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Loving the game so far, here's my gameplay

A topic by rahnaf13 created Jun 03, 2019 Views: 182 Replies: 21
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I have just played 5 levels and i must say I am loving it. The environment is detailed, the lighting is amazing, and the gameplay is very immersive. Looking forward to playing the rest of it! Here's my gameplay so far:


Glad you like it! The video was really fun to watch, hope you keep playing and enjoying the game.

Definitely gonna enjoy it, thankyou for making this available for free!

Developer (1 edit)

You are welcome! Thanks for taking the time to try it and make a video.

Loving the next levels too, but I seem to be stuck on level 8. I think i need to move the crane to the center of the room to get to the vent, but I can't figure out how. I tried operating it through the buttons and through telnet as well. Is there any command except 'move' that can rotate the crane?  Any help would be appreciated!


The scissor lifts only move up and down and forward and backward (unless obstructed), no rotation so... maybe there's another way to reach that vent... or no way at all... :) (I'm trying to not say too much to not spoil your experience, but if you get frustrated and want some more hints don't hesitate to ask)

Thanks for the reply! I actually just need to get power for the elevator. I am guessing the switch is inside the upper room on the left. Any clue on how to unlock this room would be very helpful :)


You should take a closer look inside what I call the 'conference room', the one with the camera and the bot... :)

I already got the 2 coins and master key card from the conference room. Is there anything else that you can collect from that room?

Developer (1 edit)

There is something else very important in that room (related to getting into the power room).

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Was able to figure it out after a while, thanks a lot for your help! Played some more: