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Topic to leave feedback about the Test Build 0.2

Test Version 0.2.0:

This test build keeps the content already in the previous versions for further testing but, besides some fixes and small changes, adds the new loading/unloading jobs and a forklift to do them. Those jobs will be the main focus of the 0.2.x builds and the thing I'm looking for feedback about the most, but I've changed a good amount of small things so maybe I've broken something about the old stuff, if you see something that has stopped working let me know.

You can check the Current State, Roadmap and Known Bugs topic to know more about the current state of the game.


  • Forklift test jobs and vehicle added.
  • Modified starting area (Vinny's Trucking Company).
  • Dialogue UI and code improvements.
  • Job Selection UI improvements.
  • Added back the minimap health bars for character and vehicles (need some more work).
  • Redid the code for the HUD and miinimap target markers to make it more reusable.
  • Added experimental first person driving camera (only working with the forklift for now and has some bugs).
  • Updated the engine (Unity) to version 2018.2.3f1.
  • (FIX): wheels no longer rotate when the vehicle is not moving (needs more testing to check if really fixed).
  • (FIX): The UIs for the "auto upgrade" and the "clothing store" are working again with mouse input (I had broken them at some point but hadn't noticed).

Update (0.2.1):


  • (FIX) Timer showing in forklift jobs, when it shouldn't, if you did a previous job of another type that used it.
  • Disabled the supermarket interior (right now it was just a big place with nothing to do).
  • Increased a little how many seconds a day takes, but not by much (I still want it to be quite fast for testing purposes).
  • The HUD now pops an info line showing how many diamonds you've "lost" after you give them to the diamonds dealer. And you get XP and money after you give him 10, but I don't think there are enough in the map to test that yet.

Update (0.2.2):


  • (FIX) Base Info in HUD not going away after entering and leaving the caravan.
  • Added Terrain object to start testing additional ways to shape the island and add more variety.
  • Started experimenting with a splines asset I bought some time ago, to extrude meshes and create roads with more curves. I've extended my editor tools to make use of those splines and add the needed nodes for the cars to use the road sections made that way.
  • Started fleshing out the area of the map north of the first bridge, the desert/mountains road is totally revamped.
  • Extended the swimming code to be able to transition seamlessly from water to ground and viceversa and added new particles for the water ripples and splashes. (May need a little more polishing and testing).
  • Added some rim lighting and new particles to the gold coin and diamond pickups and reduced the amount of money they give.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Glad you like it so far, knowing what people like or dislike about the builds is always helpful. The idea is to keep polishing it and adding and testing the rest of the things I have planned so, hopefully, each new test build will help me figure out what works and what doesn't while I get it closer to completion.

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It's the bad thing about trying games still in development, but on the other hand it's a way to help developers like me that don't have the resources for dedicated testers and a good amount of machines to test the requirements... feedback is really helpful.

By the way, I've just uploaded a new version that hopefully fixes that bug, and I've added an easy (bigger) version of the marked area to park the trailer for "easy difficulty" trailer jobs. The first couple of test jobs now use that (the other two use the original), so the players can get used to how things work and don't get frustrated if they are not good at parking at first. The "normal" area is not that difficult once you get the hang of things (I'm not sure you noticed, but the lines turn red when you are touching them and white when not, when you are completely inside, without touching any of them, the arrow and corners turn green and you are done ) but watching you play I realized I'm too used to it, so it's probably helpful for new players to start with something a little easier, hopefully this change will help with that.

A complete list of the changes:

And, once again, thanks a lot for taking the time to try the game.

That was fun to watch, thanks for making the video!

And you found a bug, you have to park the trailer inside the marked area, without touching the lines, but looks like you managed to park it mostly outside barely touching a line.... I have to look into that :)

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to test the build. Next time, leave your feedback in the topic created for the corresponding build, like these guidelines suggest, if you can. Just to try to keep things more organized.

Could you give me more info about your machine´s specs: operative system version (is it 32 or 64 bit?, the build should only work on 64bit systems), processor, ram, graphics card (is it DX11 compatible?) and vram... a screenshot of the crash message may be helpful too. Also, Unity, the game's engine, may have created a log file at: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\BinaryNonsense\HandoruIsland\output_log.txt(where <username> is your user name in that machine), if you could attach or copy its contents that could be helpful too.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave your impressions and making the video, I just finished watching it and was very helpful (feedback is great, and watching other people play is very, very useful, one gets so used to play the game that some things that seem obvious or easy/correct to you are really not so clear to other people trying it for the first time). And don't worry about being 'rude', as long as it's constructive, every piece of feedback is useful and, of course, welcomed, so feel free to leave as many comments as you like.

