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Hi I just wanted you to know that I wanted to try this out but I got an error on the loading screen. "Failed to load img/system/Weapons1.png". Bugs often happen with RPG Maker.  Hope that can help.

Nice set, they look excellent in battle!

I've not played this but I really like your concept and mapping! :)

I played this recently, found it by chance here first then saw it on the RPG Maker forums. I really enjoyed it, the mechanics were all balanced very well as others have said and the story kept me curious and interested. I think Infinity character could be expanded upon further, but otherwise very well done. Good job and thanks for this! :)

Excellent pack! :)

Saw this used on RMN, a wonderful pack! :)

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Your sharing a lot of ideas with me where I feel some of those could work well, and you are explaining things clearer now where I felt in the presentation of the game they weren't as clear. If it was just the amount of time given I understand, I think it was a good time length for the game jam so I'd just keep taking those ideas and like you want to try and spend more time, the time you feel needed, to get them across better, but I have more to say about all this.

Developers know more than players do at all times but the idea, or trick, is to try and see it from the player's perspective to see if it's been presented in a way they can see that, I think that is something to just show more clearly. You can keep creating something with a mature theme included if you want to, but in my thinking and from my understanding I think it would be better to create something more light hearted (in the sense of without those themes for now, doesn't have to be a light-hearted project but I would recommend that too) without those themes for now, I think that may help you get more people interested in a game and get better feedback there and then later you'd be able to cover those themes better, but that's just my thinking it sounds right to me but you may want to challenge yourself and do more mature themes anyway.

My issue was, either the game is a bit too pessimistic in how it was handling the themes or it wasn't the objective to do that but it came across that way. If it was purposely pessimistic there are other ways to create feelings of shock or "wow, that's serious, ok." without it being "Oh, that's really uncomfortable I don't want to keep going with this game", if that makes sense? If the aim wasn't to present something pessimistic then the goal needs to be to realise how it looks to a player. 

To me it felt like well the person you mentioned a lot was being portrayed in  a bad light and that just didn't feel right to me at all. You wanted to create an alter version of the person I think, but it just it comes across as something not nice to that person and that isn't going to be received very well if that's the direction things goes which is why I'm giving this feedback now. Too many of the ideas came across as portraying them in a bad light unfairly, or it looked that way.

That was my biggest issue, but your right to say the themes you used can easily cause someone to feel uncomfortable, which is my second reason why I'm giving all this feedback I'm giving here. I hope that can make enough sense and help you with what you decide to do next, but good luck. I can also tell this may have come across as very sensitive but it's not been given to insult your project but to give feedback as in helpful advice or how to avoid issues. But anyway, good luck with what you do next. : )

Ok, thanks! : )

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Hi Studio Blues this is a really nice game jam you are hosting, I was wondering if someone that randomly came along and played through the games (like me) can vote in the community favourites?

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I really love the atmosphere in your game, it's really nice with elements of surprise, creepiness and mystery. I think I am understanding some of what your trying to do, leave me with this dreamy theme impression on what's going on, and I appreciate and like that. I think in some ways you did a good job on it, but it still seemed easy to feel a bit lost and confused, only because I feel we need to be told a little more about the situation or have our main character react a bit more to her thoughts on why she ends up in these different places, more of a reaction from her on her past where you brought it up too. You can keep us not knowing much, but we need to see something more from the main character and get told a bit more so we don't feel a little too lost or too confused if that make sense? This isn't too hard to fix though, I think just reveal a bit more, not everything, you don't have to reveal much either, but just reveal a bit more to what's going on is the answer. It was quite short but I enjoyed the dialogue, walking around, the mapping, and I wanted things to be a little clearer on what's going on outside of that. Overall I enjoyed your short game. I wish you the best of luck with what you choose to do next! : )

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I'm sorry for my late reply, I'm here actually just to play some games and try and help a little with some feedback, I'm not part of judging at all nor outside of that, sorry! But I hope the feedback helps and I wish you luck with what you do next! : )

That sounds very fun! That would make the end of your game as enjoyable, humorous and fun as the rest of it was. :) They both sound good ideas good luck choosing one. : )

Ah I see, I assumed we had to be careful with how to use MP but that makes some sense it's a bug. That sounds like it'll be fun to play so I'll happily playthrough a patch version. : ) I liked Priscilla being superhero of sorts, and I did enjoy your plot twist at the end. Best of luck with that and future games! : )

While I have not played it, it does look very pretty from the screenshots so congratulations! : )

It really was amazingly well done, very enjoyable very fun! : ) It's good. : ) Impressive just how much you were able to do in that time! I'll be happy to look out for it, best of luck to your update on this and future games!

