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Hello I found you through RPG games but I also came across your visual novel through these things, I thought I'd give this ago as the story seem to have an interesting mystery. I enjoyed it a lot, lot of fun to play through and a lot of really well down twists. The end with the memorises returning was very touching. You have a real talent for writing, it's enjoyable and fun.

Hello I played v4 of this game of yours, it was fun I enjoyed your story a lot. There was a lot of thought put in your characters and it really shines out here.

That was fun, very quick but fun! : )

I love the looks of your tilesets! They look really cute and fit with the themes and mood of this game.

I liked all the cooking you could do in Paper Mario 1, 2 & 3.

: )

Nice! Really like the look of them.

Yes I understand as it is some work. Best of luck to you with your game, I look forward to the English version in the future.

I like the creative use of mapping! Will there be an English version sometime?

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It has a nice premise. Is this game finished? What is the combat like?

These are really good, really nice job!

Hello sorry that what I wrote was without spacing, I've added paragraphs to each section now to make it easier to read. I hope the feedback can help you. Looking forward to see what you choose to do next and where you go with this! : )

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Hello I played through this Prototype to the end, you did a really good job with this. The characters are funny and likeable a lot, including the summon lion guy and the NPCs in towns. I like your ideas for the mapping.

Some ideas for improvements would be to try and expand your maps a bit. They're good for narrow created maps but they can be expanded to look more beautiful, you structured stuff well on them all but if they were expanded then they could have a bit more detail.

For example, you could put a small river or pound or statue at the centre of one of the towns if it expands a bit, then there is room to add some grass and flowers, etc.

For a dungeon map well you can expand them to add more areas to explore so one map has a right and left option and one of those could have a up down and right/left option, don't do too much with that but adding some optional areas to explore with bonus rewards on worldmaps, dungeon maps and town maps can be fun.

You did a good job with that already on town maps by hiding things on them, but yes just expanding stuff could be good. I liked the combat as it was, although the skillsets are all very basic stuff. Perhaps complex them a bit more and give the skills more advantages and disadvantages, I really felt because the game has custom classes where you can customise who is in your party it would work better with TP mode as well, especially for York I think his name was, the warrior gladiator guy.

 Your ideas for this fantasy world you are creating are great, you've done a really good job with that! I read the books from the club in that weapon shop and it does all seem like it's a successful story based on these characters an those ideas already.

What I felt was missing for a fantasy world mixing lots of stuff together was perhaps haunted. Like an area for ghosts and stuff like that perhaps? You don't have to do that if you don't want too, since you've got plenty going on for a full length RPG but I thought I'd point it out since you have faeries, witches, gladiators, animal/human creatures, elves, merfolks as you called them, etc and you may want to include ghosts or something else haunted in that too.

I also wanted to say on combat again I didn't mind the weaker characters, Petunia I think her name was and Grace getting KO because they recovered at the end of battle so I said ok that's how that works then try and keep them alive but being able to defeat the troops after they are KO'd is great balancing. I'd say the balance for the most part is good. 

he characters do really stand out to me as colourful and likeable and memorable even after playing the prototype game. Last thing I can think of for now is the random encounter rate. Sometimes I felt it was a good rate but especially nearer the end of the game I didn't like it. It became too high at points and perhaps even throughout could be lowered a little bit, even though I didn't mind it most of the game.

And I think the final test was a bit annoying because I had to keep guessing right which amulets to wear to resist the elemental attacks for each crystal, that was a bit of a pain so being given better tips and hints would've helped there, I know it was clearly said at some point in the game which element goes against which but I just forgot at that point and had no idea.

Sometimes I think I got it right while other times I'm not sure. Final boss though was also difficult when his HP lowers. It took a lot more effort then I think it should to beat him, although the other two were more balanced and easier to deal with and that's good.

I wish you the best of luck where you take this next, it was very enjoyable overall expect the few things mentioned above and I can definitely see a fuller game having high potential of being fun and successful. : )

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Hello! I played through this a few days ago, highly enjoyable for a spooky horror feel theme. I think your plot outline was good and each scene does build the plot tension up creating an exciting feeling to keep going and see what happens next in the main plot. I thought the presentation for your story was very good, I liked the buggy and creepy feel you gave the game dialogue and interaction.

Very nice use of events for scrolling through some maps at the end, and also what I'm guessing was duplicating and adding to other similar maps earlier on. That helped boost the experience as it was fun to see that as well.

I like almost the whole thing, but would've enjoyed  a proper strategic boss fight at the end and perhaps a few more battles for an RPG, though, and I also thought maybe having some more objects to interact with, and a little more exploring outside of the main story could've been interesting. And some slightly optional content or reward for exploring somewhere.

