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Retired Game Industry 2D/3D artist looking for collabs

A topic by Shay created 55 days ago Views: 258 Replies: 9
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Hi All,

If you are a good programmer or know how to use a game engine, I am interested to join you to make a game, we can discuss about the game idea and other stuff, I have some free time and interested to work on this as a hobby, but as I live in the UK, I might be able to publish it as well if we do really well. 

Email me at : 


Hello, well maybe you are interested in joining to complete my game, I divided it into 2 sections so that it is not so big, one part is of spaceships, and the other of monsters, you can see my videos here ...

Very nice, but I'm more into looking for games with a story, nowadays there is nothing similar to vintage games such as ''Flash Back'', ''Another world'' or ''Mexican Motor Mafia'' . Just got ''Sky Of Destruction Demo'', I'm looking for something like those with a story.

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Well, the world of Xenauts, has its history, I will not comment much, I dedicate myself to make the locations, as if to form an RPG, then I will give it to the online, before I have to have the futuristic world, so I am in that face of modeled, the story later tells itself !!!


ah ,,, well, look let me know if you change your mind, because my 3D world is futuristic, and we have few determined to do this type of tasks, because they take time ,,, Greetings !!!

Still open.

If I am still developing my game, I have about 45%, the detail is that it takes me a long time between doing models, and doing the program, If you can follow me, if you have Trello account, I pass you my development guide, there is also the history, and if you have googleDrive, there we share files. You can try here in these links, my recent update:

I also have a Facebook group, where we publish the progress, the truth is that we are fans, but enthusiastic !!!

well.... i could use a pixel artist

for this game, dont pay attention to the screenshots, they are like a year ol

I can't offer a game with a narrative storyline, but the Chaotic Dreams team (creators of the Chaos mod for Quake 2 and UT series) is looking for contributors.

Since UT4 was abandoned by Epic we had to jump ship to the full UE4, which means we now have to make a full Chaos game with a variety of play modes.
This has put us back a long way and things are slow with a small group but we have been chugging along.