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Hello, I emailed you again asking to make game, I also sent you $10 gift.


Thanks, have you received my email yet?


I am looking for a game programmer to team up with me to develop a possible small game. I have 14 years of experience (on and off) working in the game industry.
Some of my previous works and projects could be seen at my visual CV attached with this post.

If interested, feel free to contact me via email : blue_shay AT hotmail DOT com


Still open.

Nice work. Wish it was english to see whats the project all about.

Hi, Please email me at


Hi, send me an email please :

Great work, just sent you an email.


Happy new year and thanks for this game! I've added a $10 gift as I liked the game! I'm looking for a developer and could not find your info anywhere. 

Please email me at



Very nice, but I'm more into looking for games with a story, nowadays there is nothing similar to vintage games such as ''Flash Back'', ''Another world'' or ''Mexican Motor Mafia'' . Just got ''Sky Of Destruction Demo'', I'm looking for something like those with a story.

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Hi All,

If you are a good programmer or know how to use a game engine, I am interested to join you to make a game, we can discuss about the game idea and other stuff, I have some free time and interested to work on this as a hobby, but as I live in the UK, I might be able to publish it as well if we do really well. 

Email me at : 


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Hello All,

I need a programmer for an stand-alone windows application, I will send you sample pics of UI and description of how it works if you email me. Basically I will give you 3d models, then in the software UI you type numbers and based on those numbers the models will be loaded. Such as : 

If number is between 1 and 30, model 1 will be loaded. if more than 30, model 2 will be loaded. 

And there would be several fields for numbers and finally the models imported could be exported from the app. It is like a custom made model consisting of smaller models. If you know how to do it, get in touch with me :

And let me know how much you charge.


Ok then, Im looking for 1-2 people who made a working thing, if not a demo. If I see the potential, then I'll support art and money.

Working demo could be 20% done of the games, thanks for your opinion.

I am not looking for a huge success. But a hobby working game is OK. just see steam small games and hundreds on IOS and Android for $1 each

Thanks again.

Thanks for such a great graphics . where else you published the game?

I'm looking for people who can handle the game-engine or code part to make something, if interested check out my stuff

Nice, well done to you all . 

nice- well done.

Amazing games will be published from him in the future, on many websites, stay tuned!


I have models which never being used in any game, if you are interested to use such a things in your game, get in touch. can give you 3D low poly or 2D rendered ones / anims etc

email : blue_shay AT hotmail dot com   also reply here .


Hello, Please get in touch : blue_shay AT hotmail . com , I might need your help.

So no one wants to make games nowadays?

Well done. can you do 2D games too ?

Can supply funding and 3d models/renders for your next game, if interested let me know blue_shay at Hotmail dot com

Hello, if interested I can join you for a 3D quality version free of charge : blue_shay @ hot mail dot com

Hi, are you interested to make a game in the theme of Moonstone, if decided let me know. blue_shay at Hotmail dot com

are you interested to create a game like Moonstone? if so email me at blue_shay at Hotmail dot com

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Dear all,

I decided to come back to games world which I had a passion for, and could not find a replacement over the last couple of years. 

Being around since 2007, working on many freelance projects, a few published video games and tutorials, VR and more. Finally studied and moved to design engineering as my final career and on a full-time job now in London.

All about me could be found on my websites and my CV:

Please kindly only email me ( blue_shay AT Hotmail dot com ) if you have at least one of the following :

- You've finished at least 1 game

- If your game is small in scale

- You have a working demo

- Not on tight deadlines


A.T (3Dshay)