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Current State, Roadmap and Known Bugs Sticky Locked

A topic by binarynonsense created Jun 14, 2018 Views: 222
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ToDo Lists and Known Bugs

I've made a public trello board to share lists of things I'm doing,  planning to do, and known bugs.

Current State

In the latest builds, there's a 'career mode' where you can walk around or drive the one car you'll own from the start, talk to Vinny to start some test jobs (trailer and cargo delivery and loading/unloading), get inside some buildings and play some minigames like chess or an arcade game... and basically explore a chunk of the game's island (I haven't added a save system yet). There is also a 'challenges' section that currently just has a couple test examples.

At this moment, I'm working on that part of the map to make it as complete as possible, so I can add and test all the pieces I'll need for the complete game. But not everything is there yet, and some things don't work as expected...


I can only test the game in my development machine for now, so I don't really know the exact requirements (hopefully, the feedback for these test versions will help me narrow them down). My current machine's specs are: OS: Windows 10 CPU: i7 4790 RAM: 8GB GPU: GTX745 VRAM: 2GB

OS: Win 64-bit (only tested on win 10, but earlier version, 7-8?, should probably be fine)

Input: the game can be played using keyboard and mouse or an Xbox 360 Controller (similar XInput compatible gamepads could probably work but haven't been tested).

Check the Feedback Guidelines topic to learn about some tools I've added to the builds that could be useful when testing the performance of the builds and your machine's specs.

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