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Hello, I think you are doing a good job at learning to use RPG Maker MZ and I'd encourage you to keep going and keep learning, some stuff in your game could work but uhh I felt in this current state it's overall actually quite messy and confusing. Some stuff was good and made some sense, and some stuff if developed upon could work.

I don't know much about Echo's game but I know enough to know you were saying something with it, and I had to look at the comments and other feedback you received to assume it's not positive. Some dialogue I read asking me if I know her as well to see that apparently it was negative what you were saying made me feel a bit sad. If you want to create an antihero duplicate why not create your own fictional one instead? Because mentioning Echo at all was weird. If that's the case that this was negative like the feedback I'm reading says and the way it look to me, my advice is not to do that I don't really understand enough to say anymore on that topic, but it sounds like that's something to get rid of or turn in a completely different direction.

Anyway, I can only really comment on the story and gameplay. It feels like it had potential and it's not necessarily wrong to cover a mature theme, but I don't like how it's handle here it feels a bit weirdly done to me. The mature theme would need to be covered in a way that we either aren't uncomfortable, or if we are mean to feel uncomfortable it need more maturity to the mature theme if that makes sense?

The ideas of characters in servers is fine, and you really can have as many characters as you want, but they need to be introduced properly with proper reasons, motives, goals to be in the story and they need to be able to interact with each other well. As readers and players we need enough time to at least understand the more important ones and we need to understand the playable characters and it's just too messy at the moment. You don't have to reveal too much all at once, I'm not meaning or saying that, but you do need to give them a bit more life and reveal something more about them, your choice what you choose.

I think you can improve upon this a lot and then you can create something really good, and I recommend you listen to feedback and advice everyone else has given you as that'll help you a lot too, so I wish you the best of luck forward. Remember that we want some sort of entertainment when it comes to the writing, characters need to surprise us or not but make us laugh or not but at least leave us curious to keep playing, something like that, and you've done it in some scenes but I think the story as a whole needs a lot more changing.

On the gameplay side of things, the skillsets, well it's good to give the player quite a few choices and different skills but they need a bit more balancing or a reason to use each one at different points of a battle / different battles. It's also a little bit messy as it is. Mapping is also everywhere, some maps like your pub area were good.

Some maps looked half good but not finished in terms of details and more borders, and then some maps like the forest area were a bit messy. It's good some of your maps are good and I think to me that shows me the messier maps you can truly make better already, but if really not some more learning and I believe you can do.

You left an impression on me, but mostly a confused one, and that really isn't in a good way overall. Still there were some enjoyable moments in your game, and I enjoyed some moments in it. So I hope this can help you. Good luck going forward! : )

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This was really surprising and fun, the artwork was really good. I enjoyed the ocean theme, you all told a good story with a good message at the end.  It was all really well done, good job everyone who worked on this. The balance seemed a bit everywhere, but the battles were fun. The animations were really good and the movement and stuff with the skills in combat was also really good. Some enemies were easy to defeat while the middle boss was quite challenge as the HP was going down fast, the last boss felt a challenge but much easier in comparison just higher HP. I think all that's due to the enemies and bosses have basic set skills, and then the enemy troops having much lower HP or otherwise defines. But the combat was still really fun. The story felt meaningful when you included the message at the end, and it was nice to have a treasure hunt under the ocean with a father and son relationship at the centre. I really enjoyed the sprite work and tileset. Overall an enjoying game. : )

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That was really fun, I really enjoyed your custom art. It felt like a super hero comic book and the twist on who the two characters were made me laugh. I enjoyed the 3 levels to the minigames. From game design perspective each level introduced a bit more to the mechanics and I thought that was a great way to introduce us to things. The chase scenes and action was very fun! : ) It was more on the easy side for me, but that's better then it being too hard. A short game, but done very well. I enjoyed your game. : )

Hey there I played through you game. I found it all very interesting, the writing was good and this sure was different, it felt very professional for the type of game you went for. I have to admit though I don't think that I was that good at it. The mapping was also all really nice. I like how you did a lot of the mechanics like recruiting people to go adventuring for you and the auctions. A lot of seemed fair and balanced to me, but I think I must've been doing some things right and some things wrong. Overall I enjoyed it, and I'm glad everything kept expanding every few days.

