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Just curious, why winner-game files are dated by 2/25/2019? :)

Hm... Interesting, how does it happens?

It would be great to see at some moment that the hero is just lie, and a real hero is somewhere in other place on a screen. Good job! +1 for saving waypoints.

Here is my creation :)

Well done! Really like console games :) Here is my one, it`s a freelance simulator:

Done! Nice funny little quiz :)

Here is my one:

Here is my one. A bit of dark sarcasm :)

Let`s do it together!

Done! Here is my one:

Like the intence gameplay! Good job!

Done, and congrats! Your game inspires me to solve some of game design (controls) problem in one of my unfinished project - it`s about Elvis, who should dance to avoid zombies :) Never mind, here is my game for this jam:

Great job! All is good, except layout - have to scroll time to time, to see top edge or bottom rules. But it`s great for mobile, for example, so - its ok.

Here is my one:

Hey, such a serious job! great to see the game not only messing the controls, or presenting false walls :)

Ok, to my one:

I was extremely busy at start of jam, and when it left only four days of submission, I got an idea. I realized, that I can create something not so complex, so i stoped on a simple economy game. And I made my game completely solo in three days. Also, at saturday, I became sick, so it was really hard to finish. During creating my game, I met several challenges: to find a proper tool for creating music, and to deal with it. To write some fun texts, which is necessary for my game - I`m not a native speaker, so it was really difficult. And, turns out, to create, balance and test the economy, even very simple, it`s not so easy as I thought before. So, I learned some new things, and got some fun, and it`s great.

Nice, but too short... Any way - a good job!

Good one, THat`s a life - we all running to catch our red dots :)

Game economy is lying :) You just cant never win. Also, the game, as your gameplay customer, systematically lies to you.

Done! Here is my one:

Outstanding game, leaved a comment on a page. My one:

Amazing game, unique mechanic, extremely stylish visual and audio design! A bit too hard, as for me.

Here is my one:

Nice Idea! Like the visual stile, really cute guys! IMO, controls could be better - a bit too hard personally for me.

Nice tetris variation, well done!

It`s first for mee too :) Wasnt able to spend a lot of time, and made an economy game:

What about this one?

Nice one! yeah, levels are cool!

My economy game - freelance simulator:

Here is mine:

How much money you can get in this one?

Hope, you like it:

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My game is about hardworkers, believe, there are a lot of them taking part this jam!

I created freelancer simulator:

Great one! Sound and visuals are outstanding, creating amazing mood!

I am solo, and here is mine one: Missed most of jam time, have only 3 days, partially :(

Browser one. Hey, this game can teach you how to make money! A bit of dark sarcasm in your browser ;)

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Masterpiece! Great job with shader, simple, but nice idea, cutest ever enemies, music perfectly fits. While playing, I feel just like I`m sink in this game, and I want to live inside! Taking off my hat!