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4 months later and the download still does not work in the itch client.
Is this page abandoned ?

Confirmed working here.
The desktop client now downloads and launches the game.

I already have it in my steam library thank you.
I like to test the functionality of games in the itch client, as developers don't get much feedback with that.

I'll watch for the update and let you know if it is fixed.

When trying to download via the itch desktop launcher, it fails with an error that says it can't get the build info.

This game is great fun but needs a better engine or optimisation.

However there are plenty of options for improving the performance, so the author is aware of the heavy CPU/GPU use.

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Wow this certainly needs a beast of a PC to run smoothly, but it is Unity so to be expected.
U-engine may have been a better option for a game of this nature, but Unity is a good place to start your craft.

The buildings need to be sealed zones so the audio, lighting, fog and the rain do not cross where they do not belong.

The deadly water needs some explaining as you can swim but it harms you.
Either the water is toxic or this needs a better way to deal with it.

Things you are likely aware of but I should report anyway.
Sometimes I see giant spider legs protruding from the lake (maybe I should stop eating those wild mushrooms).

The spot effects need more variety.
eg. The 1 sound the bear makes while attacking makes me want to disable the audio. The bear doesn't stop to breathe between attack sounds. The need to be spaced apart more or it sounds like several bears at once.

I would suggest that the start point should have more items in the room to give a sense of ownership rather than a storage shed.
Also that perhaps you look at adding the ability to take a candle from all those candle-sticks you see, for a more limited light source.
A diary page, scroll or something written in the room to give you your first objective.

My sense when I look around and then look back at the building is "I don't know who it belongs to, and I don't think it is mine".

Very promising looking game, but I am just starting to explore so don't have any feedback on the mechanics yet.

That explains why the CLI option to force it doesn't work. Thanks for explaining.
Maybe that explains why The Long Drive is so glitchy. That offers the prefs window at the start so must be using an old build.

OK looks like it is res-o-matic for the win.

A tip for the devs to allow easy user optimisation.
Please add the ability to use the Unity prefs window at the startup to choose a suitable screen resolution.
The game assumes the biggest size it sees is the one to opt for, but this is not useful with screens that have bigger resolutions than the GPU can sensibly run, or on monitor/TVs that fake and scale the maximum resolution so it looks like crap.
The game could better run for a lot more people if you let them use a smaller res and/or windowed mode.
Removing the need for scaling also allows reduced CPU/GPU use if people want to capture/stream the game at the same resolution.

BONUS: If you present the default config window before the game, the users also have the ability to configure their own choice of keys or controller buttons.

For anyone else wanting to try the game right now at a lower screen size, trusty old "re-o-matic" is your friend.

I was not referring to your link in your reply, but referring to the problem of there being no way to download the demo or buy the game here in itch.
To try or buy the game means going to a different site (steam), which leads me to ask "why have a page here on itch ?" 

Yeah, I try to rely on it as it handles the updates, but as you can tell it is not so reliable.
OK. I uninstalled the game and then the client offered the correct version as the newest.
It maybe a cache issue in my client or a backend issue. I guess we'll never know.

BTW. the listeners of my weekly radio show give the game a :thumbsup:

Can you fix the upload so it installs via the itch desktop client ?

Version weirdness
I don't know if it is a bug with the desktop client or your upload config/info, but I seem to have been "updated" from to version
The client now thinks I am up to date !

I assume I should manually force version 1.6 unless there is a mix-up with the versions somehow.

Do you think it is fair to use this site as an advert for other sites ?
You have a profile here so please use it as intended.
If you don't intend to distribute or sell via itch, why are you using it ?

When can we expect a demo to play ?

The download link does not work.
Error 404

What are the odds of there ever being an update ?
You made something so promising.

The download is gone.
How do I update my old copy ?

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Sorry I misunderstood the use of the word "pack" as I am used to looking for packs for Milkdrop and  AVS.
I have given it a test and only had 1 crash so far.
Also very impressed so far, but some are a bit heavy on the GPU so I will need to do a bit of tweaking.
It is made in Unity so I do understand it is not as light and optimal as it could be, so I am not going to complain as the performance is still good.
The logs show a bunch of shader errors, so it may be an ATI incompatibility, or my card doesn't support whatever version is trying to be used.
I can give you a copy of my log files if you want.
Suggestion: Could you please add the PS versions used, to the information text on the project page ?

As this isn't a game I guess I don't need it in my itch folder, but the itch desktop client is a handy way to keep something updated, so if you intend to make more updates or add more visuals etc. it would be good to try and take advantage of it, rather than rely on people following you or revisiting the project page.

What is "get swoll" ? (that isn't a real word in English, not even slang)
Do you mean Swole or Swollen ?
If you mean "to become bigger", then it is better to say "get bigger" or "grow large" etc.

1) there is no download on this page.
2) you should have all the versions for this game on 1 page.
The web version just counts as another OS like Mac, Linux, Android, Windows.

Can you please fix the download of the demo so it works in the itch desktop client ?
After you fix the download of the demo.

Can you please fix the distro so it works in the itch desktop client ?

The distro doesn't download via the itch desktop client.
Q: What is the base visualiser needed to use this pack with ?

The update is phenomenal.
Not much more to say, just well done.

Shiiiiiny !
Someone has crystallised the Matrix !

As a previous farmer of "electric sheep", this caught my eye.
Much simpler and smaller than the existing photoshop plugin method.

Umm, you messed up the tags, and have 1 long unique tag that shows no results if you click on it.

Nice artwork but screenshots would help people decide if they want to download it.
What style of game is this ?
Some details here about how to play the game are probably more important than instructions on using a zip file.
eg. does it support controllers and/or KB & mouse, or is it not that sort of game anyway.

Added you to our collection at

....or I could just use notepad to open the txt file.
I don't get the point of this.

Nerd status approved.

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Cute and gory is already fairly established as a theme I think.
Looking at the characters I think they should all have individual melee attacks that match their species.
Obviously this would be something for later as it would involve a lot more anims.

Environments are something you have a free hand for being cartoony, unless you maybe pick an overall wilderness theme.
However a wilderness can encompass farms and the buildings and machines with it
Many creatures make their homes inside trees so you could do an Ewok village kinda vibe including walkways, ladders and vines.
A classic corridors map could use the theme of a bears cave complex.
I am also thinking that the fox would very much like a "catch the chicken" match set around a farm ;)

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uuuum ... windows only ?
So what is the Android APK for ?

The version in the browser works for all OSs and the official site has a Mac version.

Somehow I don't think you are authorised to upload this.

Interesting concept. I assume you are familiar with GeoGuessr.
The OSINT community like playing this sort of game, so you may get some good nerdy feedback.
It is worth watching the regular YT live streams for "OSINT Curious" where they play Geoguessr. You should pick up some useful tips for the sorts of details people need to look for.

Very impressed with the distro size !
Will have to check this out later.

Love the art style. Very evocative of classic cartoons.

Nice idea with mining at the edge of black holes.
However Dept' is short for Department.
You mean "Debt"

I can see you are a fan of the 2 games you want to promote, but this site does not work like that.
You should delete the 2 game pages here, before you get reported for not being an authorised representative.
Look at the bottom of the game pages and you should see an option to report the page.
1 of the options relates to unauthorised profiles.
If someone reports you, there is a good chance your account will be blocked.