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I couldn't stop playing. This was my favorite game jam game I've ever played. You got a maximum rating from me. My end build was so rad. EPIC entry!

I don't want to post the image here in case it spoils it for someone, but here's my final build:

Funny SFX. Nice new take on Tetris. WASD would have been nice.

I had a good time playing it! Got 3rd, then 1st.

I liked the atmosphere. I'm not very good at escape rooms, though XD

Fun little game :) Very nice work!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

I really, REALLY tried to figure out a way to generate them with an algorithm, but I couldn't figure it out in time. I ended up creating a brute force level generation solution. I then evaluated each one by hand and attempted to rate them by difficulty. I did this for 999 levels, so, it's not perfect. My gripe is that even the first 100+ levels are simply too easy.

I am currently working on increasing the difficulty of all the levels for the next version with a new tool.

Thanks again!

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you for playing! I also appreciate integrated and short tutorials!

Thank you for playing! I am working on making the levels a bit more difficult in the next version :D

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Thank you! Yes, the micro scale, and also it was built with TIC-80 (a tiny computer).

:O WOW! Thank you so much! You made my day :D

Pretty cool! I like the look and feel of the game. The creature is fun to play. I'm not sure I'm using the right click grab correctly. It would be cool if it could help me move faster.

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My wrist! X______X

Graphics style is excellent

"Scaling" terrain and the "scale" of the game with all these planets and solar systems, nice. 

Stellar entry! :D

I love this game and I'm super impressed.

LOVE the graphics. Movement is smooth, and SFX are great (the game over laugh is A++). The scale mechanic is cool, and I especially like the tiny guy lol. Everything was pretty intuitive.

Overall, incredible entry!

Wish List:

Combat is a little unforgiving (for me). It's difficult to position for successful hits. Perhaps if the hit check was a smidge larger :)

The choice of "F" key is odd... Typically "E" is the "do stuff" key.

It felt quiet. Even some simple/subtle BGM would have made it less so.

Adorable cat graphics, but disappointing gameplay.

Thanks for playing, for the rating, and for the feedback!

I didn't think the tutorial text would be a problem since those levels don't really need need to see the top two rows, but maybe I can simply remove the background and use outlined text in an update after the rating period.

Right on! Thanks for playing! :D

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

"Cat-like plants" haha, nice one. This is only my 3rd jam, but I really had to bust my *** to get my game done. Congrats on submitting a working game :)

I can tell it will be a tough game when finished. Nice soundtrack :)

Thank you for playing, and for the feedback. Your comment actually gave me a really good idea for the game when I update it to full color after voting is done for this jam. I will make so the bomb timer decrements only when you move a flower :)

Nice game, and challenging puzzles!

Looks like a lot of effort went into this. Solid entry.

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you for playing! Yes, I should have increased the bomb timer for level 1. Oops.

Regarding the PICO-8 boot screen colors... All PICO-8 games have that boot screen (can't be changed) and the host literally mentions the use of PICO-8 in the FAQs (under "Can I use a resolution under 160 x 144?").

Thank you for playing! Yes, it was also a little tricky to always guarantee that you can win, even if every spot is occupied (i.e., level 99).

Wow, extremely solid entry. 25 stars.

Very nice puzzler :) Love the name!

Thank you for introducing me to WASM-4, I guess. What have you done? I'm short on time as it is... Great theme (corn!) and I'm impressed you made this with Penne XD

Pretty fun little game. I played it twice all the way through. Got like 222 days first try because I didn't figure out the shop upgrades lol. Second try was much better (113 days). I had to bust out JoyToKey. Graphics are cute. The soundtrack is a bit hi-fi for GB.

Thank you for playing and for the ideas to improve! :D

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Extremely charming. Excellent work! Graphics and music are top tier.  Also, THANK YOU for making it "just work" with my USB NES controller.

Thank you so much! You are so nice :D

Oh! That shorthand is cool, I must have missed that note :P

It was a really fun (and challenging) jam. My first attempt was a maze game that accidentally became this: (oops)

Right on! Yeah, it was fun! A bit stressful at the end there for me lol, but I'm just glad I got it submitted whew!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot :)

Dude, that was awesome! Thank you for taking the time. I'm surprised the BGM was so loud... I have it at 50%:


Anyway, I should have put in a BGM toggle, but just ran out of time. Next time, if I can't load a BGM toggle, I'll at least load it in at even less volume. Thank you for the advice. That's also why the level design wasn't better (just time, I was scrambling at the end).

I agree with everything you said, and feel your rating was generous. The entropy on the balls was something I struggled to resolve (implemented "infinite energy" and >1 restitution and still, they slow down...). Last minute ditch effort was the tilt timer XD

Thank you! :D

Thank you! Yep, first jam game! Also I used a new engine I never used before (ct.js).  Not sure if that was a good idea lol, but it was cool.