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A topic by binarynonsense created Mar 08, 2019 Views: 93
This topic was locked by binarynonsense Mar 08, 2019
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How to submit feedback about the builds

All feedback is welcomed but there are some things about the builds I'm especially interested about. Here are some suggested guidelines:

Common guidelines

I've created a feedback topic in the forums, please leave your feedback about the test build there. You should also visit the current state topic to check for known bugs and things I'm already aware of, planning to add or fix.

Performance / Requirements

I don't have many computers to test the game, so feedback about how the game's builds work in other people's machines would be welcomed.

Crashes / Errors

I you want to report a crash or some kind of runtime error, it would be helpful if you could add the version of the build you are running and some info about your machine´s specs: Operative System version (is it 32 or 64 bit?), processor, RAM, graphics card model (is it DX11 compatible?) and VRAM... a screenshot of the crash message may be helpful too.

Also, Unity, the game's engine, may have created a log file at: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\BinaryNonsense\HighEntropy\output_log.txt (where <username> is your user name in that machine), if you could attach or copy its contents that could be helpful too.


I'm adding some tools to aid testing, like an in-game dev console (to easily print your machine's hardware info or change things like the weather, the time of day...), a frames per second counter, a way to take screenshots... I'll try to write more about that here as I finish them.

  • FPS Counter + Hardware Specs:

Pressing "F1" will switch between three states: showing an FPS Counter,  showing an FPS Counter and your machine's hardware specs, and showing none of those (which is the default).

  • Take a screenshot:

Press "F12" to take a screenshot. You can check where the screenshots are saved using the dev console

  • Dev Console:

Press the "Home" key to open/close the in-game  development console (right now it's only available while the player is not in a menu or interacting with something). Here is a list of some useful commands currently available:


prints the path where the screenshots are saved (I'll add the paths for some other config files in the future)

unlocks all the available challenges

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