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I have been working on  animating Scamper. It came out great! I am building level 1 and there will be changes to the background as I work on this. Unfortunately I am not ready to show this off to the PREGAMER EXPO at PAX East in Boston, but I will be showing of my other game BugBots one last time.

I animated the walk cycle.  These are not the final animations,  I have to make the final lines and color it.  

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In the world of "Genesis Island", dinosaurs are being created with the purpose to attract visitor to the park. Two young raptor escaped from there containment area and explore the island in which they were created on. This take place before the park construction is complete and the raptors are on a different island for raising dinosaurs. The dinosaurs that are in this game are "newly discovered dinosaurs" from the near perfectly preserved Dino DNA the geneticist used to create them.

You can play the small tech demo.

Started animating one of the main raptors.

Jurassic Park inspired me to create my Dino own story. I love Jurassic Park  since I was a child and Jurassic World.

I want to share what I have been up to. After Releasing "BugBots" I started  prototyping this game. Now I am creating the art and animation for this game. This image is some of the art that's going to be in game.


Today BugBots (my first game ever) is now available!

This game is a top-down 2d shooter where you play as a bugbot searching
for energy crystals, watching out for enemies and obstacles. This game has all 10 levels.

I uploaded a new demo and updated the controls.

Control A:

Aim with mouse to go in the direction you want to go.

Forward is  [ ↑ ] or [ W ]. Strafe right/left of bugbot is [→]  /  [←] or [ A ] / [ D ].

Backward is [ ↓ ] or [ S ]

Control B:

Move mouse to aim. Up is  [ ↑ ] or [W].

Right/left is [→]  /  [←] or [ A ] / [ D ] .

Down is [ ↓ ] or [ S ] .

Left mouse Button is to Fire.

[ P ] to Pause.

Press [ 1 ] or [ 2 ] to toggle between Control A and Control B.

I am going to put the full game for sale soon. I have made a small trailer with no music that shows some of the game play.

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Hey I just want to add if your in a local area or can travel to an area where there are indie gaming expos, you can gain attention for your games. In some expos you have to pay for a table, some  others are free. Have a playable build and a machine for people to play it on (PC , console, laptop, phone or tablets), also bring business card with you game page address on it.

If you are in the eastern Massachusetts, there are 2 indie gaming expos that happen every year some times more times a year. Those expos are Boston FIG and Playcrafting. Boston Fig you have to pay to have your game reviewed and if they accept  your game, you will have a table.  Playcrafting expos are free submission and is a first come first serve type of thing for tables.

Submission are closed for Boston FIG for this year but you can go to it to see indie game studios promote there games. Submission for Playcrafting Spring Play expo are open, the expo is on May 31.

Boston FIG

Playcrafting Spring Play

Playcrafting Main Website

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Bug Bots

Gameplay Video

A top-down 2d shooter where you play as a bugbot searching for energy crystals, watching out for enemies and obstacles.

To move forward is to press either the up arrow or W. To strafe right/left is Right/Left Arrow or A/D keys. To move backward is Down Arrow or S keys. Aim with mouse to go in the direction you want to go. Left mouse Button is to Fire. P to Pause.

Hello I am 2D/3D Artist/Animator and I started developing my game "Bug Bots" last November. I am new to game development and this is my first game ever which is still in development. Bug Bots Demo