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It's a relaxation game not a dating game you weirdo

You found it?

Keep heading upwards and jumping, you'll enter an apartment complex.

Aw cool! Enjoy it.

Wow that’s amazing. I actually used to have panic attacks too but hypnosis helped. Glad it worked for you🌀

I make everything even a good meal

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Yeah I don't know how to make minecraft level randomizations lol been using game maker for only a few months. you have to look somewhere else.

Aw thank you! I'm glad my silly bunny gave you some funky motivation.

I was going to do that but felt it was different from the other draws.

Oh, so it's fan art? Feel free to credit me then and include a link.

(1 edit) is broken. I don't access to the code. Whatever he does is out of my control.

As a character? Or reviewing the game? What type of show?

Aw thank you!! I do like it.


he’s just a mad scientist. He doesn’t try hard

There's 3 more games and a comic if you want more cringe ;^)


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Aw I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Hmm, I think the library had a glitch I fixed a while back but will have to double check. Thanks for letting me know. 

:edit: Seems to be a random bug unrelated to the code. Spawns you under the wall because it doesn't like you entering several rooms.

:double edit: fixed it!

Oh it sounds weird cause of the game engine. I dunno how to fix it. 

Hmm? How

Look around your house for a bloof hiding in the walls and if you ask nicely, they will give it.

Aw thanks! Going to check out the stream~

He is a sweet one.

Feeling super tired after doing hypnosis for the first time is super normal and everyone experience it lol Best you can do is sleep it off. Glad you liked it!

Well text based hypnosis (especially in the silly format I made it in lol) tends to not work as well as irl hypnosis cause it has more interaction. If it helps, you can try meditation/self hypnosis since it requires inner focus rather than outer.

Yeah his induction was extra intense haha

its hypnosis, ratlord

Oh yeah the game wasn't for first time Recreational hypnosis. I put a disclaimer again on top.

I got a comic actually featuring these guys if you want more content :D

Lil hippie rabbit is the most wholesome!

I mean the whole point is to relax but I guess you can play it for the story? lol

infinite rat cookies

If it helps, the third game has a meditation with no mad science stuff if you choose the bloof route. 

Well it did work in a way haha


Ah thank you! Nah, not happening for a while cause games are veryyyyy time consuming. Feel free to check my social media or discord though since I post constant comics and lore and stuff.

Aw thank you! :0

So many options to be the chillest dude!

Just lower the volume of the sfx.

Well get a pillow and take a nap lol