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Works pretty good. Thanks. 

The one in the first column, same row as the stairs. That one is cool. Thanks.

Yeah, I tried scaling it down, but lost all the detail. The stone/grass tiles and a tree is what I need.

Any chance you can convert this as a 16x16?

I don't like playing card games, but I like this game because it's not a card game even though it uses cards. Good job!

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Yup,  I have tools i could try with, but I was just asking thinking you might be able to do it easier.  Or what about to 16 colors?

This is a really cool set, do you have a way to convert this to a 1-bit color set? I'm making a retro game.

Is there any dungeon tiles in this set? or just land

Cool, So if I submit a game designed for an 80's computer that could run in an emulator that would be ok?

Playing around with an idea for a mobile game. I have posted a prototype . Looking for comments and suggestions.

Cool game. 

cool game

I get an error when I try to go 'home' . The game crashes

I would think you can use any tool as long as the player doesn't need to have it installed on his computer. When you package your game everything should be included to run the game.

I'm already working on my game, but I'd be willing to work with you guys. I do programming and some vector graphics. For this jam I'm going to be using simple graphics.

This is my first game jam. First Linux game too. I am using Love2D for this one. Keeping it simple. I'm sure I'm older than most here also, but better now than never.

I'm running 64-bit Xubuntu, but I think I figured out it's my graphics card. It's only a basic one.

Better than I thought it would be, relaxing and challenging at the same time. I hate running out of water!

What are the system requirements for Ubuntu? I can't get it to run on my laptop