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My favorite part of the game:

Thank you for you suggestions! I'll try to implement some kind of reward to the player if I make a post-Jam version

I loved the art style. The gameplay is simple, but very intuitive and it could be  more fun with more variation. I really wish you finished it so I could play more :)

I'm honestly impressed by the level design, especially because of the different possibilities on each maze. My only complaint would be that the start is kind of frustrating. There is a difficulty spike on the third maze and the mystery only starts to get interesting after you learn about the root.exe system. Right after I learned about the different timelines I felt compelled to see all of the possibilities, but before that I almost wanted to drop the game. Overall it is pretty good and impressive for a jam game.

Thank you! I'll change the start button when I make the new build

Thank you for the feedback! I agree that my game lacks some content. I plan on improving it in the future.