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Introduce yourselves (if you feel like it :))

A topic by HadBabits created Apr 06, 2018 Views: 192 Replies: 5
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First off, good luck to all the participants, myself included! :B

I thought an introduction thread might be fun, and as far as I can tell there's no rule against it. With the same spirit I'm gonna keep the vibe here pretty loose, so here's some examples of things you could share:

  • Name/Handle
  • Skills (Coder/Artist/etc)
  • Some personal background
  • The game mechanic (or verb) that's driving your current inspiration
  • What you're working with
  • What you want out of this experience

That said let's try to keep away from giant walls of text ;)

I'm hoping this thread will make people feel more pumped and part of a community; which in turn will hopefully result in better entries and more collaboration.

Without further ado I'll get my one out of the way,


So hi, I'm Hadbabits. I've been a semi-lurker in the GamingOnLinux community for several years now (and wrote a couple articles). 

I'm a dabbler, and see myself as both a mediocre coder and artist. Partially I just want to complete a project for once, but I'm also hoping to get some good practice in both areas, and eventually develop enough skill that I feel I could contribute to a team. As it stands my creative vision far outweighs my current capabilities, so I'm definitely going to be tackling this project solo. Which isn't to say my creative vision is good, but that I would want more creative input than I feel I can justify.

I'll be using RPG Maker MV because I find the many restraints and limited possibilities makes it easier to start creating. I also like the challenge of making a game in RPG Maker that doesn't feel like a RPG Maker game.


So that's that! I look forward to meeting the competition, and wish you all the best of luck :D <3


Greetings and Salutations!

My I'm ObsidianBlk (or, Bryan), and I, too, have been on the GamingOnLinux community forums for some time.

I'm primarily a coder, but have some passable skills with graphics. When I saw this Jam I jumped on it because... YAY Linux... and I wanted to get some serious practice in with Godot. A week is tight... but I'm hoping to get something finished by the deadline!

I worry I might bight off more than I can chew, but my idea is focusing on "distributing" (see... verb! HA!) power to various abilities. Jump higher with more point. Duck tighter with more points. Hit harder with more points. However, you have only finite points and must distribute as the situation arises. Let's see what mess that will turn into!


This is my first game jam. First Linux game too. I am using Love2D for this one. Keeping it simple. I'm sure I'm older than most here also, but better now than never.



some people know me as Sir_Diealotalot on twitch ( I'm mostly a programmer but I also dabble in pixel art. I like to DIY (DIM?) and will do the jam on my own this time around. Löve ( is my engine of choice and I do everything using free software on Linux.

My inspiration this time around is a new feature in Löve, microphone input. What's more versatile than the human voice? I'm working on a simple voice controlled ball game. The additional restriction imposed is that I take under 48 hours. Most game jams I take part in are 48-72 hours, so this is a bit of practice for those as well as a way to get to know the new audio features in löve.

You can see the start of the project on my twitch site. Here is the design document:

Hopefully this will even result in something playable ;)


hi, i'm ringor mortis and i'm a jack of all trades (but i specialize in design, narrative, and animation!). i'm working with a few friends to put out a little game for this jam, primarily as the main character designer and animator. 

i'm a nonbinary (they/them, please!) content creator, 22 years old and soon moving to los angeles. i'm mostly known for co-running the homebrew deviants and directing a whole pile of projects under that name (mostly comics, both interactive and otherwise), as well as regularly art streaming on mixer.

our inspiration for this jam is a weird one, but we came up with the idea of an umbrella being used as both a weapon and a tool for getting around, based on whether it's open or closed. we've got some neat ideas going on with it, enough to the point where we'll be exploring the concept more post-jam.

art-wise, i've gone for puppet rigs made in spriter pro. my animation style typically involves making character rigs, animating them, and fine tuning the puppet animations as needed- hand drawing over the sprites and adding squash/stretch/stylization that wouldn't be possible in most rigs afterwards. i severely overestimated how much time i'd have to do all this though, so you'll just have to enjoy the rigs! i do my best to bring character into them with the tools i have, and i think i did pretty good.

"finishing" this game is less important to me than getting experience for this, knowing that we're going to finish whatever we make outside of the jam. as i type this i've done what art assets i can for the game, and while it's nowhere near the amount of polish i'd like, i have to step back and focus on what would lend towards a playable prototype, and not get stuck on details as much.

this has already been a super valuable experience for me, and i hope to do more going forward!


Hi.  I joined this game jam to improve my Java skills.  My hobbies include tinkering with computers and gadgets, cycling, and most outdoor activities.  I am finishing up my degree in Information Technology which should be done before the end of the year.  While I enjoy tech I'm still not sure if I will make a career of it.  I've made a few other small projects which you can find on my GitHub.  I have some experience with Unreal Engine and Blender but I opted to make a simple 2D game written in Java for this game jam.