Hello I played through your game. I felt the storyline present and where you were taking it next was interesting, it kept my attention. I liked how there were a lot of big moments / dramatic moments. The motives of the characters and what they were doing made sense. Some of the mapping like the town and forest village / town maps were mostly good. And I liked how the battles felt balanced to me. I felt the skillsets could do with some work.

Having all those subcategories for the different elements on our main character felt a bit too much to me to want to scroll through. I'd recommend having a single tab for "Elements" if they're going to be that important and then put the elemental skills in that category. I'd also recommend spicing them up a lot more so they aren't just the same skill with weaknesses and strengths against different enemies. I saw some variation on that, but I'd improve upon it a lot more. What was good was that the balance of the normal fights and boss fights were really good.

There was a good length between them and some challenge because of that. The character had personality and felt like they were thinking with the story, that was all good but in different ways some of them didn't feel that realistic with there backgrounds and such. I like how you kept twisting the story, all those little twists were fun.

I felt the character interaction could've expanded and a bit more, it was good jumping from one place to another here since it fitted the storyline but more interaction between the characters in between the scenes would've been nice in expanding them further for us, that too would help make them seem a little more realistic.  I think the game has some very good potential and you have a good story here. It's just it needs more ingredients and some improvements if that makes sense.

Overall I enjoyed your game it was fun watching the story and battles were good. The credits though, I recommend making them twice the current speed so they aren't shown too slow. This game's story is good, it just the game could do with more improvements for that to shine, but there were a lot of good scenario and many good points so it's a good start.

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Played through the game, felt very inspiring and fun. I enjoyed the concept and how a lot of it played out, couldn't win the debate though. I felt it was a little too puzzling and confusing on how to proceed and win, but I enjoyed it overall. Most of the maps were really good. Some issues that have already been pointed out. I.e. The text not quite showing fully at times and NPC changing sprite, I consider them very minor for me but still something to fix. I really liked a lot of your ideas. I love the objection type of stuff when it'd come up. The whole gameplay mechanic was good and I enjoyed the ideas you had on how it ends on the debate. I felt though that it would've been more fun if the debate lasted longer with more questions. This has a lot of protentional. Best of luck with what you choose to do next! : )

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Hello there I played through your game! I enjoyed your narrative story and exploring to gain all the clues. There were a few mapping errors where some trees were only half there, and I really enjoyed your cliffs structure on the first map, though the later far left area cliffs and stuff were a bit weirdly structured, but I also know it's not always easy to map out what you like and you had limited time on this project. I found the flashback scenes and the curiosity of what happened to Stephanie to be quite sweet. Some flashbacks and thoughts on Stephanie, well it was heartwarming to read through those short moments in the story. Gameplay wise I felt it was a bit too simple, I suppose it's meant to be like a visual novel so that is fair but would be nice to add something perhaps like an easy challenge to the gameplay. I wasn't a fan of the point where the game decided to end, but it does make a good cliffhanger and I was curious to know what happened next. Overall I did enjoy your game, it felt  a bit short but I enjoyed what was there. I enjoyed finding clues to what happened to Stephanie, exploring some areas in the setting and the nice narrative and cutscenes.  It felt a bit short but it works. It could be expanded upon to complete the story and also provide more challenge with gameplay. I think you created something quite good which is still all in the right direction. Good luck with what you choose to do next! : )

