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What is the difference between this copy of the game, and the other 3 on itch ?

What is the difference between this copy of the game, and the other 3 on itch ?

What is the difference between this copy of the game, and the other 3 on itch ?

I have a feeling you didn't make this game and are not authorised to upload it.

No game uploaded here.

This is just a generic Unity launcher EXE that won't even load because it lacks the DLL that goes with it.

A virus replicates itself, and is a type of malware. This is a joke app with a goose that trashes your desktop. it is not malware.

Please reuse the same folder name for the installed files. After updating via the itch launcher I have multiple copies of the game.

Does not install via the itch desktop launcher. Can you please fix ?

The torch is not needed as it is light enough to see everywhere in the fog.
Perhaps you should make it darker and rely less on fog effect, as this feels like evening or afternoon in thick fog, and not a night time situation.

The thing that makes the current MS sim diferent from other sims, is it has live weather, aircraft and a complete rendered world.

How much of this are you intending to replicate ?

sorry for the delay, yes the radio station has a few recent episodes.
The shows are currently recorded at home and are intended for a late night audience, so there may be occasional swearing.

15% Extra - Show 244

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I talked about this game and recommended it on my radio show in the gaming section at the end (goes out on-air tonight) ๐Ÿ‘
Recording the show was fun as we allow the listeners to join-in.
Several use soundboards and their fart samples are a common interruption, so they were very happy.

This game is imature, silly and nothing but toilet humour.
I approve ๐Ÿ‘
Smooth and full of character, just like one of your own.

Not completed it but found a bug and have 1 question.
Bug: During the section where you navigate the ballons, at one point when the ballons burst, the camera followed the box to the bottom of the map instead of the player. It did not return the view up to the player after the box was gone.

Q: Is it actually possible to collect the first bean ?

I am wondering how many classic fart-gags can be woven into this.
eg. "as welcome as a fart in a space-suit".
Also euphemisms for almost following through such as "the turtles head".
eg. could be a section where you have to force a  turtles head back in before you can progress.

I'd like to see a bit more interactivity with the environment such as making leaves and small plants move, maybe even some innocent insect life such as the occasional butterfly which could end up being blown away or the wings off so it scuttles away.

I am hopeful at some point I find a lighter and get flame-thrower ability.

I suggest you make the loading progress more obvious.
I was about to kill the game after several minutes of nothing happening, but finally the thicker pale line made it to a spot where there was enough contrast to see.
As for the game, I have no idea as when reaching the end of the loading line the game quits with no error message.
Is there a log file I can find some useful info in ?

Tattered Sails community · Created a new topic No download

Difficult to bug-test and give feedback when there is no download

itch limit the size of files they will distribute via their servers, hence many devs split the archive.
You can get a bigger allowance but there is still a limit.

Rar or 7Zip is as valid a format as any if you have the apropreate software installed. Most OSs do support the old 1980s format PKZIP, but in the decades since we have moved on so the files can be smaller by a huge margin, and in the case of RAR also include a recovery record so corrupt downloads can be rebuilt.
I even use Rar files with Amiga OS (a 90s computer) because it is so widely supported and used.

My solution would be make the distro as a multipart SFX-RAR, so all you have to do is double-click the exe and let it unpack itself.
Or simply advise users that this is a multipart RAR archive so you need to have Winrar, Winzip or 7zip etc. installed to unpack it (all are free and small).

It does work well even on a cruddy intel chip, however you can't go very deep before it just shows pixels.
BTW. Androids do indeed dream of 3D fractal flames

Far too LOUD !
Being able to stop anywhere you want makes this the easiest version of pacman I ever played.
This is great for a beginer but seasoned acade addicts will have to look elswhere.

I like the way you can't tell what you are chasing until getting closer. Very deep-sea feeling.
I have only played for 10 minutes and so far not caught anything. Mouse/camera sensitivity is too high.
I see you have a version with better framerate, but the camera jerkyness could also be solved with allowing the player to set the sensitivity.

Suggestions for tweaks:
Mouse scroll could zoom the camera in and out.
Mouse buttons could be used, for example the speed boost could be left click, 180 flip for the right and reincarnate as middle mouse.

VirusTotal score

You should not trust this file. it will download another file which is flagged by 6 Antivirus

OK understood. Concept stage.

Funny ?
I don't think linking to a folder is funny.
Package your game for distro. Don't leave it for people to mess up, or wonder how big the download is.

I would suggest that the game title is so generic that every other walking sim already here will list higher than yours in a text search.
Make a unique name not something already used thousands of times, or how will people find it ?

