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Bird With Toes

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Pretty fun to play and didn't break when I submitted an absurdly long seed.

The controls took a little getting used to since the slow turning speed made me think the game had tank controls at first rather than up/down/left/right.

I could see this working really nicely as some kind of asynchronous multiplayer game using shared daily challenge seeds.

Nice start.

Art is nice and solid. My main criticism is there's very little feedback for the player when important stuff happens. For example hitting the trees doesn't do anything until they disappear. Having the tree shake a little when hit and/or spawning some leaf/wood particles would help tree chopping feel more like it's doing something. Same for entering/exiting the water.

The Game Over seems to be bugged with no obvious way to quit or reset the game without a hard refresh or closing and reopening

Not a bad start. Definitely some fun potential in juggling resources. I feel like the biggest add would be to have some way to risk one resource to get another at the moment all resources just go down and it's luck of the draw what is found.

Being able to jump out and back into a system could represent a minor exploit since it saves a lot of resources when planets are close to the star.

Not bad. I found the knockback when taking damage a bit jarring at times.

Feels like this could be a really solid platformer if given a bit more polish. Good work

Yeah. They're really aggressive characters. The trick is to blast through to the nasty guys as fast as possible, kill them, and then mop up the more passive horde.

One of those things I guess. I know I've made weird decisions in the heat of jamming.

The art says DOOM but the slopes and sprite floors all scream Build Engine to me :) Really nice work overall.

I like this. It's a nice chill game with a good ramp in difficulty.

I did find the controls sometimes a bit sensitive where I was able to accidentally wash a square I had already washed when I didn't want to if I slightly double-clicked.

Short and sweet. The melee weapon feels a bit janky in how it registers hits otherwise things are pretty solid. It's a little easy to get lost but not too hard to find where the right path is after either.

The only thing I'd really want to have is a way to skip the opening crawl since it slows things down a bit when re-playing the game.

The proper boss fight is in the center of the map. If you start finding lots of bitey guys you're heading in the right direction.

Fixing  jank and adding navigation aids are on the agenda for the first update :)


Could use a little more visual feedback on the attack since it wasn't really clear when an attack was actually doing damage or not.

Having something to disguise the load time would also be good since completing a level currently causes the game to freeze briefly before abruptly starting the next level.

I have the same issue Dan does, needed to significantly zoom out my browser window for the game to fit. Played this on a desktop.

Fairly solid memory game with  cute artwork. The slow flipping speed, especially in comparison to how quickly the cards are dropped into the play area, gets frustrating after a while.

It feels a little dreary though without sound or music playing. Things could also be a little juicier if the cards had some response to the mouse hovering over them in some way.

Best score was stuck at ~ for me forever.

Not a bad start

I like the Genesis/adlib sounding soundtrack and humorous theme. Being kicked back to the main menu on death is a little abrupt.

The squishy effect on jumping was a nice touch.

Possibly silly question: is there an exit button?

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Yup. Our plans are to put more effort into the game.

Looks like you found an unintended skip Logan also found the day after we submitted. The top right exit is supposed to only be accessible after you collect the air dash but it's too low relative to a nearby platform and so is accessible by a simple jump.

Once voting has closed we intend to start issuing patches. I'll be posting up a devlog of what we intend to be doing soon.