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Ok then, Im looking for 1-2 people who made a working thing, if not a demo. If I see the potential, then I'll support art and money.

Working demo could be 20% done of the games, thanks for your opinion.

I am not looking for a huge success. But a hobby working game is OK. just see steam small games and hundreds on IOS and Android for $1 each

Thanks again.

Thanks for such a great graphics . where else you published the game?

I'm looking for people who can handle the game-engine or code part to make something, if interested check out my stuff

Nice, well done to you all . 

nice- well done.

Amazing games will be published from him in the future, on many websites, stay tuned!


I have models which never being used in any game, if you are interested to use such a things in your game, get in touch. can give you 3D low poly or 2D rendered ones / anims etc

email : blue_shay AT hotmail dot com   also reply here .


Hello, Please get in touch : blue_shay AT hotmail . com , I might need your help.

So no one wants to make games nowadays?

Well done. can you do 2D games too ?

Can supply funding and 3d models/renders for your next game, if interested let me know blue_shay at Hotmail dot com

Hello, if interested I can join you for a 3D quality version free of charge : blue_shay @ hot mail dot com

Hi, are you interested to make a game in the theme of Moonstone, if decided let me know. blue_shay at Hotmail dot com

are you interested to create a game like Moonstone? if so email me at blue_shay at Hotmail dot com

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Dear all,

I decided to come back to games world which I had a passion for, and could not find a replacement over the last couple of years. 

Being around since 2007, working on many freelance projects, a few published video games and tutorials, VR and more. Finally studied and moved to design engineering as my final career and on a full-time job now in London.

All about me could be found on my websites and my CV:

Please kindly only email me ( blue_shay AT Hotmail dot com ) if you have at least one of the following :

- You've finished at least 1 game

- If your game is small in scale

- You have a working demo

- Not on tight deadlines


A.T (3Dshay)