It should be quite difficult to roll the vehicle (unless you fall off a cliff, and even then, or something extreme), there are some anti-roll aids, but the faster you drive the 'wilder' they behave and slip, so the idea is to have to check your speed so you don't get into trouble, especially with the worse cars, like the one you start with, and the van (that one I've made especially bouncy/slippery)... at least that's what I'm trying to do, maybe I'm overdoing it :)

As far as destructible objects go, I only have plans to maybe make the street signs break if you crash fast enough and a few small things like that, but I won't go overboard.

Aggg, I forgot about updating the shops' interface for the gamepad (controller input was one of the last things I upgraded/finished before uploading the build), the computer in the office also doesn't work with the gamepad right now , you can play a "mine defuser" game, but right now it only works with the mouse (but that one should already  be in the ToDo list, I just decided to leave it out for this build for lack of time).

I totally agree about the headlights, I had the same thought a few days ago, I'll add it to the ToDo list after I finish this post.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Drive  trucks and vans to deliver trailers, crates and other cargo around the map, while you earn money and XP that will allow you to buy new clothes, vehicles, houses... or just have some fun exploring the open-world island and interacting with its inhabitants.

I'm using this page to share public builds of the game while I'm still developing it, so people can help me test it to narrow down the requirements, find bugs or just take a look at how it's shaping up. Some things in the builds may, and probably will, not always work or just not be implemented yet...

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Topic to leave feedback about the Test Build 0.1

Test Version 0.1.0:

This is the first public test build and I've made many changes in the last few days, trying to get it ready as soon as possible, so for this one I'm mostly interested in just knowing if it runs, if things more or less work as expected and if there are any major bugs...

In this build, there's a 'career mode' where you can walk around or drive the one car you'll own from the start, talk to Vinny to start some test jobs (4 or 5 hand-designed trailer deliveries and infinite randomly generated crates deliveries), get inside some buildings and play some early versions of minigames like chess or an arcade game... and basically explore a chunk of the game's island. There is also a 'challenges' section that currently just has a couple test examples.

You can check the Current State, Roadmap and Known Bugs topic to know more.

Update (Test Version 0.1.1):

Bug fixes and changes:

  • Created a blurred rotor texture to use when the heli is flying to avoid the Wagon-wheel effect.
  • (FIX) The interface of the shops now works with a gamepad.
  • Increased the range of the player vehicles' headlights.
  • Interiors: increased the ambient light, they were too dark at times.
  • Worked on the pedestrian's reactions after getting hit: for slow/minor collisions they just yell and jump a little but if run over they fall down, the player gets a traffic warning (or ticket if keeps doing it too soon) and they get up afterwards (needs more testing, I could have introduced some animation bugs).
  • Interiors: made some of the interactive objects (doors, console, chess, computer...) blink so it's more obvious what you can interact with.
  • Dynamic objects: added more things you can collide and 'break' or move if you hit them hard enough: traffic signs, mail boxes and fire hydrants.
  • Weather: adjusted the time a storm lasts (needs some more testing, I'm trying to make them a little shorter).
  • (FIX) You were able to park a trailer outside of the marked area while barely touching one of the lines, hopefully that's now fixed (needs more testing).
  • Made an easy (bigger) version of the marked area to park the trailer for "easy difficulty" trailer jobs. The first couple of test jobs use that, so the players get used to how things work and don't get frustrated if they are not good at parking at first.
  • Tweaked the input for the vehicles using a curve to change how fast the steering angle changes depending on the current angle, making it slower at the start and end. Not sure if it's even noticeable but the goal is to make it harder to lose control at normal speeds, avoiding some of the brusque movements that could happen, especially with a gamepad (somehow I like how they handle with the keyboard more, but should work the same), although I still want them to be harder to control if you speed up too much.

Update (Test Version 0.1.2):

Bug fixes and changes:

  • Added a new section in the main menu, before starting a new career, to give some info about the state of the game and the official download site.
  • Added a pop up tutorial explaining how to park after reaching the delivery location during the first job, some people are having trouble understanding when the trailer is correctly parked.
  • (FIX) Credits Menu: Fixed a problem with the scrollbar after disconnecting a gamepad.
  • (FIX) Crates job: hud info text now correctly says crate or crates depending on the number of crates.
  • (FIX) Added info text to the message window that appears after falling into the water during a job or a challenge.
  • Player's vehicles: Added an acceleration limiter that depends on the current gear. It now takes more time to get to the top speed depending on the vehicle. (may need some more testing).
  • Added white border to job list gui's arrows.
  • Vehicles, pedestrians and dynamic objects now reset after teleport/cancel job/finish job/reset job.
  • Dynamic objects: tweaked the volume of some of them, limited min. time between sounds.
  • Pedestrians: added a little push when a walking pedestrians gets hit by a car. (may need some more testing).
  • Pedestrians: voices now have a custom pitch for every individual, different for female and male. (may need some more testing).
  • Options Menu: graphics/audio config. menu now can be used with a gamepad.
  • Controls Menu: it now shows the default layout for keyboard or gamepad depending on the current input method (no key remapping for now).
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ToDo Lists and Known Bugs

I've made a public trello board to share lists of things I'm doing,  planning to do, and known bugs.

Current State

In the latest builds, there's a 'career mode' where you can walk around or drive the one car you'll own from the start, talk to Vinny to start some test jobs (trailer and cargo delivery and loading/unloading), get inside some buildings and play some minigames like chess or an arcade game... and basically explore a chunk of the game's island (I haven't added a save system yet). There is also a 'challenges' section that currently just has a couple test examples.

At this moment, I'm working on that part of the map to make it as complete as possible, so I can add and test all the pieces I'll need for the complete game. But not everything is there yet, and some things don't work as expected...


I can only test the game in my development machine for now, so I don't really know the exact requirements (hopefully, the feedback for these test versions will help me narrow them down). My current machine's specs are: OS: Windows 10 CPU: i7 4790 RAM: 8GB GPU: GTX745 VRAM: 2GB

OS: Win 64-bit (only tested on win 10, but earlier version, 7-8?, should probably be fine)

Input: the game can be played using keyboard and mouse or an Xbox 360 Controller (similar XInput compatible gamepads could probably work but haven't been tested).

Check the Feedback Guidelines topic to learn about some tools I've added to the builds that could be useful when testing the performance of the builds and your machine's specs.

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How to submit feedback about the builds

All feedback is welcomed but there are some things about the builds I'm especially interested about. Here are some suggested guidelines:

Common guidelines

I'll try to create a feedback topic in the forums for each new major version of the test builds I upload (I may not create one for updates that just fix minor bugs), it would be helpful if comments for a particular build were added to the correspondig topic. If I'm looking for some specific feedback, I'll write about that there.

You should also visit the current state topic to check for known bugs and things I'm already aware of, planning to add or fix.

Performance / Requirements

I don't have many computers to test the game, so feedback about how the game's builds work in other people's machines would be welcomed.

Crashes / Errors

I you want to report a crash or some kind of runtime error, it would be helpful if  you could add some info about your machine´s specs: Operative System version (is it 32 or 64 bit?), processor, RAM, graphics card model (is it DX11 compatible?) and VRAM... a screenshot of the crash message may be helpful too.

Also, Unity, the game's engine, may have created a log file at: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\BinaryNonsense\HandoruIsland\output_log.txt (where <username> is your user name in that machine), if you could attach or copy its contents that could be helpful too.


I'm adding some tools to aid testing, like an in-game dev console (to easily print your machine's hardware info or change things like the weather, the time of day...), a frames per second counter, a way to take screenshots... I'll try to write more about that here as I finish them.

  • FPS Counter + Hardware Specs:

Pressing "F1" will switch between three states: showing an FPS Counter,  showing an FPS Counter and your machine's hardware specs, and showing none of those (which is the default).

  • Take a screenshot:

Press "F12" to take a screenshot. You can check where the screenshots are saved using the dev console

  • Dev Console:

Press the "Home" key to open/close the in-game  development console (right now it's only available while the player is not in a menu, an interior area or doing a mission). Here is a list of some useful commands currently available:

prints the path where the screenshots are saved (I'll add the paths for some other config files in the future)

weather <clear|raining>
change the weather to clear or raining

time <pause|resume>

time <hour> <minute>
pause/unpause or change the clock time

daylength <seconds>
change the length of a day (total of real time seconds)