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Nice one! You need to develop it more!

Nice one! IMO, land mines hits way too hard, and birds are too weak. And if it's "God Quest", where is my quest, huh? )))

Thanks for you comment, glad you like the game!

Thanks! It's a challenge ;)

Nice one! A bit too fast for me - or maybe I'm just too old for that )

Glad you like it :)

Thanks! You definitely right about controls. Hope, I would be able to find some time later to improve this concept.


Great one! interesting and original gameplay, smooth implementation. Simple and cool!

Hi there!

Radar Blast was just released!

The main concept of the game is that you can see your enemies only when they are in your radar ray.

Few radar modes are available during the game.

There are a bunch of enemies, weapons and boosters in game.

Achievements and leaderboards are available for Android version.

The game is available on Android and Web platforms.

Just curious, why winner-game files are dated by 2/25/2019? :)

Hm... Interesting, how does it happens?

It would be great to see at some moment that the hero is just lie, and a real hero is somewhere in other place on a screen. Good job! +1 for saving waypoints.

Here is my creation :)

Well done! Really like console games :) Here is my one, it`s a freelance simulator:

Done! Nice funny little quiz :)

Here is my one:

Here is my one. A bit of dark sarcasm :)

Let`s do it together!

Done! Here is my one:

Like the intence gameplay! Good job!

Done, and congrats! Your game inspires me to solve some of game design (controls) problem in one of my unfinished project - it`s about Elvis, who should dance to avoid zombies :) Never mind, here is my game for this jam:

Great job! All is good, except layout - have to scroll time to time, to see top edge or bottom rules. But it`s great for mobile, for example, so - its ok.

Here is my one:

Hey, such a serious job! great to see the game not only messing the controls, or presenting false walls :)

Ok, to my one:

I was extremely busy at start of jam, and when it left only four days of submission, I got an idea. I realized, that I can create something not so complex, so i stoped on a simple economy game. And I made my game completely solo in three days. Also, at saturday, I became sick, so it was really hard to finish. During creating my game, I met several challenges: to find a proper tool for creating music, and to deal with it. To write some fun texts, which is necessary for my game - I`m not a native speaker, so it was really difficult. And, turns out, to create, balance and test the economy, even very simple, it`s not so easy as I thought before. So, I learned some new things, and got some fun, and it`s great.

Nice, but too short... Any way - a good job!

Good one, THat`s a life - we all running to catch our red dots :)

Game economy is lying :) You just cant never win. Also, the game, as your gameplay customer, systematically lies to you.

Done! Here is my one:

Outstanding game, leaved a comment on a page. My one:

Amazing game, unique mechanic, extremely stylish visual and audio design! A bit too hard, as for me.

Here is my one:

Nice Idea! Like the visual stile, really cute guys! IMO, controls could be better - a bit too hard personally for me.

Nice tetris variation, well done!

It`s first for mee too :) Wasnt able to spend a lot of time, and made an economy game:

What about this one?

Nice one! yeah, levels are cool!

My economy game - freelance simulator:

Here is mine: