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There is a sequel! and a third game in the works.

Stop injecting yourself with the weeds

Aw i'm so glad you liked it and surprised it worked even with the language barrier! Hope you had an amazing time.

Woah slow down there's only so much voldritch to go around

I guess voldritch is shrektacular lol thanks!

He's 5' 11''... it is an ongoing meme his height haha

Hypnosis is always great to sleep to and to just see voldritch

It's just an american thing apparently... outside that, the hypno community isn't nsfw weirdly. And you're welcome! I hope to give something wholesome in the abyss of hypnosis lol

I have a youtube channel with more hypno stuff if you want more comf.

Enjoy that hazy purple brain of yours :D

Most if not all hypnosis games are pornographic and of an extreme nature :C you need to be weary of the community, cause its hell. Probably why you had bad experience. I try my best to provide stuff for normies I guess. It's hard to find content like that at least on the english speaking side of the internet but I try making sfw content. Also big thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

I'm sure thats the plot to despicable me lol

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Hi, It's not your fault or the games fault, just some people not used to hypnosis can make you dizzy, exhausted or anxious especially if you have a pre established medical condition. I used to get anxious too when I did hypnosis. You probably need an induction specifically crafted for you for it to work and this game isn't intended for everyone nor the induction style or atmosphere. It is a recreational hypnosis game, so its not medical hypnosis. It's best you research hypnosis before you do it because not knowing how it works will affect how a session works later on. I hope you feel better.

I didn't intend this game for people new to hypnosis but it so happened it was the majority of people who played it.

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Its suppose to be an stress/meditation aid so it makes you relaxed actually. It's for fun not for medical purposes though, i'm not a hypnotherapist. I'd research hypnosis first if you wanna play it safe and do recreational hypnosis

it's currently in the works and features 2 new hypnotists :D

Ah damn you got more street cred than voldie can.

You have been successfully comfetized

If the hypnosis doesn't work, there's always a comfy boi instead :p

there's gonna be a third. It's in the works :O

lavender labs has more chonkers

aww that's sweet!

i'm sure they'll understand you've been chillin'

The best thing you can do after trance :O

Aw that means a lot! I hope you are the comfiest.

Aww that's sweet! I really enjoyed making it. I am working on a third actually :p

everybody just loves the guy 

don't resist the rats, embrace them

the only true use for mind control

Enjoy the sleepy sleep

we all do

Thanks! I might do another visual novel and some hypnosis files but probably still work on the comics since its pretty fun.

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Well I have a sequel if you're interested. It should be on my game page. Also that's kind of tmi :l

Do you mean the QnA at the end or the count up he does to wake you up? 

He deserves all the love for being the best bean

Best part about triggers is you can repeat it to yourself and get comfy too lol

everyone is

here ya go 

I'm glad voldie could cheer you up!

Well everyone has their own preferred induction method. Maybe next time i'll add something new. What is loved? if its nsfw game I guess i'll pass lol

You're welcome!

Aw great! I'm so glad