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Hey Starmage I hope 2.5 is the right version of the game to give feedback too as that's the only version I could find to download, if not never mind I'll still write my feedback of that version here. Wow the game really shocked me a lot and I enjoyed where there were a few plot twists where you choice to twist and turn the situation, it was really nice how you choice to play out the whole story for a horror genre game. I was expecting either the girl was innocent or had something like maybe a multiple personality issue (was not too far off) and I was expecting to play as just her and that possibly one or more of the other people were secretly the bad guy, but I actually prefer how you chose the story direction to go with the demons being the bad guys. I was surprised a number of times, but it was fun playing as different characters. I cheated a little  bit, it was nice of you to give us save points on each chapter thanks for that, so I failed on two characters but press F5 and did there chapter again, so I did get the A ending not sure if it's the best or the next best but I got it but I cheated a little. The mapping was really excellent I already saw that from your screenshots but it was all really well done. I find that quite amazing actually and some of the maps were so beautiful during the introduction. The presentation was also nice. Gameplay wise usually in the horror games I played you just have to keep running so it was nice here that you twisted that too and you could actually fight back, I liked that. Overall it was really fun. I purposely had to play in daylight though! My other thoughts was that it's nice the characters had different strength and weaknesses that helped them show different personalities, I enjoyed how they developed through the plot and circumstances. Some humour which was nice to see too. I'm not sure if I'm playing a later version and that's why, but if this much content was the game jam version then that's quite impressive just how much is in this game in about 2 weeks or less. Really good job on that! Oh and there was one bug I noticed, when using painkillers as any character it would show the description of the little girl in the text below there HP, or I think that happened from memory. Good luck with what you do next! : )

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Hello I've played through your game. Throughout your selection and choice of what RTP included music to use was really well done in my opinion, well done on that! I really enjoyed your puzzle and found the ideas for them creative. The bear that turns into a monster in the guy who begins stuck on a wall house can be interacted with over and over. It also reappears for me if I leave the house and re-enter, not sure if I did something that triggered the bug or it's there for everyone by default. Flying dragon is really fun! : ) I enjoyed the light humour throughout the game. I've surprised myself that I found that last dog puzzle easy. Very nice puzzles! Thank you as well for giving Priscilla full MP when going to the baddies lair, since I had no idea how else to refill it and used up the MP early on. I'm glad the battles were fairly easy to beat. I think the combat could've still had more variation in skills. If you wanted elements perhaps what each element skill does could be customized further, or leave them but add more element skills with different effects. Something like that. I enjoyed the game fully. Best of luck with what you choose to do next! : )

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I think part of it is that I don't often play the horror genre type of games, and even though I think I can interact and check everything when stuck I clearly missed something that should've for me been obvious enough, no worries though ^^ I still agree with the view to make it easier for players, for those that don't as easily spot things. Or if you plan to develop a game like this further perhaps difficulty options that can be enabled an disabled on whether more clues appear would be a good approach (as simple as that, not turned into something too difficulty or complex for you the developer). That would be one way to satisfy players that want it either way. Your Joy animation in the boss battle was a lot of fun. Thanks, you too! : )

Oh I see. My logic was to stay away from mirrors since evil spirits would attack and remove SP on the ones I remember interacting with, but no that does make sense. I didn't spot the different animation shining more on the mirror, I think it's a clever idea but for some of us who don't spot it yes giving another clue / hint would resolve getting stuck. I got all the Memory Cards now and I'm glad I continued with your game because, choosing the right path, that final fight was something, I enjoyed your animations and how it played out. Nice job! : ) Now after some combat, I enjoyed your game design ideas of giving us the option to customize the characters and for us to choose the skills to give them. Good luck with what you do next PikaMew! : )

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Sure, I know it's not always easy to know what direction to go next, but just take it one step at a time and you'll get there. Hope to see an expanded version, where the game can be longer and the story can then have a chance to shine a lot better, in future. Good luck! : )

Your mapping looks really good here! : )

Hello I played through some of this, I enjoyed it so far but got stuck after having the first ability to jump passed the blue portals. I enjoyed your story so far and liked the memory sequences. The mapping is good, the place feels very mazy though hard to remember what is in what direction, there is some clear indications on what is where in the name and some of the style of map, but each map could do with more to differentiate them further so that the player can memorise them further and then find it easier to navigate through. Some element of backtracking and trying to discover where to go is good though, but it's a bit much as it is. Using different objects on different maps is one way to differentiate them further and help them be memorable. You've still done a good job.  If I can know where to go next I'm happy to play further.

