

I saw this one in the discord channel! I really like the idea and the combat mechanics. Great job!

Felt just like a gameboy game!

Great job! I managed to get 8 potions!

Password protected, I'll check back later to see if it's unlocked

This is a very solid experience, felt the goldeneye vibes as soon as the level loaded. Great job!

Cool style, and awesome music!

Had a lot of fun playing this game! Great idea, graphics and music. I thought the normal difficulty was a little too hard though! 

Thank you for trying it out!

Thank you so much for trying it out!

Disabling the controls was a genius idea... loved the animation, graphics and sound. Well done all around... I can't image the amount of planning that went into the level design and timing. It's sooo hard!

Awesome sound and a lot of fun!

Off The Record -- Hack 'n' Slash, Beat 'em Up! Knock 'em Off! Mayhem!

You are standing on a spinning vinyl record and enemies appear and start attacking you, knock them off before they knock you off!

  • Score points every time you knock an enemy off the record, rack up enough to increase your combo multiplier!
  • Time a triple attack for increased damage!
  • Hold down attack to power up your weapon!
  • Jump on enemy heads to knock them down for a chance to spawn a new weapon!

Awesome graphics, music and sooo smooth.