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Team for full open source devkit

A topic by Pigdev created Apr 06, 2018 Views: 173 Replies: 2
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Hello there! I'm Henrique Campos, from Pigdev Studio. We by default have a workflow that integrates only FOSS and we are looking for team mates. 

Our workflow is as follows:

Graphics AssetsGraphical ArtsInkscape
ConceptGraphical ArtsKrita/Inkscape
AnimationGraphical ArtsBlender/Godot Engine
User InterfaceGraphical Arts/DesignInkscape/Godot Engine
Composition/Image ManipulationDesignGIMP
Sound EffectsAudio Arts/DesignLMMS/Audacity
Background Music and ThemesAudio ArtsLMMS
ImplementationGame DesignGodot Engine
Mechanics and EngineeringDesign/ProgrammingGodot Engine/Atom
Juiceness and Feedback LoopsGame DesignGodot Engine
Version ControlProject ManagementGit/GitHub Desktop

Looking for

We are looking for developers(this includes artists and programmers) wanting to specialize in any of the above topics, some topics accepts both roles, so if you want to join us feel free to choose a task.

As is now, all the job is currently made by one person, me Henrique Campos, but a partner recently joined the studio with interest in art direction and engineering, with a web development background he also has skills with UI and UX, but apart from skills, he doesn't have interest in those areas.


We'd also like to take the chance of this Game Jam to get known within the open source communities and Linux experienced users, as currently we are Windows users, but as you can see with a love for freedom, me myself recently tried SolusOS Budgie to setup a proper game development environment, but I failed hard (couldn't troubleshoot an issue that prevented me from even login, I think was something related to Gnome). So maybe we can find a mentor to help us in the migration to a fully FOSS gamedev environment.

Open to help others

As you can see we are not specialist in the tools we showed, but we have intermediary knowledge in many. So we'd like to take advantage of this thread to open support for newcomers willing to try these alternative tools. If you are struggling, or would like to know tips&tricks or workarounds using any of these tools, please feel free to post below as well. Let's make this Jam an step into free gamedev.


I'm already working on my game, but I'd be willing to work with you guys. I do programming and some vector graphics. For this jam I'm going to be using simple graphics.


Hey! Thank you for the support!

I made a small prototype already ( I'd be glad if you could help! You can check the game's repo and maybe push some issues or if you'd really like to contribute maybe even make a Pull Request if you used your skills to improve something, I'd be really glad to implement <3