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Hello again, I've played the fix version now. I enjoyed the story you were telling, with Rosy and Stephen. I felt a little confused from the ending scene though as everything happened suddenly all at once. The game is also very short but I liked that final map Stephen was transferred too, story-wise it seemed all interesting to me. I think the battle was fine for a first tutorial type of battle, but because it was the only battle in the game it also didn't feel very challenging for a single battle, but it wasn't bad either. Like I said I liked that area Stephen was on on the last map, I'm guessing it's like an end of time area but either way it looked a cool place. I would have enjoyed for that place to have more maps connected to it and then explore the area further. I also liked the butterfly effect a lot it looked beautiful but it did (as well as the main map) seem to transfer strange at the end. And the blue knight faceset didn't really match the red knight guard, I think MZ comes with pictures for the battlers so if that red knight guy doesn't have a faceset you can resize the battler and create one for him. That's everything I can think of to say. You have good ideas. Hope the feedback can still help you good luck with what you do next and if you plan to expand this, then good luck doing so.

Hello PikaMew, I see yes it was a little confusing but that's ok. I actually had that wrong it's Memory Card #3 that I'm missing, but yes it did still take me a short while to find #2. I think #2 is still clever with having a clue in another room on what to do I think the only issue anyone may have with it is how we can't see anything in the chair, but to me I think that's good since there's a clue connected to it and it doesn't reveal too much beforehand. More thoughts, I enjoyed the mapping it felt big enough to explore but tidy and not messy the mansion has a good structure. About having to use the offensive skills earlier on, I definitely would agree it'd be nice to use them sooner.

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Hello this was a really fun game from my perspective, although I agree with the comments below. I played the windows version (but I downloaded it at least 6 or more days ago?) and in that version the items in combat don't seem to be working for me. The final boss is also hard, I had the robot form but maybe I missed a skill from his skillset, otherwise I couldn't beat it with the robot at level 7. I agree though that sci-fi ball / orb battle was balanced well. I really enjoyed your puzzle and felt there was a good setting in each of your mapped areas. I enjoyed the secrets and finding them  a lot. It did feel creative and though bizarre, I think it worked well here. I also really liked all the names in the game and what they were I felt the mixture of fantasy and sci-fi worked well here with the puzzles. Like I think you said, the cat form and spirit form couldn't really fight that well in combat compared to the robot form. I didn't try the dog form but I tried interacting with everything. And Stephanor Stephanie did make me laugh, enjoyed the humour. I was also glad to see the game continues on instead of giving me a game over, thought that was a good game design choice for this game. Overall it was a fun experience for me. Good luck with where you go from here! If you update or make something else I look forward to hearing about it.

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Hello I've played through some of your game, it's really fun to try and unravel the mystery. I enjoyed the exploring element and being rewarded well for doing so. The arrows for transferring are a good touch. The atmosphere feels right, I like the darkness on the tint it helps bring out a creepy feel without it being too dark on the screen. I got stuck though, I am missing memory card #2 but I have the others. The only part I'm finding slightly odd at the moment is attack skills. I like how you gain skills but I don't see the attack offensive skills having any purpose so far?

I enjoyed playing through your game and the action. There were a few bugs I think one skill was suppose to reduce defence and not attack since the state icon suggested that's the state it was going to reduce, for Stephen. Then for Ehly her water spray skill says it attacks all enemies but it only targets one. I enjoyed your plot structure and how it played out, the mood was fun and funny and that was great. I liked how you put some personality into pub at the beginning with the different NPC's. I like the short puzzle in the cave as well. I think you created a good short quest / adventure game here. I did like the writing as well, and I thought the characters had personality to me. I think it can expand into something  really good too. As feedback you could maybe make it bigger if you think that's something you may want to do. Good luck though with what you choose to do next! :  )

It doesn't sound like it was your fault but I haven't tried deployment yet, but I think for me I would prefer an update option, on each update, with everything new that's needed in a single ZIP file. For me I thought Update 2 was the recent update with everything I needed. But now I know, I'll try again sometime soon.

Yes, a puzzle  would've worked. I get that though, I believe you did deliver very well on the story. Very comical writing. Good luck with what you do next! : )

Such beautiful and somewhat mystical themed mapping for the RTP Starmage! I will give it a go when I can get the time.