Once there are a few screenshots I may install. Until there is some idea of what "gorgeous" may look like. Not a chance.

It looks like Crosstown or City Racer.
I don't see any countryside scenery.

Weird twitchy steering. It is like being hit by something, not steering a car

Nothing here

Thanks for the update BTW. The tasks are easy to read now.
Also it seems less crashy now and I managed many retries before it crashed.
A few game tweaks would be good.

I think the time for the tasks is a bit too short.
eg. even if I prepare the coffee before it is needed,  I run out of time getting the coffee to the boss.
It has to be a perfect run from the cubicle on that task and you don't have time to wait for the coffee to fill.
Also the player may have claimed a cubicle far into the room, so take longer to get to the coffee.

After giving up trying to open the elevator I realised "Go to the elevator for the package" is missleading, and I need to go to the box with a smaller box on it.
I see the issue here as there is a lack of workable places to spawn the package, and what to call that space.
I suggest "the delivery zone", and maybe striped marking on the floor.

Picking up items from the floor has to be improved.
If the package is knocked off the box or dropped, the task is over as you cannot reach far enough to pick it up.

The camera view flipping when you get to a corner, also flips the player. JUST NO !!!
I understand this is likely due to the camera position being explicit to the position of the player, but it needs to disconnect or be handled another way when walls force it to move in a direction the player is not actually pushing.
Maybe just make the wall transparent from behind instead.

Scenario update possibilities
Office party
Business lunch
Drinks in the bar after work

Alt. Scenarios
Waiter in a Cafe or Resturant
Bar-worker, serving drinks and snacks, and collecting empties

Tip: Keep the folder naming the same (ditch the numbers) or the updates via the itch client don't overwrite the previous files/folder ๐Ÿ‘

I recognise it as one of those bugs that if was common would have been dealt with, but only shows up on certain systems or situations. 
Not sure vid-cap would even be useful as the extra load on this potato may just make it worse, but I will see if I can grab some clips at some point.

No extra AV on the PC other than tightening the Defender and ATP settings.
If I could tell where the crash dump or log is going (if it is actually being saved) that I can see when it crashes, that could be most useful.
Nothing new in the game folder and nothing noticeable in the user hive

Yeah that sells the game better.
A drunken redneck protecting his spirit from spirits.

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WOOOT !!!! Time for the Llama song.


Yeah I can appreciate that 3 days is why it has a few bugs and not much trials on different HW.
Bugs to be expected.

Shame the itch launcher doesn't let you send its own debug info from it to the game devs (or give me a sensible way to copy it).
Tested PC: Dell Latitude E5530 laptop running Win 10.
Intel chipset, CPU (i5-3320M) and GFX (HD 4000). 4GB RAM
Screensize 1360x768 (game running in fullscreen mode)

Runs smooth though sometimes crashes when taking the red mug to the work area. Usually around the same spot before I get to the opening.
Hard to tell if it is while loading the view in the work area, or because of my position or movement.
If I go slowly to the work area it seems less likely to crash.

Before you get too entrenched in your branding you may want to use a dictionary instead of a spellchecker. 

If you now how to spell properly you can use this emoji๐Ÿฆ™

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Very nice set and lighting.
Fun and funny.... if I could read the tiny writting used for the task descriptions.

By the time I have got out of my seat and gone to the screen to squint in the corner, then go and sit down again, the time is almost over.

Some labeling of the sliders in the options would be useful.I worked out the 2 volume sliders, but what does the other one do ?

The smooth and polished look, is only let down by minor fixable things (such as the oh so common indie game issue of no quit option).

I would give it a big thumbs-up but I seem to have a mug stuck on my hand.I look forward to  update v1.1.


I also look forward to a version that does not keep crashing, and where the timers actually finish before you are fired.
Currently it seems that the time expires three quarters of the way through so the tasks are impossible.
I suggest when you fix that you also include a few difficulty modes with differing length of timers.

I keep seeing the crash tool collecting data, but where is the log being put ?

Great game concept with replay apeal.

However I reccomend using a dictionary or thesauras when writting your game Blurb.

"Moonshine" does not mean what you think it does to most people, so it seems this game is about getting drunk on illegal alchohol.

"Thru" is not in the dictionary as it is not a real word. It is a word invented by cheapskates who don't want to pay for more letters on their signs. You don't have to pay by the letter here.

"Pairs of two" is a nonsence phrase as a pair is only ever 2, so why say it twice ? Just say "In pairs" and you are done.

Must listen to Lawnmower Deth while playing