If there was more combat, then haining items and stuff for combat would've been a good apporach to it. Maybe items that help could be gained through additional interactive objects and then a couple of strategic skills for Harold? 

These are just suggestions for improvement as I still liked & enjoyed your game as it was. It was fun! : )

Hello there, I played through this and really liked it. Everything was simple yet had creativity and came together quite well. The combat is a bit more on the easy side and I didn't need to hire anyone to get through it, though still otherwise well balanced for a party of 2. I prefer a game to be easy than to difficult.

It felt creative and I enjoyed the written dialogue humour and appreciate the comedy feel the game had. I liked how you used plugins and common events to do simple things here and there to enchant the experience, it worked well and like one comment below said the timer respawning was very nice

 I read you plan to expand it in future, it certainly looks like a game that can be expanded and I'll be interested in watching to see what you do next as well as wish you the best of luck on that. : )

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Hello I played through your game to the end. It was very fun with the combat. I was able to beat the final boss without Xyrania and Zaphiel highest obtainable weapons. It was a long fight but easily manageable with Adellum Mdef skill. I like the story that was there.

I played through some of this and I really enjoyed it, although I felt being able to switch classes could be a fun way to play.

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They look really good, would fit well with Paper Mario.

Thanks, the description of the game is a good concept, making the game have potential.

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Is this a finished game? Do you have any screenshots or footage of it? I like the art, did you do them?

The skills, classes and characters look very interesting. I understand, good luck with what you want choose to do!

That sounds like it'll be good, best of luck to you, I'd like to see how a very similar FF1 style game in RPG Maker MV would look like. I'll look out for updates!

Hello. Q1. Did you make this? Q2. How far into completion is this? Q3. What type of skills do the player have (FF1 style?)?

Hello, I looked at this project. I like the animations and what you did with the battles, it does look fun. I can not speak Korean, but I can see this much.

My Feedback: I wasn't able to finish the game, but I enjoyed everything I played. Story was good, mapping was excellent, a lot of things were right in the game and it's nice to have some puzzles and things to do in the towns. The problem I had is there is only a hard difficulty mode instead of letting us pick easy or normal and some puzzles are too complex for me too. I think a difficulty setting or balancing the battles to make them a lot easier would've worked better  but I still enjoyed what I could play of the game. I still want to give this 5 stars because it's otherwise very enjoyable. I look forward to any further project done by the developer.

I can understand where you are coming from, for me though I'd still prefer an option to dash, if you do give the option in future let me know and I'd be happy to give the game a go. There's no problem with small maps, I haven't seen much but the map I saw and the screenshot maps you display look good!

The dialogue is very funny. The game is short but cheerful to play through and memorable for this reason. You have good talent for this style of writing. The mapping is good too, you have a good grasp on the structure of a map's spacing and detailing within spaces.

Hello I came across this and like the looks of it, but I didn't like not being able to dash. I don't know if that was does on purpose or a bug but I think from the looks of the maps they may be smaller than usual and that's the reason, but I still would like the ability to dash. Let me know if you're happy to add that and I could try the game again then, if you are happy to add that.

I will look out for it! : )

I played through the game, I loved the presentation. It was well thought-out and put together. The story was well done.

Very well done!

You've got a nice setup for a battle system. It's a good skill and a good start. Good luck proceeding!

Thank you very much for these AEkashics! You are very talented at art!

Definitely! Good luck with everything! Looking forward to hearing more from you in future.

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Hi Aekashics!

Your demo is very fun! Very enjoyable! Fun mechanics and a nice story of a dungeon labyrinth! I am glad this one was not just one long mazes, for some games that can work but here it feels more fun to explore them further then that. Very nice thought and detail went into it, and it shows and helps the game be more enjoyed.

Silenity said everything I would've said, almost. I think also the Poison Vial Artifact gives you the wrong skill?

If you want to go with Silenity suggestion on Kuma's dialogue, I'm sure you know this, but using a variable each time Kuma speaks and after 3-4 times prevent the dialogue from repeating would resolve it quickly for you. Again I'm sure you know but if it helps you then good. I don't have an opinion on this, one way or another.

Also at the beginning when talking to Kuma I choice "Greet Them" then I had four choices in a choice box. I choice first three, then choice the third one again to repeat since I missed it, and then it acted like I had picked all four choices. This may be how you intended it, but I'm unsure so I thought I would mention it.

I feel to also say the three characters main skills feel they work really well together, and also with the artifacts too.

Keep going! You've got a good game in works here! :) I look forward to hearing more in future!

Edit: Sorry my full message didn't paste but it should all be there now.